[from Porter's Directory 1889]


Account Book Manufacturer.

Brown John A., Times buildings, Athol st


Brainsby John, 14 Promenade
Clark Wm., 35 Athol st
Curphey John, jun., 38 Woodburn square
Grindley Thomas, 12 Stanley view
Horton F. E., 10 Athol st
Ibberson Walter A., Sandyford house, Crescent rd
Jackson Arthur M., 23 Athol st
Maley Charles F., 29 Athol st
Quine Herbert, Athol st
Rogers Jos. P., Bank chambers, Prospect hill
Rowe Fredk. R., 13 & 14 Villiers’ chambers
Sutherland John F., Athol st
Young Wm. Edwin, Athol st


Beckwith Charles Wm., 10 Athol st
Browne Frederick, 20 Athol st
Callow Charles Thomas C., 27 Athol st
Callow Fredk. George, 31 Athol st
Callow H. B. C., 27 Athol st
Callow Thomas C., 27 Athol st
Cannell Claude, 30 Athol st
Coole Charles Wm., 48 Athol st
Creer John Joseph, 29 Athol street
Dickinson and Kneen, 37 Athol st
Dickinson Wm. F., 37 Athol st
Fleming Frederick Brown, 23 Athol st
Kneale Llewelyn, 28 Athol st
Kneen Thomas, 2~ Athol st
Quayle John, 21 Athol st
Ring George Alfred, Athol st
Spittall James, 24 Athol st

Architects and Surveyors.

Cartwright John, 9 Brunswick rd
Clarke John, 8 Villiers’ chambers
Craine James R., 1A Circular road
Forrest 25 Athol st
Long Ernest, 25 Athol st
Okell Charles, Primrose avenue
Pennington Oswald, Athol st
Rennison W. J., 4, 6 & 6 Villiers’ chambers
Saunderson Frederick, Athol st


Hoepfner Franz, Victoria terrace
Marsden Wm., 12 Fort William
Woodcock F., sen., Douglas head -

Auctioneers and Valuers.

Corran Matthias W., 35 North quay
Craige Wm. John, 62 Athol st
Faragher John T., North quay
Fish David, Regent st
Hampson Edwin, 14 Victoria st
Johnson Harry, 57 Duke st
Johnson Joseph, 51 Duke st
Kelly Thomas, 46 Athol st
Kite Edwin, Regent st
Thomson Wm., Upper Church st
Wilson Thomas, 39 North quay


Addison Wm. Henry, 7 Duke’s lane
Bowling Mrs. T., Victoria st.
Corkhill Edward, 13 Bigwell st
Corlett James, 40 North quay
Cowin Robert D., 2, 35 and 38 Prospect hill 26 Lord st
Cubbon Robert, 14 Windsor
Dibb Charles, Strand st
Ellis Johnson, Brunswick road
Kerruish John, Buck’s rd postoffice
Kissack and Bridson, 3 and 5 Gt. George st
Milrea Joseph, 45 Strand st
Morris Robert, Broadway
Murray Thomas, 18 Prospect hill
Quiggin Wm. F., 85 Strand st
Quine Richard, 24 Buck’s road
Quirk Wm., 38 Strand st
Radcliffe John, 12 Strand st
Shimmin Philip, 82 Strand st
Shipham Samuel, 25 Strand st
Simpson John, 34 Strand st
Unsworth Thomas, 13 Castle st


Bank for Savings—Office, Athol st. Secretary, James Spittall
Dumbell’s Banking Company, Limited— Head Office, 1 Prospect hill. General Manager, Alex. Bruce; Manager, John Shimmin
Isle of Man Banking Company, Limited— Head Office, Athol st. Manager, J. J. Karran
Manx Bank, Limited—Head Office, Victoria st. Manager, J. M. Sutherland
Post Office Savings Bank—Post Office, Regent st. Postmaster, W. Isdale

Basket Makers.

Barcroft C., Wellington bazaar, Duke st
Kelly Robert, King st, Wellroad hill
Shipsides John R., 16 Wellington st
Taubman Edward, 33 Strand st


Maden and Kershaw, 19 Castle st
Victoria Baths, Victoria st

Berlin Wool Dealers.

(See also Drapers.)
Cubbon Jane, 4 Athol st
Groves Misses, Windsor rd
Hodgson Miss, Great George’s st

Bill Posters.

Manx Bill Posting Company—J. Henshall, manager, "Times" buildings, Athol st

Boat Builders.

Cain and Corlett, 47½ Athol st
Corkill Wm. and Son, 25 Shaw's brow
Curphey Wm., 20 Bridge st
Harrison W., Oxford st
Qualtrough and Lynchey Andrew, Church st


Broadbent Samuel K., office, Victoria st
Brown J. and Son, Times office, Athol st
Carr Robert, Cambrian place
Hannay L. G., Victoria st
Lewthwaite Alexander, North quay
Mylrea and Allen, 18 Duke st


Broadbent Samuel K., Examiner office, Victoria st
Brown J and Son, Athol st and Victoria st
Cain R. and Co., 2 Athol st
Cowin W. H., 27 Strand st
Gell Jane, Athol st and Castle st
Hannay L. G., Victoria st
Johnson G. H., Prospect hill
Kneale William, Victoria st
Lewthwaite Alexander, North quay
Mclver Edith J., 47 Strand st
Mylrea and Allen, 18 Duke st
Parkinson Mark, 47 Duke st
Spencer F. W., Victoria st
Thornley G., Finch rd


Bostock Isaac M., 21 Duke st -
Bridson George, 55 Athol st
Bridson John, 15 Drumgold st
Bridson Wm., 24 Church st
Cain Robert, King st
Callow James, 39 North quay
Clague Wm., 22 Church st
Cook George, Well road hill
Corkill Peter, 64 Strand st
Corlett G., King st
Creer Wm., Wellington st
Fargher Paul, 65 Circular rd -
Hudson A., 4 Bigwell st
Kelly Miss, Strand st
Kelly Miss 12 Athol st
Kennaugh Charles, 29 Strand st
Kermode Wm., 3 Castle st
King George, 27 Duke st
Little and Cooper, 7 Strand st
Mitchell David, 36 Strand st
Proctor Wm., 29 Castle st
Quine and Shimmin, 18 Drumgold street
Shimmin William, 5 Market hill -
Simpson John and Mary, 10 Duke st
Taggart Edward, 4 Well road hill
Taggart Henry, 9 seneschal ln
Teare Wm., 12 James st
Tyler Josiah, Victoria st and Regent st
Woods Robert, 14 James st


Gawne Gelling’s Iron Foundry Company, Limited, 36 South quay
Moore James, 27 Finch rd
Todhunter and Elliott, Market place and Duke street


Clinch John Williams, Lake Brewery, North quay
Okell Wm. and Sons, Falcon Brewery, Murray’s rd
Woolf’s Brewery Co., Limited—S. B. Sunningley, manager—Victoria rd

Brewers’ Agents.

Bawdon Thomas, 10 Athol st
Brearley H. and J. C., Wellington st
Heron George, Castle st
Udall Charles, Villiers chambers


Acheson James, 21 King st
Aspell James, 28 Duke st
Cain Thomas, 64 Duke st
Cannon J., Bathurst street
Clague Thomas, 15 Duke st and Derby rd
Clarke John, 25 Castle st and 2 Dalton st 15
Corlett Thos., Prospect hill and Buck’s road
Cowell F., 12 Dalton st
Craine —, 1 Derby rd
Cunningham R., 65 Strand st
Dickinson John, 28 Prospect hill
Fleming Alfred, 4 Market hill
Gray David, 21 King st and 63 Strand st
Kelly Wm., 2 Granville st
Kennaugh Thomas C., Buck’s rd and Prospect ter
Luft Peter C., 59 Strand street
Parkes S., 49 Buck’s rd
Rooth and Co., Victoria st and Broadway
Windsor John, Circular rd

Cabinetmakers and Furnishers.

