[From A Book of Manx Songs (for WW1 troops),1914]


O COME, all ye people, with prayer and with praise,
To bless our great Ruler, the Ancient of Days;
Though nations be shifting as grains in the sand,
In honour and safety may He keep our land.

He bringeth us Harvest from mountain and sea,
Our Tower of Refuge in danger is He;
Through perils and changes upheld by His Might,
With Him for our Leader we strive for the right.

Our old Island Kingdom enthroned on the deep,
Our Celtic Inheritance, long may we keep;
With customs and laws that our forefathers gave,
Unsullied, unblemished, and free as the wave.

Then stand up, ye sons of the Viking, and hold
Your freedom and honour as dearer than gold;
So Rulers and People together shall sing,
In peace and agreement, May God save our King!


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