[From Manx Melodies, 1922]


OIE-VIE, oie-vie, ma chree,
My villish veen, oie-vie
The boats are tossing at the quay,
The tide is rising high.

I go till break of day,
To glean for you, ma chree,
Where silv'ry shoals of sceddan play,
The Harvest of the Sea.

While I'm away, ma chree,
And you are lapped in sleep,
There's One will watch for you and me,
Whose Path is on the deep.

Fear not the rising wind,
Oie-vie, oie-vie, ma chree;
For He will have us in His Mind,
Who stilled the raging sea.

Fear not the dark'ning night,
For in His Hand we lie,
Who steers us through from dark to light
Oie-vie, ma veen, oie-vie!

The day will break, ma chree,
And home my heart will fly;
To see you on the sunlit quay-
Till then, ma veen, oie-vie!
Oie-vie !


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