Archer and Evans, 29 Duke st
Bell Francis, 1 Marine rd
Benson Francis, 35 North quay
Cannell Joseph, 50 Finch rd
Chare Robert, 88 Strand st
Clague Daniel, 51 Athol st rd
Collister .Iohn, 32 Buck’s rd
Corkill Louis R., 9 Hill st
Corlett Edward and Charles,rd
Corlett Edward, 59 Athol st
Corlett George Thomas, 4 King st
Cowin Wm. and Co., 13 Duke st
Fargher J., 21 Queen st
Latham Albert, 49 North quay
Lynam Samuel, 26 Strand st
Proctor Leonard, 8 Athol st
Radcliffe Thomas Henry, 12 st
Sayle John, 68 Athol st
Spence Brothers, 43 Athol st

Car Proprietors.

Barwell Thomas, Back Stanley ter
Bell Henry Edward, 3 Tynwald st
Bell Henry Wesley, 10 Windsor rd and 11 Tynwald st
Bridson Thomas, Derby rd
Bridson Robert, 78 Buck’s rd
Callister John, Hutchinson square
Carbery Sophia Jane, 11 Lord st
Clague Thomas Henry, 11 Summer hill
Clague Alfred, Castle Mona avenue
Clague Thomas, Summer hill
Clague Wm., 59 Derby square
Clark and Lockhart, Broadway
Collins Charles, 7 Fancy st
Connish James, 19 Hope st
Corkill George, 7 Athol st
Corkill John, 3 Senna rd
Corlett Caesar, Prince’s avenue
Corlett Robert, 4 Fancy st
Corlett Robert, Barrack st
Corlett Stephen, 25 Brisbane st
Craine Wm., 1 Mona ter
Crellin Wm., 16 Buck’s rd
Cretney Wm., 15 James st
Cringle F., Wellington sq
Cringle James, S South view
Cringle Thomas, 3 Grosvenor rd
Cubbin John, Back Stanley ter
Duff John, 42 South quay
Finn Mrs., Quine’s corner
Gawne W. J., Drinkwater st
Gelling John, 17 Circular rd
Graham Wm., Nunnery view
Gribbon James, 90 Strand st
Hartley George, 7 Mona ter
HenryRobert, Mona ter
Kaneen John, 14 Mona st
Karran Wm., St. Helens house, 8 Mona st
Kay’s Livery Stables, Derby rd
Kearney Peter, 11 North quay
Kelly and Gawne, Athol st
Kelly David, 39 Market st
Kelly Edward, 12 Mona ter
Kelly John, 9 Mona st
Kelly John, 7 Sidney st
Kelly Robert, 26 Castle st
Kewley Benjamin, Fort st
Kneale Thomas, 11 Circular rd
Kneen Philip, 12 Richmond grove
Laughlin James, James st
Magee Wm., Lake rd
McArdle Francis, 58 North quay
McGlashan Henry, Upper Church st
McKibbin James, 1A Strand st
McLinden Francis, 11 Chester st
Moore Henry, 3 Shaw’s brow
Moore J.H., Tynwald st
Moore Robert 49 Strand st
Morfitt Claude,Primrose avenue
Morrison John, Back Stanley terrace
Murray Mrs. Eliza, 6 Nelson st
Quayle Charles, 14 St. George’s st
Savage John, 15 Bigwell st
Sayle Wm, 19 Hanover st
Shimmin John, Crescent rd
Shimmin Thomas, 43, Buck’s road
Shimmin Thomas and Son, Stanley mount
Shimmin W. H., 16 Berkley st
Simpson Philip,38 Circular road
Stewart Michael, 19 Market st
Sugden Abraham, 22 Christian rd
Waterson Wm., Fort st
Yoxhall Wm., 61 Athol st


Brew John, Hartfleld house, Demesne st
Bridson 2 Allen st
Cain Thomas, 24 Prospect terrace
Dalgleish John, 57 Athol st
Gawne James, Hanover st
Gelling Robert 1 Tynwald st
Gelling T. H., 29 Tynwald st
Karran Thomas, 2 Railway terrace
Killip Wm.. 3 Brisbane st
Quinney Henry, 4 Peel rd and Lake rd

Carvers and Gilders.

Allan Andrew, 24 Castle st
Bregazzi John 22 Duke st
Burrows Wm, Marine rd

Chemists and Druggists.

Bowman Edward J., l,Victoria st
Brearey Wm. A. and Son, Prospect hill and 22 Prospect terrace
Greensill Thomas, Marina rd
Halton R. and Son, 6 Duke st
Horne G.H Prospect Hill, Strand st and Finch rd
Mills and Co., Crescent
Paterson Alexander C., Victoria st
Radcliffe John and Co., Victoria st
Wilson Ivinson, Victoria st and 49 Duke st
Woodward A. E., Windsor rd
Young J., 2 Duke st

Civil Engineers and Surveyors.

Cartwright John L, Brunswick
Cregeen Daniel, Upper Church st
Holt Frederick John, Villiers’ chambers
McNair Alexander, 3 Albert terrace
Saunderson Fred., Times buildings, Athol st
Trevethick Frederick, 14 Derby square
Walker James, Harbour Board office


Archer and Evans,Victoria st
Callister Wm., 41 Victoria st
Clarke Wm., 4 Strand st
Gell John James, 49 Victoria st
Halsall and Hough,.43 Victoria st
Lay’s, 9 and 11 Duke st
Sansbury Wm., 24 Nelson st

Coach Builders.

Cannell Edward, 4 South quay
Kirwan and Mullan, 71 South quay
Perry — (Trustees of). 54, Castle st
Skillicorn John, 4 Wellington square
Teare Daniel, Chester st
Wilson Adam, 39 Circular road
Wilson Wm., 23 Drumgold st

Coach Painter.

Cringle Wm., 20 Chester st.

Coal Merchants.

Cowin Thomas, Lord st
George John, Peel rd and Hope st
Johnson Charles Fryer, Market st
Joughin William, Fort st
Kermode William K., Bridge rd
McNeil George, 31 South quay
Mona Coal Company, Bridge road
Moore Thomas, 32 South quay—office, 8 Castle st
Point of Ayr Coal Co.—J. Coole, manager
Quine and Joüghin, 8 Hanover st
Robinson Thomas, 2 Well Road hill
Sharp Joseph and Co., Fort st
Shimmin William, Castle st

Commission Agents.

