Rev J.E Pattison - curate of Sulby 1865-1878. According to Gelling he had been a doctor in India and whilst at Sulby acted as a doctor for the neighbourhood. Apparently an 'eccentric' and a great character - he would go anywhere to attend the sick and would take no payment except a fowl or a duck. He retired to Cornwall and died shortly afterwards. A second series never appeared.

1871 Census has: Lezayre, district 2, entry 29, Parsonage

James Patterson, head, married, 59, Chaplain of St Stephens, Sulby, born England
Harriet, wife, 52, England
Harriet A, daughter, unmarried, 19, America
Jane B, daughter, unmarried, 16, America
Elizabeth Daughterty, servant, 25, domestic servant, Isle of Man

St Stephen's had been conceived by Bishop Ward but he died before the foundation stone was laid 4 June 1838, the church opened on 24 Nov 1839. It was virtually rebuilt in the year following Pattison's departure.

The Chaplain's house dated from the late 1850's.


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