[From Manxiana, 1870]


Mongst Esquimaux and Greenlander
They seldom see the sun;
For long, long winter months their work
In darkness all is done.

But why, in this bright sunny isle,
Should I so live in shade
For through the winter months he's hid,
And all in gloom array'd.

Oh! dark Sky-hill, I often wish
You'd in an earthquake sink;
Then Phoebus he would always shine
On all around I think.

I watch the sunshine in the far-
Off landscape, glorying all;
Then feel a chill, as well I know,
'Twill not come hero at all.

From window-pane I daily watch
It travel slowly on
Week after week, month after month;-
When will the gloom be gone'?

I want to plant some flower-seed,
No growth is in the ground ;
My early peas and Windsor beans
Their grave I think have found.

Oh ! hasten then, bright Phoebus, Laste,
Light up our dark Lezayre;
Light up our church, our homes, and all,
With sunshine everywhere.

Then I'll be merry as a bee
'Midst garden-ground, and sing
All praise to thee, thou glorious sun,
Bright harbinger of spring.


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