Adler S. B., agent for Rylands and Sons, of Manchester, 3 Villiers’ chambers
Ball Charles, 1 Lawn terrace
Burman James, Villiers’ chambers
Creer Tom, Athol st
Edmundson O. R.,North quay and 1 Beverley mount; Woodburn rd
Edmundson O. R., agent for Man, Byers and Co., of Glasgow, Regent chambers
Hendry Robert, 61 Promenade
Holland Frederick J., Crescent rd
Tate Charles C., Prospect hill
Udall Charles, agent for Bass and Co., Burton-on-Trent, 11 Villiers’ chambers


Bowling T., Victoria st
Cain William, 28 Strand st
Cannell Miss, 40 Duke st
Clague Elliza, 37 Strand st
Coffee Palace, Douglas, 51 North quay
Corkhill Robert, Victoria Coffee Palace ; Victoria st
Corrin Edward, 31 Strand st and Nelson st
Corrin Flaxney, 30 Strand st
Crennell Richard, 43 Buck’s road
Dibb C., Strand st
Gill Wm., 53 Duke st
Girling John, Crescent road
Hampson Mrs. E. , 14 Victoria St
Harrison Mrs., 26 Strand st
Hawnt Edmund, 55 Duke st
Holland G., 6 Marina rd
Jackson S., Athol st
Kelly Miss, Clarence terrace
Kelly John J., 69 Strand st and Victoria st
Latham Mrs., Athol st
Morgan F., 67 Duke st
Quilliam Wm., 18 North quay
Roberts George H., 45 Duke st
Shimmin Philip, 82 Strand st
Shippam Samuel, 25 Strand st
Simpson J., Strand. st
Skillicorn James, 89 Strand st ;
Unsworth T. A., 13, Castle st
Wiggins Wm. , 28 Prospect hill
Wilson Matthew, Victoria st
Wilton Elizabeth, Upper Church st
Witherspoon R., 11 Strand

Cork Manufacturers.

Bennett B. & Co., 2 Gelling sq. Market pla

Corn Broker.

Whiteside Robert, 23 Athol st

Corn and Flour Merchants.

Barrow Mill Stores, Chapel row
Beck Wm., 19, North quay
Corran M. W., North quay
Creer John, 12 North quay
Cubbon Thomas, 26 North quay
Faragher John T. , Quine’s corner
Gawne James, 23 King st
Hogg Theophilus, King st
Kelly Thomas, North quay
Kerruish Robert, 25 North quay
Quine Wm. and Thomas
Shimmin P., Strand st
Torrance Gilbert and Co.


Armroyd George, 55 North quay
Armroyd J., Castle st
Casey Jessie, 68 Duke st.
Douglas and Ryland, 3 Strand st
Goodwin T., Strand st


Clare Edwin M., 14k Strand st
Clegg J. E., Victoria st
Home G. H., Prospect-hill and Finch rd
James John, 27 Buck’s rd and West view
Karran James, 8 Finch rd
Woodward Albert Edward, 4 Windsor rd
Young J., Market place

Die Sinker.

Brown John A., Times buildings, Athol st

Dining and Refreshment Rooms.

Baker George L., Railway station
Barron —, 62 Duke st
Bowling T., Victoria st
Clague Wm., 16 Fort Anne rd
Connall Clara, 53 North quay
Cope’s Restaurant, 10A Duke st
Corkill Robert, Coffee Palace, Victoria st
Crowe James, Fort st
Douglas Coffee Palace, 51 North quay
Goldsmith Bernard, 67 Strand st
Hampson Mrs. K., Victoria st
Harrison J., 5 New Bond st
Latham Mrs., Athol st
McKibbin James
Roberts George H., 45 Duke st
Shippam S., 25 Strand st
Trense Charles, Victoria st
Wiggina Wm., 28 Prospect hill
Wilson Matthew, Victoria st


Archer and Evans, Victoria st and Duke st
Brown Harry J. , 19 Strand st
Brown Brown S. M. and Co., 15 Strand st
Cain Robert Charles, 44 Duke st
Callister Vm., 41 Victoria st
Clague Henry, 40 Victoria st
Clague and Gawne, 8 Duke st
Corrin Daniel, 28 Victoria st
Cottier and Cubbon, 31 and 33 Victoria st
Cottier the Misses, Prospect hill
Cowin Wm. and Co., 13 Duke st
Davies Miss Kate, Athol st
Falkner Frederick Wm., 26 Victoria st
Gale Miss Jane, 95A Strand st
Gell John James, 49 Victoria st
Kermode Richard, 59 Victoria st
Kerruih John, Buck’s rd and Windsor rd
Moore & Burr, 1 Windsorrd & 24 Victoria st
Qualtrough Wm. George, 17 Strand st
Shelton Seth, 42 Strand st
Smyth Martin, 1 Strand st
Thornborough Jane, 12 Marina rd
Wainman John Alfred, 5 Strand st


Boyd Misa, 16 Falcon st
Burton Mary, 39 Murray’s rd
Callister Jane, 4A Great George’s st
Corkill and Leece, 52 Buck’s rd
Cottier Kate, 48 Athol st
Cowley Catherine, 9 Great George st
Craig Mrs. James, 22 Nelson st
Craine Catherine, 21 Windsor rd
Dugdale Annie, 30 Finch rd
Kewley Kate, 7 Brisbane st
Kneale Ann, 47 Alexandra terrace
Leece Mrs. Thomas, Stanley villa
Lewthwaite Mary, 42 Athol st
Melrose Georgina, 2 Brisbane st
Warner Mrs., 10 Athol st

Dyers and Cleaners.

Cowen John, 27 Prospect hill & 55 Strand a
Lewin Wm., 10 Drumgold sb
Moore Thomas, 2 King st


Gilmore George, 53 Athol st

Engineers and Millwrights.

Cain George Stephenson, Douglas bridge
Gelling’s Iron Foundry Company—John Teare, manager, South quay
Knox and Co., South quay

French Polishers.

Gill Mrs., Upper Church st
Kennaugh James, Great Nelson st
Kennaugh Wm., 2 King st
Kinrade Mrs. R., 10 St. George’s walk

Fancy Goods Dealers.

Barcroft Charles 61 Duke st
Broadbent S. K. 39 Victoria st
Brown John A., 14 Victoria st and Athol street -
Cain Robert, 2 Athol st
Cain Robert 9 Marina rd
Cowin Wm. Henry, 27 Strand st
Cubbon Jane, 4 Athol st
Cubbon John James, 28 North quay
Dixon and Archer Peveril buildings
Gallimore Charles, 53 North quay
Groves T. and A., 7 Windsor rd
Hannah Lewis G., 32 Victoria st
Hudson Emily, 4 Great George st
Holden Joseph, 6 Victoria st
Holme Philip, 30 Prospect hill
Johnson Ann, 68 Strand st
Johnson Geo. and Robert, 12 Prospect hill
Kneale Wm., 18 Victoria st
Lewthwaite Alexander, 41 North quay dyer
Lewthwaite Edith J., 47 Strand st
Metcalf Miss, 60 Duke st
Mills and Co., Castle st
Mylrea and Allan, 18 Duke st
Parkinson Mark, 47 Duke st
Shortland Richard Wm., Victoria st
Spencer F. W., 51 Victoria st
Stevenson Mary, 56 North quay
Webb Samuel, 18 and 20 Strand st


Litt Brothers, Cattle Market st

Fish Curers.

Barlow Thomas, 21 New Bond st
Barlow Titus, 26 South quay
Cannell Elizabeth, 20 Wellington st
Cannell and Keig, 2 Parade st
Gick Robert, 3 Christian rd
Kelly C., 74 South Quay
Kelly Richard, Peel rd

Fish Dealers.

Bridson Wm., 10 Albert st
Campbell Thomas, Market place
Crellin Thomas, 16 Church st
Curphey Robert, Market place
Curtis Isabella, Market place
Flinn Daniel, Douglas Head rd
Isaac Robert, 51 Duke st
Latham and Deveraux, 58 Buck’s rd
McKibbjn Mrs. M. E., Market place
Shimmin Mra., Market place
Stowell Mrs., Market place
Stowell Thomas, 11 New Bond st

Fruiterers and Greengrocers.

