[From Mona's Isle, 1844]


FAREWELL, thou false one !—now for ever—
These lines our last farewell shall tell,
Though once I thought I ne’er could sever
From that false heart I loved too well ;—
Remember that our vows were plighted,
Hallow’d by the Powers above,
That our young hearts should be united
For ever in the bonds of love.

I thought my prize beyond all treasure,
When thou didst promise to be mine
My fond heart leapt with joy and pleasure,
Not dreaming once how false was thine:
My youthful love on thee I squander’d__
Thou canst not now that love restore;
Thro’ thee full many a clime I’ve wander’d
Since last I left my Mona’s shore.

When thou prov’dst false, and I was slighted,
I from my native isle did roam,
And on the world became benighted,
Without a friend—without a home!
Yet, still 1 could not cease to love thee—
Thou hadst my heart within thy breast—
No other could I place above thee,
Though thou wert false—I loved thee best ! -

I strove, deceiver, to forget thee
Through life’s ever varying scene,
Yet still thy image did beset me
Without an interval between;
Oft when on ocean’s briny billow
As tempests dire swept o’er the sea,
And duty o’er,
I’ve sought my pillow,
There not to rest—but think of thee!

Yet, Lady, while I thus address thee,
Calling to mind those scenes gone by,
Let not my humble lay distress thee,
But mayst thou be as blest as I !—
Now I can smile, yet cease to love thee—
Once loved more than tongue can tell—
Embracing one that’s far above thee,
False one—for ever fare-thee-well!


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