[from Porter's Directory, 1889]


IN Middle Sheading, is the largest and most populoas parish in the I island, comprising within its limits part of the town of Douglas.

It is about eleven miles long from north to south, and varying from one to five miles in breadth from east to west, and is bounded on the east by Onchan, Lonan, and the sea, on the south by Santon and the sea, on the west by Michael, German, Marown, and the sea, and on the north by Ballaugh and Lezayre. The parish is named after St. Brandon, bishop of the island in the eleventh century, and the church is dedicated to him. The living is a vicarage, in the gift of the Bishop, and held by the Rev. Wm. Drury. There is also a chapel of ease at Baldwin. The Wesleyans have chapels at East Baldwin, Cooil,and Union Mills, and the Independents at Union Mills.


Archer Robert, cow keeper and builder, Annacur

Bates Job, licensed vict., Quarter-bridge inn
Bell Edward, tenant farmer, Ballashamrock
Bell James, tenant farmer, Ballacottier
Boddan Alexander and J., tenant farmers, Ballabeg
Boinville Rev. —, curate of Braddan, Union mills
Bowling Mrs., Union mills
Bridson Wm., owner of part of Ballacubbon
Broadbent George T., Kewaigue house
Bull John Henry, piano tuner, Union mills

Cain Mrs., farmer, Mount Murray
Cain A. farmer, Ballacain
Cain John, Spring valley
Callow Louis, farmer, Ballabunt
Cannell Isaac, farmer, Ballawillan
Cannell Robert, Strang
Cannell Robert, Pleasant cottage, Strang, Union mills
Cannell Thos. Arthur, farmer, Algare
Cannell Thomas, farmer, Ballawillan
Clague Ann, farmer, The Nunnery
CLAGUE JOSEPH T., private apts, Union Mills
Clague Robt. John, farmer, Ballaquine
Clague Thomas, tenant farmer, Union mills
Clague Thomas, tenant farmer, Ballacain
Clarke Jas. Harrison, farmer, Puirose
Clarke John, owner of part of Ballavear
Clarke Wm., tenant farmer, Speke
Corkill Joseph, tenant farmer, Ardwhallan
Corkill Thomas, tenant farmer, Eareybeg
Corlett James, engineer and threshing machinist, Ballacraggan
Corrooin Wm., blacksmith, bonesetter and farmer, Strang
Cottier, Wm. and Robert, tenant farmers, Clybane ,
Cowen John, dyer, Kewaigue
Cowley Daniel, farmer, Ardwhallan
Cowley Stanley, Ballacraggan Thos., market gardener, White hoe
Craig James, owner of part of Mount Murray and Ballacubbon
Craine Jas., farmer and joiner, Ballakinnish
Craine Henry, butcher, Strang house
Craine John, joiner, Mount rule
Craine Robt., owner of part of Ballacubbon
Craine Robert, tenant farmer, Ballavagher
Crane John, tenant farmer, Ballacubbon
Creer —, owner of part of Ballaoates, Ballafletcher
Creer Edward, tenant farmer, Ballapaddag
Creer John, tenant farmer, Colooneys
Creer Wm., farmer, Ballacubbon
Cretney Robert, tenant farmer, Ballaoates
Cretney Robt., of Marown, owner of part Ballaoates
Crook John, lic. vict., Richmond Hill inn
Crossfield Robert, Oakhill
Cubbon Ann, Union mills
Cubbon James, tenant farmer, Ballachrink
Cubbon Jos., tenant farmer, Kirkby farm

Dalrymple, Wm., M.H.K., J.P., Burnside, Union mills
Drinkwater Sir Wm. Leece, 1st Deemster, Kirby
Drury Mary Ann, tenant farmer, Snugborough
Duff Esther, Burleigh -
Dumbell Alured, clerk of the Rolls,. Ballangton house

Eccles Sarah, tenant farmer, Pulrose -

Faragher Evan, tenant farmer, Ardwhallan
Farrant Robert, J:P., Baflmiliaghyn
Flemming Thomas, Harcroft
FORRESTER THOMAS, lic.. vict., Port Sodrick hotel

Gawne John, owner of part of Cronkbane
Gawne Thomas, tenant. farmer and market gardener, Ballacubbon
Gawne Thomas, tenant farmer, Cronkbane
Gelling Edwd., owner of part of Ballacottier -
Gelling Thomas Henry, tenant farmer, Ballacottier
George Rev. J. B., vicar of St George’s, Maycroft
Gick Mrs., grocer, Strang
Gilmour Robert, Union ter, Union mills
Goldsmith Miss, apts, Mill mount
Goldsmith Thomas, mason and contractor, Mount rule
Graham Wm., car propretor, Ballabeg
Green Samuel, grocer, Union mills