Annett Edward, 71 Strand st
Bridaon Thomas, I Derby square
Butterfield John E., 43 Strand st
Clague Margaret, 10 Wellington st
Cowin Louis, 19 Falcon st
Cubbon Edwd., 31 Prospect hill & 95 Strand st
Faragher Thos, The Nurseries, Circular rd
Hill Joseph, 35 Castle st
Hilton Alexander, 22 Strand st
Irving Robert, 2 Windsor road
Joughin John, Regent st
Joyce Wm., 13 King st and 59 Buck’s rd
Kissack Allen, 38 Buck’s road
Lace Charles, 34 Buck’s road
McAvoy Wm., 19 Duke st
McNamara —, Walpole avenue
Quinney Robert, Victoria st
Robinson Thomas. Wellroad hill
Rogers Margaret, Seneschal lane
Scott Alexander, Prospect hill
Wallace Wm., Market place
Webster George, 91 Strand st
Wood Wm., 6 Great George st

Game Dealers.

Aspell James, Duke st
Cain Thomas, 64 Duke st
Cannan J. J., Prospect hill
Clucas Alfred, 56 and 58 Duke st
Isaac Robert, Duke st
Latham and Devereau, 58 Buck’s rd
Rooth and Co., Victoria st and Broadway
Watson Robert, Strand st

General Smiths.

Hampton John, 1 North quay
Hampton Jos., Douglas bridge and 8 Peel rd
Kelly Joseph, Hill st lane
Kewley Thomas, Cleator’a lane
Knox Wm., South quay
Lewin Joseph, Bridge rd
Sherwood George and Co., 59 Duke st

Glass and China Dealers.

Broughton Wm., 48 Duke st
Clague James, 12A Strand st
Fish D., Regent st
Graham Wm., 1 Duke st
Kearney Margaret, Market place
Kerruish Margaret, 17 Queen st
Wilson Alice, 41 Strand st

Grocers and Provision Dealers.

Allen Wm. and Co., Duke st
Brown Amelia, 1 Duke terrace, Back lawn
Bucknall Austin, 17 Prospect hill
Butterfield Robert, 25 Hope st
Cain Robert, Prospect terrace
Christian Silas, 26 Barrack st
Clague John, 23 Nelson st
Clague Wm., Douglas Head rd
Clague W., 19 Drinkwater st
Clark and Lockhart, Broadway
Clemisha and Co., 4 Duke st
Clemisha W. and H., 27 Murray’s rd
Clucas George Henry, 74 Strand st
Clucas Margaret 15 Mona st
Coole J. M., Gt. George stand Victoria st .
Coole J. J., Fleetwood house, North quay
Coole Ann, 9 Bigwell st
Cooper Peter, 56 Strand st
Corkill E., 13 Church st
Corkill Margaret, 2 Fancy st
Corlett James, 6 Windsor rd
Corlett John J., Wesley terrace
Craine John 1 Chapel lane
Creer Robert E., Market place
Crellin John, Victoria st
Crellin Thomas 2 Castle st
Cubbon Thomas, North quay
Cubbon Wm., 40 Buck’s rd
Cubbon W. H., 14 Falcon st and Branch Post office
Curphey George, 1 Castle st
Dibb Charles, Strand st
Dick Andrew, Prospect hill
Dick John, 20 Windsor rd
Donaldson Robert M., 37 Finch rd
Dunn Thomas, 3 Drumgold st
Gell James and Co., Market hill
Gell James, 27 Nelson st
Gick Thomas, 6 North quay
Gilmour Edward Arthur, 16 Dalton st
Girling John, Strathallan crescent
Hampton John, 33 Bigwell st
Hampton Moses, 60 South quay
Harraghy M., Drumgold st
Harwood George W., 3 Farrant st
Hewson J., 6 New Bond st
Higgins J., Great George st
Hindley H. J., Duke st
Holroyd J., 1 Brisbane st
Hunter Joseph, 1 Brunswick rd
Kaye Joseph, 9 Lord st
Kelly C., Murray’s rd
Kelly Jacob, Market place
Kelly John, 53 Buck’s rd
Kelly R., 26 Caatle st
Kelly Thomas, Castle lawn
Kewley Robert, Peel rd’
Kewley R. J., 54 Duke st
Kewley Thomas, King st
Kermode and Kellett, Victoria st
Kerruish John, 142 Buck’s rd
Kiddie R., Buck’s road
Kissack James, Prospect hill
Kneale A. M., 10 Strand st
Kneale J., 25 Church st
Kneale John L., 14 Sydney st
Kneale Wm. H., 30 Buck’s road
Larke Edward, 5 South quay
Lindsay J. J., 64 Athol st
Lynchey Charles, 64 Athol st
Macdonald Arthur, 7 Lord st
Maley Eleanor, 4 Athol st
Mason George, Bond’s lane
Matthew W. R., Victoria rd
McCutcheon John W., 89 Strand st
Miller James, 46 Duke st
Moor Frederick, 42 Buck’s road
Moore Mrs. J., Great George st
Moore W. C., 51 Strand st
Morrison R., Broadway
Pickard John A. C., 1 Post Office lane
Postlethwaite James, Bigwell st
Qullleash W., 7 Duke st
Roach C. P., 3 Windsor rd
Roberts W., 57 Circular rd
Roney Richard, 14 Duke st
Savage John, 15 Church st
Skillicorn John, 6 Bigwell st
Smith Ellen, 20 Hanover st
Stephen F. and W., 18 Lord st
Stephenson W., 6 Marina road
Thorburn A., Berkley st
Torrance G. and Co., 24 North quay
Waid Wm., 26 Duke st
Wolf W., 4 James st


Armroyd George, 55 North quay
Armroyd John, 4 Castle st
Caley Wm., Mona st
Lewis John R., 1 Duke st


(Those marked with an asterisk are also Tobacconists).
*Armroyd Emma, 4 Castle st
Armroyd Wm., 6 Strand st
*Austin Charles, 5A Athol st
Brew John, King st
Broughton Wm., 50 Buckle st
Connell and Barton, North quay
*Fayot Charles Leon, 52 North quay
Fielding James, 37 North quay
Fielding Wm.., 9 Strand st
Goodwin Thomas, 37 Strand st
*Hortiguela Liboria, 16 Prospect hill
Jolley John Mills, Athol hall, Athol st
*Jones Wm. Henry, 27 Victoria st
Keighisy Wm., 8 Hill st
Kneen Fredk., IA Finch rd
Oldroyd —, 32 Murray’s rd
Morris Wm., 1 Drumgold st
Rennison George Regent st
*Roberts George, 42 North quay


Fayle Albert, Victoria st
Emmett Edwd., 22 Duke st and Victoria st
Kelly W., Victoria st
Leece W. E. Victoria st
Wainmann A., Strand st

Horse Dealer.

