[From Manx Notes & Queries, 1904]


The following Notes have appeared in the weekly issues of the "Isle of Man Examiner", extending over the last three years, and are now put together in book-form They represent the second batch of my contributions to Manx Folklore, published in the Llioar Vanninagh. The "Examiner", on my request, consented to open a column specially devoted to Manx Notes and Queries with a view to animate others to contribute to it on biography, history, language, and folklore in all its various branches, but this first experiment has so far been rather sterile. It was fully expected that a certain amount of interest would be evinced by the Manx people in general to further the scheme. But, as it is, the main share has actually fallen upon myself, and I am consequently responsible for the entire work, with the exception of a few stray contributions by Mr G. W. Wood and Mr Kneen. At first I began to sign my individual notes in the hope of numerous followers, but left off doing so when it became plain that no such cooperation was to be had. This explains the otherwise irregularly-looking signature and its subsequent absence. I have to render sincere thanks for the valuable and unswerving assistance given to me privately by the veteran Manxman, Edward Farquhar, whose knowledge of everything Manx is inexhaustible, and also to Miss Sophia Morrison, of Peel, who has valiantly stood by me, and whose support has been beyond words to express.

I have enough material left to fill another volume, but at present it is wiser to see first if this volume will find favour and public appreciation sufficient to encourage the "Examiner" to undertake its publication.



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