[From Manx Melodies, 1922]


SHE'S rough, an' she's tough urrov massy,
An' she's gettin' up in years;
An' her knees is middlin' onaisy,
An' a piece urrov wan of her ears;

An' wan of her eyes is blinded,
An' th' other is not for seein',
But the run of her tees she'll be gettin'
As long as she has her bein'.

An' there's wan or two tees at her still,
For she's terrible handy to nip,
An' up with her heels in a minute
If she hears you shakin' the whip.

An' part with her, is it? No never
As long as I'm in to be keerin',
An' goin' perhaps to them hawkers,
.-fin' sthrangers be raggin' an' teerin' !

Aw no ! On this farm she was rarin',
An' here she may end her days-
Come urrov that y' oul' schamer,
Be off now, an' just go your ways!


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