Gregg Robert 14 Douglas head


(See also Drapers.)
Brown Harry J., 19 Strand st
Cain Catherine, 20 North quay
Clarke Wm., Strand st
Creer Jane, 87 Strand st
Emett Edward Duke st and Victoria st ‘
Fayle Albert, Victoria st
Gray John R, Villiers’ buildings Victoria st
Kelsey Edwin H., 2 Strand st
Leece Wm Edwin Victoria st
Qualtrough W. G., Strand st
Shelton Seth, 54 Strand st
Strains Elizabeth, 21 Castle st
Wainman John Alfred 5 Strand st


Adelphi hotel, 23 Church st—Thomas Wm.Southam
Athol hotel, Loch Parade — Robert B. Brierley
British hotel, Market place—Mary Brown
Butterworth’s hotel, 23 and 25 Prospect hill—Miles Postlethwaite Everard
Castle Mona hotel, Crescent—Fanny Ivatts, manageress
Central Hotel, Broadway—C. E. Buckland
Clarendon hotel, Market place— Edward Bedford
Commercial hotel, North quay — John Coward
Derby Castle and Pleasure Grounds— Captain J. Vittery France, general manager
Derby hotel, 16 Castle st—Rob Smith
Douglas hotel, Market place — Herbert Hambleton
Falcon Cliff hotel and Pleasure grounds— John Moxon, general manager
Falcon hotel, Loch parade—Mrs.M. Cowell
Fort Anne Hotel, Douglas head — Mrs. Maley
Globe hotel, 60 Strand st—James Jones
Grand hotel, Victoria st—S. H.Marsden
Granville hotel, Loch parade— Gustave Nattan, manager
Grosvenor hotel, Athol street—Cornelius Kaye
Masonic hotel, North quay—Thos. Sharp
Old Strand inn, 70 and 72 Strand st— Alfred Cain Kelly
Peveril Hotel, Victoria pier—Miss aaon, managereas
Queen’s Hotel, Crescent—Enoch Rowlinson
Raglan Hotel, Circular rd—F. P. Johns
Railway Hotel, Bridge rd—Mrs. Ann Eliza Whidbourne
Railway Restaurant, Railway station—G. H. Baker
Regent Hotel, Loch parade—Mrs. Maria Weldon, manageress
Rosemount Hotel, Woodburn rd—Thomas Livesey
Royal Hotel, North quay — Mrs. Ann Lomas
Salisbury Hotel—John Parkes, proprietor
Shakespeare Hotels Victoria st — W. H. Jones -
Talbot Hotel, Athol st—Thomas Weston
Thistle Hotel, Parade st—Thomas Cowin, proprietor
Victoria Hotel, Prospect hill—Mrs. Ann Smailes
Villiers Hotel, Loch parade and Victoria st—Charles Udall managing director

Insular Insurance Company.

The Isle of Man Insurance Company, Limited— F. E. Horton, secretary and manager, 10 Athol st

Insurance Agents.

Brainsby John, 14 Promenade
Calister Henry, 16 Mona st (Prudential)
Charlesworth Benjamin, 19 Derby rd (Prudential)
Clague John, 3 Goldie ter., Upper Church st (Victoria Legal), superintendent
Clark Wm., 35 Athol st (Norwich Union,&c.)
Hammond Chas. A., 20 Woodburn square (Prudential)
Ibberson W. A., Sandeford house, Crescent rd (Royal, and Lancashire and Yorkshire)
Jackson Arthur, 23 Athol st (Caledonian Fire and Life)
Kneale Garside, 67 Castle Mona terrace (Isle of Man Friendly Society)
Maley Chas.F., 29 Athol st (Westof England)
Mallinson James, 1 Goldie terrace, Upper Church st(superintendent of Royal Liver)
Marsh Giles, Montague house, Peel rd (Prudential)
Okell Chas. Percy, Primrose avenue (Atlas Fire and Life)
Pendlebury James, 27 Tynwald st (Isle of Man Friendly Society)
Radcliffe James E., 3 Kingswood grove (Prudential)
Rogers Joseph D., Prospect hill
Rowe Frederick B., 13 and 14 Villiers’ Chambers (Kent Fire and Life)
Shimmin John, Dumbell's bank (Liverpool, London and Globe)
Sutherland John F., Athol st
Taggart Wm., 15 Stanley ter., (Prudential)
Tait Chas. (National Provident), Nelson st
Whiteside Thomas, 5 Mount Brada (superintendent of Prudential) -
Wilson Wm., 3 Summer hill (superintendent of the Pearl)
Worthington Wm., 1 Granville st (Isle of Man Friendly Society)
Young Wm. Edwin, Athol st (Lancashire Insurance office)

Iron Merchants.

Gellings Iron Foundry Company, Limited — H. Cowin, secretary — South quay
Todhunter and Elliott, Duke st
Torrance and Co., 24 North quay


Cawie Isaac M., 23 Strand st
Corlett Wm. 21 Great Nelson st
Cubbon James, 23 Strand st
Curphey W. F., 27 Castle st
Dawson Mrs. Ann, 23 Strand st
Douglas and Ryland, 3 Strand st
Fleming T. H., 2 Duke st
Huntley Thomas, 20 Lord st
Lea W. T., Strand st
Lewin Joseph, Bridge rd
Milburn Isaac and Co.. 52 Strand st
Milburn J., 52 Strand st
Sharpe Matthew, 24 Prospect hill
Sherwood G. and Co., 5 Duke st
Shimmin Jos., 10 Castle st and North quay
Todhunter and Elliott, Market place and Duke st
Wilding George, 3 James st


Clucas Thomas, 68 Athol st
Corlett John Thomas, 7 Mount Havelock
Corlett Robert, 26 Mona st
Corris John, 11 Victoria rd
Cowell Robert, 12 Woodhurn sq
Cowle Thomas M., 9 Auckland grove
Cretney Wm., 13 Falcon st
Cubbon Henry, 85 Circular rd
Kermode Thomas, 4 Myrtle st
Kewley Wm., 15 Richmond grove
Kinrade George, 27 Brisbane st
Moore —, Albany st
Moore Robert, 3 Gordon ter
Phillips Wm., 6 Falcon st
Sim Robert, 3 Richmond grove
Wood James, 22 North quay

Joiners and Builders.

Bell Wm., 27 Bumnside terrace
Bregazzi John, 20 Duke st and South quay
Bridson Christopher, 10 Harris terrace
Cain Frederick, 64 Buck’s rd
Cain James, 7 Stanley terrace
Cain James, 8 Woodville ter., Victoria rd
Cain Robert, 16 and 18 Circular rd
Cain Robert Edward. Circular rd
Callister John, 2 Little Switzerland terrace
Callow James, 7 Albert st
Callow Walter, 19 Circular road
Cannell and Kneale, Grosvenor rd
Caren Wm., 12 Woodville ter., Victoria rd
Carine Mark, Aukland grove
Chadwick Edmund, 1 Falcon st
Christian Thomas, 24 Tynwald st
Clarke David, Lake road
Clegg Wm., 11 Earle terrace, Woodburn rd
Corlett Wm., 8 Aukland grove
Corteen Robert, 3 Howard st
Cowell James, 2 Kingswood grove
Cowell Robert, Hawarden avenue
Cowell Robert, 6 Mount Bra--
Cowle James, 19 St, George’s t
Craine James, 11 Farrant st
Craine James Robert, 1A Circular rd
Crellin Jam, Woodburn place :.
Douglas John, 5 Earl terrace
Douglas Joseph, Prince’s st
Douglas Robert, Brunswick rd
Fargher Joseph, 53 Alexander ter
Gell Richard, Pleasington villa, Circular rd
Gelling James, 7 Rose mount
Gill Alexander, 1 Little Switzerland ter
Harrison Wm., Walpole avenue
Johnson Henry, Hutchinson sq
Kay Robert Henry, Tennis rd
Kelly and Preston, Douglas Head rd
Kelly John, 45 Alexander ter
Kelly Robert Jacob, Castle Mona avenue
Kelly Robert, 1 Grosvenor rd
Kelly William, Lake rd
Kewish George and John, 10 Demesne rd
Kewish Thomas, Rose mount
Kewley Brothers, Castle st
Kewley James, 5 Clarence ter
Kneale Robert, Sherwood ter, Broadway
Kneale Thomas, Broadway
Kneale Wm., Hutchinson sq
Kneen James, 8 Railway ter
Killey Thomas Edward, Falcon st
McAdam and Moore, Market st
McAdam Wm., Albany st
Moore John, Albany st
Moore Joseph, 6 Dalton st
Moughton William, 5 Goldie ter, Upper Church st
Oates James, 75 Derby rd
Price Thomas, 9 Berkley st
Quiggan John James, Primrose avenue
Quine John, 5 Derby rd
Quirk John, 28 Church st
Shaw Wm., Albany st
Smith John, 7 Cleator’s lane
Woollams Edward, Albany st

Joiners’ Tool Makers.

