[From Manx Melodies, 1922]


CRONK ny-Irree-Lhaa
Dark at the break of day !
When dawn begins to show
With pearl-white glow,
Then from the furrowed sea
Turn weary eyes to thee,
And homing toilers of the night
Look up to where the orient light
Shall kindle on thy burning height
Its first bright ray.

All that in gloom had lain
Leaps into life again,
As to thy rugged heart
The sunbeams dart;
And with the trickling streams
Catching the flying gleams,
Come dancing down from side to side
To spread their gladness far and wide,
And fling themselves along the tide
In silver rain.

Larks in the lift above
Sing to the light they love;
And round their rocky keep
The falcons sweep;
For night and gloom have fled,
God's sun is overhead,
And shining down with quick'ning ray
On Lag-ny-Keeilley's ruins grey
Where brooded at the Break of Day
His Holy Dove.


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