[from Mills' Statutes, 1821]

To the Right Honourable Charles, Earle of Derby, Lord of Man and the Isles, &c.

The humble Petition of your Lordship's Tennants, the 24 Keyes of your Honour's Isle of Mann,


That being moved (upon Complaint made) to take notice of the Request of certain Persons who improve such their Lands by stubbing and riddling thereof from Gorse and other Rubbage fitt for liming and marling, that the like improved Grounds, might be freed of the Tyth thereof for some Number of Years towards some Satisfaction of their extraordinary Charges in that Kind; and notwithstanding that we are of opinion that the Number of three or four Years, or thereabouts, might (in Reason) bee allowed towards the satisfying of such Charges before the same be tythable, (but no Way intending to abridge or hinder the Church of their antien Dues of Tythes;) yet in respect that diverse such Tythes are your Lordship's Impropriations [212] and Inheritance, we are not capable to order any Thing therein without your Lordship's Approbation, and honourable Consent: Therefore humbly present the same to your Honour's Noble Consideration, and presume the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of this Isle and the Worshipful Officers will also signify the Truth of this Complaint, and Request made, for your Honour's better Satisfaction herein; and as bound shall ever pray for your Lordship and Honourable Familie, &c.

This Moore,

Thos. Harrison,

William Caine,

Rob. Calcotttt.

Thos Bancks,

John Standish,

Chas. Stanley,

R. Stevenson,

Tho. Casement,

John Norris,

Pat. Christian,

Will. Curlett,

T. Huddleston,

Ewan Curghey,

John Fargher,

Rob. Quaile,

William Corlett,

Tho. Woods,


Will. Christian,

John Taubman.

Knowsley, the 1st of Aprill, 1667.

I have perused and considered this Petition, and conceive the Petitioners' Proposals agreeable to Reason; and therefore order that all Persons (in my Isle of Man) who make Improvements (as mentioned in this Petition) shall be Tyth-free for the first three Years; provided that such Lands as have been formerly tilled or plowed may not lye unsowne, to the Prejudice of the Clergie of my Island.




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