[From Manx Dialect, 1934]


THIS little volume was born as a magazine article, grew into a chapter for A Third Manx Scrapbook, grew out of that, and now sets up on its own account.

The germ of it was a critique of A Vocabulary of the Anglo-Manx Dialect, and all it contains is meant to be supplementary to that work. Any expression not found in the one may be looked for in the other with some hope of success. Genuine dialect words, phrases and sayings which are not in either collection may be communicated to the present writer (since none of the authors of the Vocabulary are now living), or to some centre of intelligence in the Isle of Man. A consolidated Manx Dialect Dictionary could then be undertaken in time to come, if it should be deemed worth while. Perhaps a future Manx Academy will see to it.

I take this opportunity of thanking friends who have contributed material or have helped to elucidate some of the corrupt Manx which is present in the dialect. Certain specific acknowledgements will be found farther on.


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