Douglas and Ryland, 3 Strand st
Lewis John R., 1 Duke st

Knitting Hosier.

Shelton Seth, 54 Strand st


Bridson Mrs., 30 Murray’s rd
Isle of Man Steam Laundry Co., Strand st
McCombe Edward, 64 Circular rd

Leather Merchants.

Dame John, Well road hill
Corlett Thomas, 6 King st
Kenaugh Charles, 29 Strand st

Licensed Victuallers.

Albert hotel, Market place—.-J. S. Fargher
Alma hotel, 27 King st—Isabella Christian
Black Lion hotel, North quay — Joseph Rushworth
Bowling Green hotel, Derby rd—Thomas Henry Haddley
Bridge Inn, North quay—Jonathan Sheppard
Cattle Market inn, 14 Heywood place— Frances Shimmin
Cheshire inn, North quay—Chas. Holland
Crescent hotel, Crescent—Thos. Crebbin
Cross Keys, Church st—John Clifford
Crown inn, 1 Muckles gate—J. Hodgson
Ellan Vannin Arms; Market place — B. Atkinson
Foresters’ Arms, Hope st—John A. Hale
Greyhound hotel, North quay—Edward Bell
Head hotel, Douglas head—A. H. Maraden
Imperial vaults, Lord st—H. McCluskey
Lancashire house, 51 North quay — B. Graham
Laxey inn, Chapel row, Market place— Wm. Graham
Lofthouse George M., 77 Strand st
Manchester Arms, Harris lane, North quay—W. Tate
Manchester and Liverpool Arms, 60 North quay—E. Cowell
Market hotel, 1 Bond st—Wm. Christian
New Strand inn, 58 Strand st — Frank Quinn
Oddfelhiws’ Arms, North quay — Joseph Marsh
Old Market inn, Market place-—Christina Fielding
Plough Inn, James’ st-—Wm. Wallace
Saddle Inn, North quay—W. H. Dowson
Sheffield Hotel, Parade st—James Berry, manager for exors. of the late Mr. Ewbank
Shepherd Inn, Nelson st----J. Murray
Star Hotel, Prospect hill and Nelson st— Wm. H. Sherlock
Theatre Royal Hotel, Wellington st.— Edwin Lambert
Trafalgar Inn, South quay—Mrs. M. A. Holden
Victoria Inn, Drumgold st—J. Harraghey


Brown John, " Times " buildings, Athol street

Mantle Makers,

Crosbie, Elizabeth, 23 Hope st
Kermode Miss A., Demesne rd
Oates Mrs., 40 Tynwald st
Warner Matilda, 10 Athol t

Marine Store Dealers.

Collins Charles, 7 Fancy st
Corooin James, 34 Barrack st
Lynchey Andrew, Church st
Morrison S., Drumgold st
Reynolds James, Fort st


Bell Alfred, 15 Dalton st
Caley Thomas, 19 Buck’s rd
Cottier Robert, t7 Castle st
Creer Thomas, 10 Woodburn square
Devine John, Mona st
Goldsmith Robert, Albany st
Harding James, 4 Nelson st
Kelly Edward, 33 Prince’s st
Kneale John, 17 Falcon st
Moore Wm., Albany st
Pearce Joseph, 5 Spring gardens
Skillicorn Leece, 7 Summer hill
Skillicorn Thomas, 11 Heywood place
Skillicorn 34 Market st
Stephens John, 21 Dalton st


Quine Wm. and Thomas, Nunnery mills


(See also Drapers).
Archer and Evans, Duke st and Victoria st
Brown S. M. and Co., 15 Strand st
Cain Robert, 44 Duke st
Clague Henry, 40 Victoria st
Cottier and Cubbon, 31 and 33 Victoria st
Cowin Wm. and Co., 13 Duke st
Davies Kate, Athol st
Falkner Frederick Wm., 26 Victoria st
Henry Jane, 15 North quay
Kermode Richard, 59 Victoria st
Kewley Ada, 3 Athol st
Leicester Mary, 3 Osborne grove
Moore and Burr, Victoria st
Moore Mrs. Robert, 49 Strand st

Mineral Water Manufacturers.

Mona Aerated Mineral Water Company— P. T. Screetch, secretary and manager
Moore Thomas, 8 Castle st
Qualtrough and Co., Castletown rd
Swindley and Co., 1 Market st
Woolf’s Brewery Company, Victoria rd

Mona Bouquet Bloom Manufacturers

Greensill Thos. and Son, 14 Marina rd and Loch promenade

Music and Musical Instrument Dealers.

Blakemore S., Victoria st
Burstow A. J., 1 Kensington rd
Lea Wm., Regent st
Lifford Henry, 17 Athol st
McIssac Thomas, Castle Lawn terrace
Smith Mrs., Duke st


"Isle of Man Examiner and General Advertiser," Saturday, Price 1d—Samuel K. Broadbent, Victoria st
"Isle of Man Times." Wednesday, Price 1d, Saturday, Price 2d—J. A. Brown, Athol st
"Manx Sun," Saturday, Price 2d—F. W. Spencer, Victoria, st
"Mona’s Herald," Wednesday, Price 2d— Clucas, Unsworth and Co., Athol st

Oil and Colour Dealers.

Cannell William, 30 Castle st
Douglas Saw and Timber Company, Lake rd
Gell William, Athol st
Kaye Joseph, 9 Lord st
Kewley T. W., 93 Strand st
Quiggin E. T. and Co., The Lake
Quilleish Wm., jun., 7 Duke st

Oyster Merchants.

Baker George Lowe, Railway station
Blair Annie, Bath place
Harvey James, Victoria st and Strand st
Lawson James, 83 Strand st and Peveril buildings
Lawson Thomas, 84 Strand st
McDonald and Sons, Victoria st .
McKown’s oyster rooms, 43 North quay
O’Hanlon Stephen, 48 Strand st
Phillips Henry, 36 Prospect hill
Sherlock Edwin, 9 Prospect hill

Painters and Decorators.

Butterworth Henry, 1 St. George’s walk
Cannell Wm., 30 Castle st
Cannell S. Athol st
Corteen J., 22 South quay
Creetch and Kay., 8 Bridge rd
Day Richard,Stanley mount
Gell William, Athol st
Gelling Robert, Upper Church st
Kelly Mark, 30 Mona st
Kermode and Henry, Buck’s rd
Kewley Thomas W., 93 Strand st
Leach and Son, 61 Derby rd
Maybrick Charles, South quay
Moughtin and Gill, Princes st
Nicholson Brothers, Well Road hill
Radcliffe and Kermode, 33 Finch rd
Sansbury J., Tynwald st
Stafford James, 11 Finch rd
Teare William, 44 Athol st

Paper Bag Makers.

Douglas Industrial Home, Strathallan park
Lewthwaite Alexander. North Quay

Paper Ruler.

