[From Mona's Isle, 1844]


Mv brothers all—each honest Manx—
You’ll have your humble servant’s thanks,
In merry chimes,
If you a helping hand would lend,
And with a right good will befriend
His rustic rhymes;

And you, my Mona’s blooming fair,
Whose gentle traits and beauty rare
Adorn your Isle,
If fate prolongs his chequer’d days
Will have the softest lay of praise
He can compile.

The Genius of my Island stood
Before me on the briny flood,
In ancient vest,
And pointing with her mystic wan
Towards her long.neglected land
She me address’d ;—

" My son, I’ve sought thee far and near,
Throughout the vast terrestrial sphere,
Since you, to roam
Through distant regions of the earth,
Left the fair Island of your birth,
And peaceful home.

The Muse had mark’d thee long ere now,
(E’en when you held your father’s plough,)
At my request,
To strike my simple rural lyre,
And fan the patriotic fire
In thy young breast."

Here she drew forth to light a scroll,
And said—" I here thy name enrol
With those of yore
Who sung of Mona’s fertile vales,
Her mountains, rivers, hills and dales,
And wave-lash’d shore:

Then go and strike the tuneful string,
And of thy Mona’s customs sing
In homely style;
Let not obscurity of name
Retard thy course to raise to fame
Thy native isle."

Thus her kind dictates I’ve obey’d
As far as in my power laid,
And now I sue
Protection, in her mystic name,
To keep alive the magic flame,
Manxmen, from you!

And should a stimulating glow
Within your gen’rous bosoms flow
Towards your bard,
How deeply would his bosom feel,
And he with renovated zeal
Would labour hard,

Whilst he can wield "a gray-goose quill,"
With willing hand, though scant in skill,
And ne’er will pause
To strike, with exstacy of heart,
The highest note verse can impart
In Mona’s cause!

Now to conclude this short address,
I wish, dear Manxmen, to express
(And make a finish)
That I am truly and sincere,
Throughout life’s fair or rough career,
Your bard,



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