[From Manx Melodies, 1922]


THE sun is goin' wes' with me
The little everin's nigh,
An' clearer shines the light upon
Those mansions in the sky;
An' surely through that level light
The very flowers shine more bright,
An' all things soften to the sight,
In the little everin'.

The years have slipped away from me
Like snow before the rain;
I would not ask to have them back
Or live them through again;
But thankful at the close of day
To linger on the homeward way
An' watch the childher at their play
In the little everin'.

There's some that's gone away from me
In lands afar to roam;
An' some that's gone to wait for me
In that new Heavenly Home.
I see them in the sunset gleam
They speak with me across the stream
An' all my life becomes a dream


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