Brown J. A., "Times" buildings, Athol st


Bradshaw J. C., 40 Finch rd
Bruton J. E., 10 Finch rd
Callister Wm., 26 Finch rd
Dean George A,, 4 Finch rd
Hoepfner Franz, Victoria terrace
Johnson Frederick, Fort Anne rd
Johnson Mrs. J., Strand st
Keig Thomas, 6 Prospect hill
Lees Spence, Regent st, and Shaw st, L’pool
Nicholson J. M., St. Thomas walk
Woodcock Francis, Douglas head


Bannister Alfred, 11 Castle Mona view
Birch Charles, 1 Nelson st
Braid Francis, 25 Prince’s st
Caley Wm., 17 Mona st
Christian John, 16 Chester st
Collister Daniel, Albany st
Eason Henry, 13 Cambridge ter
Faragher Caesar, 60 Finch rd
Hayward Charles, 35 Princes st
Henry John, 16 Drumgold st
Kelly Alfred, 105 Castle Mona avenue
Moore Stanley, 115 Castle Mona avenue
Moore Thomas, Peveril st
Murphy Richard, 22 Market st
O’Hara Richard, 8 Queen st
Quayle Henry, 2 Nelson st
Sandland George, Victoria rd
Sayle Thomas, Chester st
Taggart Edward, 16 Demesne rd
Watterson Louis F., 21 Oxford st

Pleasure Gardens.

Castle Mona Pleasure Gardens and Recreation Ground, Crescent rd—Samuel K.White, manager; Mr. Vitter, musical director
Derby Castle Hotel and Pleasure Grounds— Capt. J. V. France, manager; Mr. Oliver Gaggs, musical conductor
Falcon Cliff Hotel and Pleasure Grounds— J. Moxon, secretary; Mr. Chas. Reynolds, musical conductor, Crescent rd


Caley Wm., Mona st
Cawte Iaaac M., 18 Strand st
Clucas Thomas, 41 Circular rd
Cowan and Newton, Drury ter, Broadway
Cubbon James, 23 Strand st
Curphey Wm. F., 27 Castle st -
Dunn George, 8 Prospect hill
Kelly John, 5 Wesley ter
Kneale James, 34 Athol st
Lea W. T., 12 Duke st
Leach and Co., 61 Derby rd
Maybrick Charles, South quay
Maybrick Son, 31 Derby rd
Milburn Mrs., 52 Strand st
Milburn J. 3., 95 Strand st
Moore Thomas, 27 Finch rd -
Morrison S., 11 Drumgold st
Sharp Matthew, 24 Prospect hill
Sherwood G. and Co., 59 Duke st
Todhunter and Elliot, Market place and Duke st


Blackburn Wm., 21 Falcon st
Cannan John James, 33 Prospect hill
Clucas Alfred, 56 Duke st
Dyson John, 71~ Strand st
Latham and Devereau, 58 Buck’s rd
McDonald Arthur, 13 Lord st
Rooth John, 3 Broadway
Watson Robert, 78 Strand st


Broadbent S. K. and Co., Victoria st
Brown and Son, Athol st
Clucas, Unsworth and Co., Athol st
Cowin W. H., 47 Strand st
Dawson G. H., Hill’s gardens
Johnson G. H. and R., Prospect hill
Mollard Thomas Ebenezer, 14 Albert st
Parkinson M., Duke st
Spencer F. W., Victoria st

Public Companies in the Isle of Man.

see separate file

Quarry Lessees.

Cowley Joseph, Douglas Head quarries
Creer and Quayle, Douglas Head quarries
Cretney Wm., Douglas Head quarries
Dalglaish John, Douglas Head quarries
Duff John, Douglas Head quarries ~
Gelling Thomas, Douglas Head quarries
Lawson Wm. Henry, Loch quarries ~
Murphy Thomas, Loch quarries
Quilliam & Cowley, Douglas Head quarries
Quirk John, Douglas Head quarries
Quirk Wm., Douglas Head quarries
Sale Wm., Douglas Head quarries
Taggart Wm., Loch quarries

Registry Offices for Servants.

Bailey George, 22 Wellington st
Kennaugh Mrs. J., Great Nelson st
Kennaugh Wm., 2 King st

Rope and Twine Manufacturer.

Quiggan Edward Toad, Douglas bridge

Saddlers and Harness Makers.

Ashman J. F., 47 North quay
Cubbon and Son, Market place
Ellison John, Athol st
Kennaugh Charles, 29 Strand st
Kneale R., 23 Castle st
Quayle Richard, 1 Queen st


Cubbon Edward, South quay

Schools and Academies.

Browne Mrs., Woodside terrace
Cain Miss E. M., Derby rd
Clarke Mrs., Brynwood, Woodburn rd
Collegiate School, West view—Principal, Rev. T. S. E. Lupton, M.A.
DOUGLAS GRAMMAR SCHOOL—Headmaster, Rev. J. Quine, M.A.
Edgar Miss, Buck’s rd
Hart Miss, Circular rd
High School for Boys, Derby square— Principal, George Green
High School for Girls, Derby square— Misses Green
Kindergarten, 12 Derby square — Misa Stroud-Smith
Macaulay Mrs., Cambridge terrace
Macaulay Miss, Grafton st
Rowe Misses, 69 Derby square
Shaw Mrs., 13 Windsor rd
Southwell Miss, Buck’s rd
Todd Miss, Cleveland, Woodburn rd
Victoria College—Principal, Richard Farrell, B.A., LLD.
Woolnoth Miss, 15 Demesne rd

Scrap Iron Dealer.

Stewart Michael, 19 Market st


Creer Robt. W., 89 Hope st& 138 Buck’ard
Quayle Job; 33 Circular rd
Thomas, 7 George st
Royaton and Son, 12 Peel rd


Clague John, Nelson st
Creer John, North quay
Faragher John T., Quine’s corner
Kelly T. W., Gelling’s court
Kelly Thomas, North-quay
Magee N., Strand st

Sewing Machine Manufacturers.

Singer Manufacturing Co.—E. Hemsworth, manager, 80 Strand st


CainRichard Alma, 45 North quay

Ship-store Dealers.

Cubbin Edward, South quay
Quiggan Edward Todd, Douglas bridge
Douglas Steam Sawmills Co., Douglas bridge

Stationers & Fancy Goods Dealers.

Broadbent Samuel K., 39 Victoria st
Brown John A., "Times" buildings, Athol st and " Times " buildings, Victoria st
Cain Robert, 2 Athol st
Carr Robert, 9 Marina rd
Cowin Wm. Henry, 27 Strand st
Cubbon John James, 28 North quay
Gell Jane, 7 Castle st and Athol st
Hannah Lewis George, 32 Victoria st
Johnson Ann, 68 Strand st
Johnson George and Robt., 12 Prospect hill
Kneale Wm., 38 Duke st and Victoria st
Lewthwaite Alexander, 21 North quay
McCann Miss, 65 Duke st
McIvor Edith, 47 Strand st
Mylrea and Allan, 18 Duke st
Parkinson Mark, 47 Duke st
Shortland Richard Wm., Villiers buildings, Victoria st
Spencer F. W., 51 Victoria st

Stay and Corset Maker.

Breadon C. and A., 76 Strand st

Stock and Share Brokers.

