[From A Book of Manx Songs (for WW1 troops),1914]


UP with the lug, and let her run
Before the wind and tide;
The gannets plunge, the gulls keep watch,
The herring shoal is wide.

Oh ! the herring, boys, the herring,
Oh ! the herring, boys, for me!
Red or kippered, fresh or pickled,
Oh, the herring is king of the sea!.

Contrary Head and Niarbyl Point
Will soon be left behind;
Off Fleshwick Bay, sou'-west by west,
Our merry friends we'll find.-Chorus.

Admiral Quirk has struck his flag,
So down with the nets, and pray
The fisher's Friend to bless our homes
And toil by night and day.-Chorus.

Over the Cronk-nv-lrrey-Lhaa
The sun's bright signal shines;
'Tis time to haul our glitt'ring train
And ship our loaded lines.-Chorus.

With moistened brow, and grateful heart,
And joyful voice we raise,
As homeward glides our gallant craft,
Our morning songs of praise.-Chorus.


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