[From Manx Proverbs and Sayings, 1905] 


Dooyrt shenn ven-treoghe ayns e thie beg ny lomarcan :-" Yn aght share dy cooinaghtyn er Jee te dy jarrood shiu-hene."
An old widow woman living alone in her little house said:-"The best way to remember God is to forget yourself."

My ta'n jouyll er leaystey shin dy chadley, brie shiu jeh Jee dy hyndaa harrish yn chlean.
If the devil has rocked you to sleep ask God to turn over the cradle.

Yeearree shiu dy yannoo cairys as nee Jee chur grayse diu dy yannoo cairagh.
Desire to do right and God will give you the grace to do right.

Dy chredjal Jee ta shen keeayll smoo casherick.
To believe God is the holiest wisdom.

Cha vod dooinney erbee moylley Jee choud as t'eh geid voish e naboo.
No man can praise God while he steals from his neighbour.

Yn dooinney ta cairagh rish Jee nee eh cairys rish dooinney.
The man that is right with God will do right with man.

Raad nagh vod grayse Jee freayll shiu, cha vel E ard-chiarailys er choyrt shiu.
Where God's grace cannot keep you, His providence has not sent you.

Bee shiu unnane jeh uinnagyn glen Yee dy vod yn ghloyr echey soilshean ny trooid. Be one of God's clean windows that His glory may shine through.

Ta Jee car choyrt yn keeil ayes yn seihll, ta'n jouyll er choyrt yn seihll ayns y keeill.
God has put the church in the world, the devil has put the world in the church.

Te yn ghraih cair dy chur dwoaie da shen ta stroie anmeeyn.
The right love is to hate that which destroys souls.

Nee yn irrynys ta cummal ayndiu, soilshean magh ayns nyn mea.
The truth that dwells within you will shine out in your life.

Cha vel dooinney ny noo liorish loayrt goan nooghyn.
A man is not a saint for speaking saint's words.

Ren shickyrys Yoseph son yn chairys troggaal. eh gys stoyl reeoil Egypt.
Joseph's steadfastness in righteousness raised him to the throne of Egypt.

Ta credjue sauail shin, ta shickyrys jannoo shin magh.
Faith saves us, but assurance satisfies.

Te peccah stampit fo chosh jannoy aarey dy chlamberagh gys niau.
Sins trampled under foot make a ladder to heaven.

Yn ynrican ushtey casherick yn " cappan dy ushtey feayr."
The only holy water is the " cup of cold water."

Dooinney ta ec kione e cheilley cha nel eh eo kione e chredjue.
Man at his wits' end is not at the end of his faith.

Ny jeau builley yn kiaullane son padjer as eisht roie ersooyl.
Do not toll the bell for prayer and then run away.

Soie shiu dial nyn gree liorish yn ghrian dy ynrickys.
Set the dial of your heart by the sun of righteousness.

Ta padjer ayns y voghrey foshley yn giat jeh nyn gurrym son yn laa.
Prayer in the morning opens the gate of duty for the day.

Shegin da'n dried kiarail eu ve jeh nyn gree hene.
Your first care must be the care of your own heart.

Cha vod shiu teih yu mess dy vaynrys jeh yn billey dy veechairys.
You cannot pluck the fruit of happiness from the tree of unrighteousness.

Creenaght yn seihll shoh, yn greie share to final yn jouyll.
The wisdom of this world is the best: tool for the devil.

Curjeed yn chenn ghooinney as ny jean eh y choamrey lesh garmad noa.
Put off the old man and do not clothe him with a new garment.

Gow shiu aggle ynrican dy yannoo meechredjue.
Fear nothing but unbelief.

Ta uinnagyn nian chyndaa er jeushanyr, dy ghraih.
The windows of heaven turn on the hinges of love.

She ynrican tra ta peccah marroo ta shin goaill toshiaght dy ve bio.
It is only when sin is dead that we begin to live.

Cha vel peccah dy bragh cur naardey agh yn boayl te reill.
Sin destroys nothing but the place where it reigns.

Padjer, yn saagh ta shin curlesh ushtey veih yn creg ayn.
Prayer is the vessel in which we carry water from the rock.

Cha vel un peccah sauail voish peccah elley.
One sin doers not save from another.

Yn preachoor ta jannoo taitnys da, deiney t'eh myrgeddin stroieder anmeeyn.
The preacher who makes sport to men is a destroyer of souls.


Cha vel cairys jannoo assee da dooinney erbee.
Justice wrongs no man.

Cha vod deiney erbee yannoo lane assee da'n ghoo mie ayd agh oo hene.
No man can do much harm to your good name but yourself.

Myr ta shiu jerkal dy ve ymmyrkit lesh shiu hene, jean shiu gymmyrkey lesh sleih elley.
As you hope to be borne with yourself, bear with other people.

Tra ta'n chibbyr roie ghirrym ta fys aiu cre ta lattal ushtey.
When the well runs dry we know what it is to want water.

Ta beeal tutler poagey-scrieu jouyll.
A gossip's mouth is the devil's post-bag.

My ta sleih jannoo shen ny ta cairagh lesh jeeanid, ayns traa bee eh taitnys daue.
If people do that which is right earnestly, in time it will be a pleasure to them.

Yu taitnys smoo ayns bea te ayns jannoo shen ta'n sleih gra nagh vod mayd jannoo.
The greatest pleasure in life lies in doing that which people say we cannot do.

Cha lhisagh dooinney erbee ve nearagh dy ghoaill-rish e oill tra t'eh er ve camm; cre te agh gra ayns goan elley dy vel eh ny s'creeney jiu na v'eh jea.
A man should not be ashamed to acknowledge his fault when he is wrong; what is it but saying in other words that he is wiser to-day than he was yesterday.

Ynamodee deiney, ymmodee aignaghyn.
Many men many minds.

Ny cappanyn sharroo va shin streeu dy scughey ersooyl voin ta, cummal yn medshin smoo to shin feme jeh.
The bitter cup we strive to remove from us holds the medicine we are most in need of.

Dy yannoo peccah not leigh, te daanys, agh dy yannoo eh not graih, te dwoaigh.
To sin against the law is boldness, but to sin against love is hateful.

T'ra to dooinney giarrey da-hene t'eh mennick giarrey e vair hene.
When a man cuts for himself he often cuts his own finger.

Bee shiu meen fo aggairyn, bee dy-chooilley unnane jeu jeant kiart ayns beaynid.
Suffer wrongs with meekness, every one of them shall be made right in eternity.

Ta ny danjeyryn smoo ain lhie follit ayns reddyn beggey.
Our greatest dangers lie hidden in little things.

Ta dooinney ny ghaa er ve daunsyn as fer elley geeck yn fiddler.
Many a man has been dancing and another paying the fiddler.

Ta dooinney ny ghaa er ve bochillaght yn thammag as fer elley er ve teih yn mess.
Many a man has been guarding the bush and another plucking the fruit.



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