[From Manx Dialect, 1934]


Veih-vean, in the middle of matters, just then? " Veih-veen, all of a sudden, up jumped Billy the Bardoonagh ; he has a fiery way of spakin' " (Gaelk, " The Taffy Spree," Examiner cutting, zyo-;). Manx ; literally ' from the middle.'

Ven-thie, housewife, woman-of-the-house. " Come in now, Ven-thie ! " (Douglas, The Churning, page 5). " Is it help with the wool you're wantin', ven-thie ? " (Cushag, The Lazy Wife, page 7). Vocative case of the Manx ben-thie. Virtually obsolete.

Vyrneen, darling. " Dan (taking her hand again) :- ' You see, Margaret vyrneen' " (Cushag, Mylecharaine, page 4). " My chree mac-a-vourneen " in Quarrie's " Jemmy from Jurby " is also addressed to a woman, notwithstanding the ' mac.' Vocative case of myrneen, a Manx word according to Kelly's Dictionary, but perhaps borrowed, in its aspirated form, from Irish incomers.


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