[From Old Church Plate,1907]


Cripps' Old English Plate.

J. H. Buck's Old Plate.

J. Starkie Gardner's Old Silver Work.

Burn's Old Scottish Communion Plate.

A. W. Moore's Manx Worthies.
,, Diocesan History of Sodor and Man.
„ Manx Surnames and Place Names.
„ History of the Isle of Man. Burke's General Armoury.

Keble's Life of Bishop Wilson.

Wilson's History of the Isle of Man.

Feltham's Tour through the Isle of Man.

Browne Willis, Manx Society, vol. xviii.

Wm. Harrison's "Account of the Diocese of Sodor and Man and S. German's Cathedral" (Manx Society, vol. xxix.).

J. G. Cumming's Rushen Castle and Abbey.

J. C. Wall's Shrines of British Saints.

W. H. St. John Hope and T. M. Fallow on " Medieval Chalices and Patens," in Archæological Journal, vol. xliii.


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