Atkins Geo., Gaiety chambers, Prospect hill
Ballantine D. R., 38 Prospect hill
Cowle and Hannay, 32 Victoria st
Craigue Wm. John, 2 Douglas head
Creer Tom, Lauriston rd
Johnson and Fleming, 57 Duke st
Pine J. C., 23 Athol st
Sutherland John F., Athol st
Sutherland Patrick, 2 Beverley mount, Woodburn rd
Thompson Wm., Upper Church st
Wilson Thomas, North Quay


Black Ernest, 29 Buck’s rd
Dearden John Alfred, 18 Finch rd
Fleming Maxwell, M.D., Victoria rd
Friend Frederick W., 26 Finch rd
Hoops Samuel Mostyn, 22 Derby rd
Laird Dr., Buck’s rd
Wood Thomas, Windsor rd
Woods Arthur Thomas, Victoria rd


Bell Wm. Henry, 86 Strand st
Cain Henry, 57 Strand st
Cain Nelson, 40 Athol st
Clarke Wm., 4 Strand st
Clucas Wm., 6 Great George st
Colquohon Wm., 60 Athol st .
Corlett John, I 8 Wellington st
Corlett Wm. Henry, 8 King st
Craine Stephen, 5 Nelson st
Cuthbertson Wm. T., Regent chambers Regent st
Gawne Wm., 27 Lord st
Gribbon Edward, 90 Strand st .
Hales James, 6 Athol st
Halsall and Hough, 43 Victoria st
Halsall Robert, 40 Strand st
Kewley Wm., 63 Duke st
Kissack Wm., 50 Strand st
Lay’s, 9 and 11 Duke st
Morgan Wm. Henry, 5 Castle st
Phillips Jas., 29 Castle st & 10 Gt. George st
Waterson Henry, Bath place

Tallow Chandlers.

Kaye Joseph, 9 Lord st
Quilleash W., Duke st


Caine John P., Well Hill rd
Kennaugh Charles, 29 Strand st.
Killey Philip, Cattle Market st
Litt Brothers, 28 Cattle Market st

Tea Merchants.

Aylen Thos. Samuel. Bridge rd
Higgins Joseph, 12 Great George st
Rindley Herbert James, 17 Duke st
Ward Wm., 26 Duke st

Teachers of Dancing.

Duvall Mrs., 11 Woodburn square
Shaw Mrs., 13 Windsor rd
Wight Peter, 19 Dalton st

Teacher of Languages.

Barthelemy Achille, 3 Oxford st

Teachers of Music.

Browne Charles B., 55 Castle Mona avenue
Burstow John A., 1 Kensington rd
Fielding Mrs. H., 2 Hope st
Hart Edwin, 24 Murray’s rd
Heyes Mrs., Hawarden avenue
Looney Joseph D., 5 Myrtle st
Mason John B., 36 Finch rd
Mclsaac Thomas, Crescent rd
Poulter Frederick, 3 Clarence terrace
Whalley T. W., 13 Stanley terrace
Wood Mary L., 1 Osborne terrace

Temperance Hotels.

Bracewell Hartley, 13 Victoria st
Cowin James, The Belvedere, 6 Promenade
Flint Alfred, York Hotel, The parade
Hampson Edwin, 14 Victoria st
Kelly Elizabeth, 4 North quay
Roberts George H. , 45 Duke st .& Victoria st
Toy The Misses, City temperance hotel, Prospect hill ,

Timber Merchants.

Douglas Steam Sawmills and Timber Co.— F. W. Forrest, manager, Lake rd
Quiggan Edward Todd, Douglas bridge


Cawte Isaac, 13 Strand st
Cubbon James, Strand st
Dawson Ann, 53 Strand st
Robert, 36 Strand st
Duff James, 18 Hope st and Lord st
Lea Wm. P., 12 Duke st
Sharpe Matthew, Prospect hill
Sherwood and Co., 57 Duke st
Todhunter and Elliott, Duke st

Tobacco Manufacturers.

Cooper Arthur, 71 Circular rd
Gelling Daniel B., 1 Lord st
Gelling Philip, 15 Windsor rd
Gelling Wm. P., 2 Duke lane
Halsall Wm., Seneschal lane
Holmes Annie, 5 North quay
Kermode and Kellett, 22 Victoria st
Shaw Benjamin, 4 Goldie tar. Up. Church st


( See also Hairdressers and Tobacconists.)
Armroyd Frank, Regent st
Broughton Wm., 48 Duke st
Burgess Wm., 33 Strand st
Carr Robert, 9 Marina rd
Croupe Joseph, 23 Victoria st
Dalrymple Wm., 52 Duke st
Fielding Wm., 9 Strand st and Victoria st
Gallimore Charles, 53 North quay
Hampton John, Bank hill
Jones Wm. H., 27 Victoria st
McCann Miss, 65 Duke st
Rimmer John, 73 Strand st
Warburton Henry, 20 Prospect hill and Victoria st

Trunk and Portmanteau Manufacturers.

Cubbon Joseph and Son, Market place

Umbrella Makers.

Armroyd John, Castle st
Casey Jessie, 68 Duke st
Fairhurst Thomas, 75 Strand st
Goodwin M., 37 Strand st

Venetian Blind Manufacturer.

Chare Robert, 88 Strand st

Veterinary Surgeons.

DaviesW. R., Drumgold st
Price H., Mona terrace :
Taylor P., 42 Peel rd

Wardrobe Dealers.

McCranney Mrs., Nelson st
Kennaugh Mrs. James, Nelson st
Simpson Mrs., 21 Fort st


Bridson Joseph, 38 Athol st
Burgess Wm., 33 Strand st
Cannell G. and J., Finch rd
Corlett Edward, 9 Castle st
Cowell Charles T., Victoria st
Davidson John J., Victoria st
Fenelon Thomas, Victoria st
Goldsmith Brothers, Victoria st
Heath H. W., Walpole avenue
Holden Joseph, Victoria st
Kingston T., 8 Great George st
Langley Samuel, 81 Strand st
Muncaster G. B., 10 Duke st
Swinnerton Robert, Victoria st
Taylor Walter H., 36 Prospect hill
Wylde W. H., 20 Prospect hill

Wax-work Modeller.

McLeod James, 24 Brisbane st

Wholesale Wine & Spirit Merchant.

Heron G. Chilwell, Castle st & Promenade

Wine and Spirit Merchants.

Allen Wm. and Co., 16 Duke st .
Baker George, Railway station
Brearley .1. and C., 6 Wellington st
Butterfield Robert, 25 Hope st
Clark and Lockhart, Broadway
Clucas George Henry, 74 Strand st
Clucas Margaret, 15 Mona st
Coole James Maxwell, Victoria st
Coole John James, North quay
Creer Robert Edward, North quay
Crellin John, wine merchant, Victoria st
Cubbon Wm., 40 Buck’s rd
Cubbon Wm., Falcon st
Haraghy Michael, Peveril st
Harris Thomas, 39 Strand st
Holroyd James, 1 Brisbane st
Hunter Joseph, Brunswick rd
Kelly Jacob, Market place
Kelly Thomas, 1 Crescent rd
Kiddie Robert, 61 Buck’s rd
Kneale Mrs. A. M., 10 Strand st
John L., 14 Sydney st
Lynchey Charles, 64 Athol st
McCutcheon John W., 39 Strand st
Moore Frederick, 42 Buck’s rd.
Roach Charles P., 3 Windsor rd
Savage John, 15 Church st
Stephen Frank Wm., 28 Lord st.
Stringer Mrs., 1 Windsor rd

Wood Turners.

Christian Thomas, Lake rd
Douglas Steam Sawmills and Timber Co.
Skinner John, 29 Hope st

Yeast Importers.

Mylrea Joseph, 45 Strand st
Wood John, 2 Mount pleasant


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