[From Manxiana, 1870]


A dot on map is the Isle of Man,
To channel ships often a snare,
As they take out their charts and strive there to scan
The dangers that threaten them there.

There's Maughold, Head Douglas, and Langness Point,
Pool Vash, Spanish Head, and the Calf,
Tlie Chickens, and Brada, and Dalby Point,
Clay Head, and the Sheading of Garf.

There are dangerous rocks all round the Bay Peel,
Sands Goodwin round Jurby flat land ;
And if you should run on Ayr Point your keel,
You'll be wrecked in its sea every hand.

On all the coast round when the ocean's in storm,
A Cape of Good Hope sea you have,
Almost a typhoon in its wildest form,
Drowning all in its terrible wave.

Then think of the horrors so near to their home,
Of shipwreck on its rugged shore;
Think what are the thoughts of those lost in its foam..
As the death struggle passes them o'er.

Then if the isle's a microscopical spot,
North, South, East, and West give it light;
Do to others as you'd be done by in like lot;
Make a star Mona by night.

Build lighthouses o'er its rugged rock coast,
To serve as beacons afar;
Year after year wait not, till more lives are lost,
But at once light up Mona a star;;

Microscopical light not-'twill only ensnare,
But give us a light that will throw
A halo of glory of Bude light so fair,
As to show the whole coast in its glow.


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