[From How the Manx Fleet helped in the Great War, 1923]

The Other Boats,

With regard to the war work of the other vessels of the Manx Fleet, I have very little information. The Viking was converted into a Seaplane-carrier similar to the Ben my Chree, and did the same class of work in the Eastern Mediterranean [?HMS Vindex - also worked in South Russian waters]. She had a good name for both speed and reliability.

The Queen Victoria and Prince of Wales (rechristened Prince Edward) were net-laying anti-submarine craft. They spent most of their war service time in the Mediterranean, and protected the Snaefell and other steamers from submarine attack when landing troops at Suvia Bay.

It is satisfactory to know that, from all the information obtainable, the Manx Fleet, whilst on Government service, carried out its work to the satisfaction of those in command, maintaining a high standard of efficiency.


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