[From Manxiana, 1870]



The merry dancers are out to-night,
In the northern heavens they skip and go;
Manx Jane says they're fairies tripping it light,
On their own fantastic fairy toe.

She says, now and then they hold a ball,
When the queen takes the lead as she held the first chance;
And the half of the sky is their splendid hall,
And the moon and bright stars all join in the dance.

Right merry they trip till near to sunrise,
When they take themselves off to Mona's fair isle;
Where in moimtain and glen they often surprise
The early sheep folks, and oft them beguile

To follow them on to here and to there,
Till they all lose the way and half daft with fright,
Sink down in the Curraghs done up with despair,
Till the full light of day sets them again all to right.

When they gather the flocks that were frighten'd away,
To lead them to pasture wherever 'tis green;
And know by its richness where fairies do stray,
For grass grows the greenest where fairies have been.

Thus, north of the Isle you'll find the best land,
Where everything grows luxuriant and fine ;
The " reason why " is that the fairies' light wand
Waves over it a blessing that's almost Divine.


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