[From A Book of Manx Songs (for WW1 troops),1914]



Pan Celtic National Anthem.

English Version.

O LAND of my fathers,
O Land of my love,
Dear mother of minstrels who kindle and move,
And heroes who holding your fame beyond all,
For Freedom their life blood let fall.

Mann! Mann! O but my heart is with you!
And long as the sea
Your bulwark shall be
To Mannin my heart shall be true!

O Land of the mountains, the bard's Paradise,
Whose precipice proud, valleys lone
Is the skies, Green murmuring forest, far echoing flood,
Fire the fancy and quicken the blood.

For though the fierce foeman has ravaged your realm,
The old speech of Mannin he cannot o'erwhelm,
Our passionate song into silence command,
Or banish the harp from your strand.



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