[From Mona's Isle, 1844]


BACON, Captain, Seafield, Isle of Man.
Barrett, Mr. Robert, R.N., Woolwich.
Bechervaise, Mr. John, R.N., H.M.S. Excellent.
Bennett, Mr. Samuel, R.N., Malta.
Blamire, Mrs. :35, Upper Harley street, London.
Blaxell, Mr. J. M., R.N., H.M.S. Excellent.
Blundel, Brian, Esq. Seaview, Isle of Man.
Boyle, Mr. Thomas, R.N., H.M.S. Excellent.
Bradbeer, Mr. George C. Woolwich.
Bridson, Philip, Esq. Balladalla, Isle of Man.
Broad, Mr. John, Woolwich.
Brown, Mr. J., R.N., H.M.S. Excellent.
Browne, the Rev. R. Kirk Braddan, Isle of Man.
Burnett, Mr. George, Woolwich.
Byford, Mr. J. W., R.N. do.

Cain, Mr. J., Kirk Arbory.st. Castletown, Isle of Man
Cain, Mr. R. Balladalla, do.
Caley, Mr. William, Ramsey, do.
Callister, W. Esq. Ramsey, Isle of Man.
Callister, Mr., Kirk Andreas, do.
Callister, Mr. John, Maughold, do.
Campbell, Mrs. College-green, do. (2 Copies.)
Campbell, Mrs. Crofts, do.
Cannell, Mr. J., Kirk Arbory-street, Castletown, do.
Cannell, Mrs. Margaret, Woolwich.
Cannell, Miss Catherine, do.
Caraway, Mr. Simeon, do.
Champion, Mr. David Owen, do.
Chapel, Mr. John, R.N. Portsmouth.
Chapman, Mr. Henry, Woolwich.
Chapman, Mr. A. B., R.N., H.M.S. Excellent.
Christian, Miss, Tanyard-house, Ramsey, Isle of Man. (2 Copies.)
Christian, Mr. Robert, France.
Clague, Miss, Douglas, Isle of Man.
Clucas, F. B. Esq. Ramsey, do.
Clucas, —, Esq. College-green, do.
Clucas, Mr. John, Kirk Christ Rushen, do.
Comish, Mr. H. Kirk Arbory.street, Castletown, do:
Corkile, Mr. John, Maughold, do.
Corlett, T. A. Esq. V.G. &c. Ramsey, do.
Corlett, Miss, Loughen-e-yeigh, do.
Corsin, Mr. W., Kirk Christ Rushen, do.
Cowell, Mr. John, Sandy-road, do.
Cowell, Mr. John, Woolwich.
Cowle, Mr. James, Castletown, Isle of Man.
Cox, Colonel H., E.I.C.S., Strathallan Crescent, do.
Craine, Rev. E. Kirk Onchan, do.
Cregeen, Archibald, Esq. Surgeon, Castletown, do.
Crellin, J. Esq. Orrysdale, Isle of Man.
Crellin, R. Q. Esq. West-hill, do.
Cubbon, Miss, Ramsey, do.
Cudd, Mr. Castletown, do.

Donaldson, Mr. R., Kirk Braddan, Isle of Man.
Drinkwater, Miss, Kirby, do.

Ellis, Mr. Henderson William, Woolwich.
Ellis, Mrs. Margaret, do.
Ellis, Miss Sarah, do.
Ellis , Miss Ann, do.

Farragher, Mr. Peter, Church, KirkMalew, Isle of Man.
Farrant, William, Esq. Balla Moar, do.
Fitzsimons, Mr. H. Queen-street, Castletown, do.
Fitch, Mr. John, Woolwich.
Fordati, Mrs. James, ‘27, Upper Bedford place, Tavistock square, London.

Gawne, E. M. Esq. Kentraugh, Isle of Man. (12 Copies.)
Gawne, Miss, do. do. (2 Copies.)
Gell, J. Esq. Castletown, do;
Gell, J. Esq., Kenna, do.
Gelling, F. L. Esq. Castletown, do.
Gellings, Miss, 35, Albemarle st. London. (2 Copies.)
Gill, Mrs. Vicarage, Kirk Malew, Isle of Man
Goldsmith, Mr. D. Ramsey, Isle of Man.
Grellier, —, Esq. Douglas, do.

Haines, Mr. John, R.N. Portsmouth.
Hall, Mr. Robert, R.N. Malta.
Harrison, the Rev. Jurby, Isle of Man.
Harrison, J. Esq. Surgeon, Douglas, do.
Harwood, Mr. Henry, Woolwich.
Heeles, Mr. J. Ramsey, Tsle of Man.
Hill, Mr. John, Woolwich.
Hill, Mr. James, do.
Hoad, Mr. Giles, sen. Fareham, Hants.
Hoad, Mr. Giles, jun. do.
Hobbs, Mr. John, Greenwich.
Hobbs, Mr. S., R.N., H.M.S. Excellent.
Hockerston, Mr. N., R.M.A., H.M.S. Excellent.
Holland, Mr. R.N. Portsmouth.
Hopkins, Mr. John, Woolwich.
Howland, Mr. Charles, Bride, Isle of Man.

