[From Manx Melodies, 1922]



KEBEG, kebeg, kebeg!
O, why do you call kebeg ?
The calves are home and the lambs in fold,
The colt is brought from the upland wold,
The childher in from the frosty cold-
Then why do you call kebeg ?

Kebeg, kebeg, kebeg
She used to call kebeg.
She went for the calves on a summer night,
She followed them over the streamlet bright,
Along the valley and over the height
We heard her call kebeg.

Kebeg, kebeg, kebeg!
The fairies called kebeg.
From the dreary pool in the tangled dell,
The fathomless pool of the Nikkesen's well,
They called with the voice of a silver bell,
" Come here, come here, kebeg."

Kebeg, kebeg, kebeg!
We heard them call kebeg.
From Mollagh Oure the mist came down
And shut the glen from all aroun',
And faint and fainter came the soun',

Kebeg, kebeg, kebeg !
That's why I call kebeg,
And I'm callin' still kebeg.
From Nikkesen's pool she'll chance to hear,
And joy to know her mother's near
So night by night and year by year
I'm calling still kebeg.


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