[From Manx Proverbs and Sayings, 1905]


Of the following collection of Manx Proverbs and Sayings, some have been gathered by Mr. Roeder, who is so well known to readers of the "Examiner" through his "Manx Notes and Queries" column; the rest, by myself. In both cases the material has been obtained directly from the lips of the people, among whom it has been handed down from father to son.

As has been well said, " Originality is the last thing to expect in proverbs, the common sense of the common people." Yet, even if the thought which is expressed is common to mankind in general, each nation has its own individual mode of expression, and herein lies the interest of proverbs. Something of the national Character, somewhat of the history of a people, much of its manners and customs, may be gleaned from its folk lore. I make, therefore, no further apology for introducing this collection to the public. I feel sure that it will be welcomed, not only for its intrinsic interest, but as skewing what treasures, of Manx lore may still be, unearthed by research among the people, if only the opportunity be seized before the passing away of the older generation.

SOPHIA MORRISON. Peel, August, 1905.


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