Iseble, Mr. William, Milibrook, Devon.

Jago, Mr. Josiah, Millbrook, Devon.
Jeflcott, J. M. Esq. Castletown, Isle of Man.
Jefferson, Thomas, Esq. Ballahot, do.

Kaighin, Mr. James, Ramsey, do.
Karagher, Miss Catherine, Scarlett, do,
Kegg, Mrs., Kirk Arbory-street, Castletown,Isle of Man.
Keig, Mr. J. Ballakoig, Ballaugh, do.
Kelly, Mr. Edmund, Ramsey, do.
Kelly, Mr. John, Kirk Christ Rushen, do.
Kennish, Mr. James Wilks, Ramsey, do.
Kennish, Miss Margaret, do. do.
Kennish, Miss Ann, do. do. do.
Kennish, Mr. John, Maughold, do.
Kewley, James, Esq. do.
Kewley, Mrs. do.
King, Mr. William Alban, R.N. Deptford.
Knight, Mr. Alexander, R.N., do.

Lace, Mr. Parade, Castletown, Isle of Man.
Lace, Miss, do. do.
Lace, Mr. John, Ramsey, do.
Lace, Mr. Enos, Kirk Christ Rushen, do.
La Mothe, F. J. D. Esq. Ramsey, do.
Lee, Mr. William. R. N. 9, Hereford street, Landport.
Lob, Mr. William, Millbrook, Devon.
Looney, Mr. John, Maughold, Isle of Man.
Looney, Mr. Thomas, Wolverhampton.
Loveday, Miss Betsy, Greenwich.

Macarthy, Mr. Michael, Woolwich.
M’Hutchin, J. Esq. C.R. &c. Bowling-green, Isle of Man
M’Lean, Mrs. Cronk Ould, do.
Miller, Mr. Thomas, Deptford.
Miller, Mr. Alfred, Malta.
Miller, Mr. W. V., R.N., H.M.S. Excellent. (2 Copies.)
Monk, Mr. George, Ramsey, Isle of Man.
Moore, Mrs. Ballown, do.
Moore, James, Esq. Douglas, do.
Moore, Mr. Emanuel, Maughold, do.
Mouchet, Francis L. Esq., H. M. Dockyard, Woolwich.

Ogle, Vice-Admiral Sir Charles, Bart. &c. &c. Mount Clare, Roehampton. (4 Copies.)
Ommanney, Vice-Admiral Sir John, K.C.B. &c. &c.(4 Copies.)

Parsons, Rev. G. S. Government Chaplain, Isle of Man.
Patten, Miss, Ramsey, do.
Phillips, Mr. Samuel Henry, Woolwich.
Polyblank, Mr. William, Millbrook, Devon.
Potter, Mr. John, Woolwich.

Quayle, Mrs. Castletown, Isle of Man.
Quayle, Mr. Thomas, Maughold, do.
Quilliam, Mrs. Ballakaigin, do.
Quirk, George, Esq. R.G. &c., Parr Ville, do.
Quirk, J. Esq. jun. Douglas, do.

Ratcliffe, Mr. Richard, R.N., H.M.S. Victory.
Ready, Mrs. Government House, Isle of Man.
Rees, Mr. Thomas, Woolwich,
Reynolds, Mr. Thomas, Woolwich.
Roberts, Mrs. Richard street, Bingham town. (2 Copies.)
Rogers, J. S. Esq. Douglas, Isle of Man.
Ross, Mr. Castletown, do.

Seagrove, Mr. John, R.N., H.M.S. Excellent.
Sharp, Mr. David, Lezayre, Isle of Man.
Short, Mrs. Bishop’s Court, do. (2 Copies.)
Suther, Dr., R.N., Royal Dock.yard, Woolwich.

Taubman, Mr. J. Kirk Christ Rushen, Isle of Man.
Taubman, Mrs. Castletown, do.
Tear, Mr. John, Glentrammon, do,
Tear, Mr. Philip, Ramsey, do.
Teare, Mr. John, Andreas, do.
Thomas, Mr . Thomas, Woolwich.
Thomas, Mrs. do.
Tobin, Mrs. Middle, Isle of Man.
Truss, Mr. John, R. N., H. M. S. Carnatic, Portsmouth Harbour.
Truss, Mrs. do.

Vays, Mr. Charles, R.N., H.M.S. Excellent.

Wallace, Mr. James, Woolwich.
Wannell, Mr. William, do.
Waterson, Mrs. Kirk Arbory street, Castletown, Isle of Man.
Wedderington, Mr. Thomas, Woolwich.
Weeks, Mr. John, RN., H.M.S. Excellent.
Welch, Commander George, R.N. , Grimsby, Lincolnshire.
Westbrook, Miss Ann (the late), Woolwich.
Wilby, Mr. Castletown, Isle of Man.
Wild, Mrs. 130, Piccadilly, London.
Wilks, The Misses, Westham Cottage, .Isle of Man. (6 Copies.)
Williams, Mr. Charles, R.N. , H.M.S. Excellent.
Wright, Mr. James, Woolwich.


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