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1823.-January 23rd.-"Married on Thursday at Lezayre, Mr. Corrin, jun., of Knockaloe, to Miss Goldsmith, of the above parish.".

January 30th.-" Died lately at Peel, Mr. John Taylor, aged 92,"

February 13th.-On Friday week Daniel Anderson, millwright, when repairing his Mother's mill in Lezayre, got entangled in the cogs in one of the wheels; died on Saturday last."

March 20th,-In last November a man and woman, tenants of Mr. John Corlett, of Glentrammon, were committed for poisoning the man's wife on the 8th of that month ; and on the 20th, same month, the body, was taken up, and two doctors said she was poisoned. - This week the prisoners were found guilty of murder." [John Comaish and Catherine Kinrade were executed for murder on 23 April 1823]

April 3rd.- Married on Monday at Peel, Mr. Frederick Gelling, advocate to Miss Evans, of Castletown."

" Died on the 19th March, Mr. Ed. Christian, chief Justice of the Isle of Ely." (His brother, Dr Charles Christian, died only four months before this.)

May 14th -"Died to-day at Glentrammon, Lezayre, in his eightieth year, John Corlett, many years member of the House of Keys."

May 29th.--" Married on Thursday at Malew Mr., John Llewellyn, High-Bailiff of Peel, .to Miss Kelly, daughter of the late Mr. James Kelly, of Castletown." (Mr. Llewellyn was appointed H.B. of Peel in 1820. (in place of Mr. James Quirk, who was made H.B. of Douglas), and died in 1840. On coming to Peel he lived in "Rose Cottage"-that picturesque (?) old ruin on the Glanfaba-road. Some years afterwards he built the mansion opposite the cottage: The Quiggins of Douglas were the builders. On Mr. L's death, Mr. Harrison, the next H.B., took up his abode there, where he remained till he died in 1854, being succeeded by the late Mr. R. J. Moore, who likewise lived in the same house until. it was sold in 1880 by the family of Llewellyn to the late Dr Higgins. It is now, and has been for the last few years, the Vicarage of German. Mrs. Llewellyn was a niece of Mr. John Kelly, H.B. of Castletown, who was father of the late Mr. John Kelly, advocate, of Peel.)

June 12th.-" A small supply of herrings- two mease - one boat's catch, was brought to Douglas yesterday from Peel. Sold at eight to twelve for a shilling."

July 5th.-The coroners for this year are :- John Cowell, Glanfaba ; John Craine, Michael ;Daniel Kaneen, Ayre ; Thos. Mylchreest, Garff; James Cowin, Middle ; Archibald Cregeen, Rushen.".

"Messrs. John Lucas, of Knockrushen, and William Bridson, of the Raggatt, have been elected lately members of the House of Keys in place of Deemster Christian and the late Major Taubman."

July 24th.-" Married on Thursday last Capt. Kelly, R.N., M.H.K., of Ballaugh, to Miss Lace, daughter of the late Deemster Lace, of Castletown." (The Captain died four months after this.)

October 16th.--"Some of the boats at Peel on Tuesday averaged over 80 mease each."

November 20th,-Died on Monday at Ballavagher, near Peel, J. Rowland Hunter, Esq." (Strange to say, this gentleman was always known as " "Hunter" instead of "Hinton," which was his proper name. He was the father of the late Mr. Edward Hinton; of Turret Cottage,)

1824. January 29th.--" Died on Monday, at Northop, Mr. John Bennet, aged 63."

February 19th.-."Married on Saturday, at Rushen, John Shimmin, sailmaker, of Peel, to Miss Watterson of Rushen." -

April 22nd.-"Married on Monday, at Arbory, , Mr. John Keown, of Peel, .to Miss. Cregeen, of Arbory."

"Married at Peel, on Thursday, Mr. Thomas Woods, of .Kirk Michael, to Miss Kewley, of German.