Halliwell Benjamin, Union ter, Union mills
Hamilton Patrick, tenant farmer, Rose hill
Hampson Samuel, cow keeper, Loughned
Hampton Wm., farmer, Ballabunt .
Harrison Mrs. John Tobin, Mount Vernon
Heyworth Mrs., owner of part of Ballacutchal
Hogg George, station master, Union mills
Holmes Mrs., Sea view, Port Soderick
Hope Frederick, photographer, Quine’s hill
Hunt J. E., Eaglehurst

Injebreck Pleasure Gardens Company—Mr. Driver, manager
Isle of Man Laundry Company, Pulrose

Johnson J. W., Bellevue Pleasure gardens
Jones John, tenant farmer, Ballacregga
Jones Wm. H., Hope lodge

Kaneen Daniel, farmer, Dhoon
Kaneen John, tenant farmer, Castleward
Kaneen Robert, farmer, Ballawillan
Kayes J. J., blacksmith, Ballacottier
Kelly Alex., market gardener, Bulrhenny
Kelly Ann, Union mills
Kelly Charlotte, farmer, Ballawiflan
Kelly James, owner of part of Clybane
Kelly John, woollen miller, Ballawillan
Kelly John Kermode, joiner and builder, Union mills
Kelly John Zacariah, joiner, Strang
Kelly Robt., tenant farmer, Southampton
Kelly Robert, bootmaker
Kelly Robt Quayle, farmer, Ballamoda and Renscault
Kelly Thomas, farmer, Ballabunt
Kelly Thomas, dyer, Union mills
Kelly Wm., Union mills
Kermode John, blacksmith and postoffice, Quine’s hill
Kewley Benjamin, farmer & car proprietor Virginia
Kewley Wm., farmer, The Nunnery
Kissack John, miller and postmaster, Union mills
Kneen Daniel, mason, Mount rule
Kneen Wm., tenant farmer, Rose hill

Lea John, tenant farmer, Pulrose cottage
Leece George Henry, Ballamona
Lewthwaite Edwd., paper manufacturer, Ballaoates
Litt Brothers, manure manufacturers, Ballaoates

Mawson Moses, Ballacraggan .
Menzies R. H., owner of Rose hill .
Millett John, Strang
Moore Catherine, owner of part of Ballavear
Moore Rev. Frederick John, vicar of Braddan, the vicarage
Moore Samson, tenant farmer,
Moore W. Fine, sail manufacturer, Cronkbourne
Morris Sophia Jane, owner of Ballaslig
Murphy Joseph, market gardener,

Nesbitt T. H., clerk to the Douglas T Commissioners, Union mills

Oates Harriet, landowner, Ballafletcher

Penkenth Richard, M.H.K., J.P., Hampton court
Preston John, Union mills

Quayle John, Derby square, owner of Ballough
Quilliam Wm. Frederick, tenant farmer, Port-e.Chee
Quine Edward, farmer, Ballalig
Quine Jonathan, joiner & machinist, Strang
Quine Thos. Edwd., farmer, Ballachrink.
Quine Wm., Mill mount

Radford Mrs., Farm hill
Richardson —, telegraph engineer, Spring. valley
Rogers Joseph D., accountant, Mill mount
Russell John, tenant farmer, Ballough

Shimmin Thos., car proprietor and farmer, Ballastowell
Speedie Peter, tenant farmer, Kilkenny
Speedie Robert, farmer; Middle farm
Stephen J. G., Union mills
Stephen R. Swan, M.H.K., Spring valley.

Taubman John Senhouse G., M.H.K., J.P., owner of the Nunnery
Thompson Rev. —, chaplain of St. Luke’s Algare
Tuxworth E., grocer & refreshment rooms, Spring valley

UNION MILLS CO., LIMITED (Walter Hammond) woollen manufacturers, Union mills

Vickers —, engineer, Spring valley
Vullamy Louis Llewellyn, architect, Springfield

Waugh Alexander, farmer, Ballaslig
Whiteside Catherine, Mill mount
Thomas, farmer and butcher, Union mills

Williams Sarah, Brookvale, Union mills
Wilson Joseph, licensed vict., Union Mills inn, Union mills

WILSON MATTHEW, private apts,Grove View house, Union mills
Woolf’s Brewery Co., brewers and mineral water manufacturers, Ballaughton


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