[From Manx Melodies, 1922]


JOHNNY an' me was sweethearts
Many a year gone by,
Stannin' aroun' in the haggart,
An' havin' a cooish on the sly.
Till " Mayry, Mayry, May, ry, where's the milk? "
An' " Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, you'll be took!"
An' " Dear me heart, wherever is that gel!"
An' " Bless me sowl, that Johnny should be shook ! "

Johnny was goin' to market
With priddhas, an' butter, an' eggs,
An' of coorse I was runnin' to meet him,
Jus' for to soople me legs.
Then " Mayry, Mayry, Mayry ! Where's that gel! "
An' "Johnny, Johnny, J ohnny ! Do you hear!"
An' " Bless me sowl, that Mayry should be shook! "
An' " Dear me heart, what's keepin' Johnny theer!"

Johnny'd be firin' the chimley
With a wisp ot gorse an' sthrow,
An' of coorse I was houlin' the matches
Jus' till he set it aglow.
But " Mayry, Mayry, Mayry, come you here!"
An' " Johnny, Johnny, John, come urrov that! "
An " Dear me heart, wherever's Mayry gone! "
An' " What in the worl' is them two at!"

Johnny an' me was married
Many a year ago,
An' a fine scotch of childher at us-
Ma word, how the lumpers grow!
Now it's " Mayry, Mayry, Mayry, min' the chile,"
An' " Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, wipe your feet; "
An' I'm spendin' me time washin' dishes,
An' John is kep' running for meat


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