November 24th,-"Died to-day, at Ballamennagh, Braddan, the wife of Mr. Matthias Corrin, aged 67 years." [Her husband died at Ballameeonch in 1836, aged over 90. The "Wesleyan Methodist Magazine" of that time. says he was " A consistent member of the Methodist Society for nearly sixty years- during the greater part of which time he filled the office of class-leader with much acceptance." Rosser, in 1849, says.:-" When Mr. Corrin joined the Methodist Society and proceeded so . far as to invite Mr.- Crook to his house (this was about 1770) his father was greatly offended, and did all in his power to induce him to break off his intercourse , with 'the Swaddlers.'.- He told him in a most serious and solemn manner that he had made up his mind to disinherit him, and utterly cast him off unless he would renounce Methodism, but that he would allow him seven days to consider and make up his mind before he pressed him for his decision; On the appointed day, his father, when. informed in a most respectful but firm manner that his son had concluded to resign the property, wept bitterly,. He was, nevertheless, determined to do as he had said, and, in every possible way to show his displeasure." Matthias was married when this happened, he and his young wife occupying part of the farm- house. However, the father eventually joined the " Methodists," as they were called, std his son was restored to the father's affection.)

1825. March 3rd.-"Died at Port-e-chee, Mr Alesander Bonnyman, aged 63, formerly of Banffshire." (The founder of the Manx Bonnymans.)

March 10th.-;" Married on Thursday at Braddan, Mr W. Kissack, of Peel, to Miss M'Clure, of Braddan." -

April 7.-" Part of a satire written by a Manx author,

Douglas, the seat of scandal-nurse of pride
To ignorance by lasting ties allied ;
With self-tormenting spleen, and envious strife,
Sours her own cup, and blasts the joys of life.
Let not the peaceful stranger hope to find
An Eden here, and saints of human kind
No sooner is he landed on the quay,
Than vigilant detraction grasps her prey;
And though his kinder fates protect his life,
His fortunes suffer - or his faithful wife.".

Douglas ! the secret scorn of men of sense,-
The stage where Puppies act their consequence
lest of the wise, the vortex of the vain,-
The clog of genius, and the fool's loungane ;
Insane as Moorfields, with distraction rings
And crowns anew ideal race of kings,
The tide of vanity so strongly flows,
With mushroom haughtiness, so quickly grows,
Your last year's friend, distrustful of disgrace,
Scarce recollects he ever saw your face !
E'en children to disdain instructt their eyes,
And cultivate the talent to despise.
Oh hear, ye self-deceivers - trust a friend ;
Nor thinks he speaks on purpose to offend;
Would you the sweets or social pleasure know
Humility these blessings can bestow.
'Tis not the puff of Pomp, nor show of Art '
Can throw a fostering sunshine on the heart,"

May 12th.-Married at Cheltenham, on the 23rd ult; Capt. Bacon, of Douglas, to Miss Franis Hall, danghtor of the Hon. Cornelius Smelt, Lieut. Governor,"

June7th.-" Died on Thursday last , at Peel, Sarah Taubman,aged twenty, daughter of Mr Thos.Taubman, of Peel, A young lady whose loss is deeply lamented by her friends," (Her brother John was father of John who died in 1859. Her other brother; Joshua married Miss M.Wattleworth, and was father of Thomas, who went to Australia in 1880, and died there in.1901)

June 23 rd,-A professional gentleman being in want of a wife is desirous of meeting with one of pleasing manners, good education; family, and fortune, not under 30 years of age. Address( post paid) E.B Post Office,, Douglas with real name and address will meet with immediate attention and strictest honour., Douglas, June 22nd." . .

June 30th.- Nelly Hopewell, in a letter concerning the above, dated June 25th, says: He has never told us his own age. Possibly he may be some old curmudgeon, deformed, or corklegged. I doubt not his honour, but I wish to know his temper snd his fortune before I make my advances.".

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