[From Manx Dialect, 1934]


Earth-pots (17th century), roughly constructed lime-kilns. " Earth pots, as they were termed, were raised in all parts of the Island " (Bullock, History of the Isle of Man, page 246). For fertilization.

Eddish (16th century), aftermath, or simply grazing. An out-going tenant " ought to have of the Eddish as much as he can eat with his Beast from Morning till xii a Clock (Statutes, 1577). ' Beast,' collective plural. ' Eddish ' was in general dialect use in Ireland and England (E.D.D.). In Cheshire the off-going tenant was entitled to one half of the eddish.

Enquest is no more an equivalent for the British ' Inquest ' than the Manx Coroner resembles his British namesake. An Enquest was a Court of Enquiry with a much wider scope than that covered by an Inquest.

Even, to equal, match, counterbalance. " I will even, and more than even, what you propose to give your daughter " (Cushag, Mylecharaine, page 11).


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