[from Manx Ballads, 1896]




YN Maarliagh Mooar,
V'eh harrish y chlieau,
Yaragh ayd rish Mac Regyl.
Hug eh e vac
Dy hooyl ny dhieyn
Roish v'eh abyl.
Hug yn poagey er e geaylin,
As y lurg 'sy laue.
Hug eh sheese yn glione 'syn oie,
As hooar eh yn raad dy braaue.


THE big robber,
He was over the hill,
They called him Mac Regyl.
He put his son
To walk the houses*
Before he was able.
He put the bag on his shoulder,
And the stick in his hand.
He put.him down the glen at night,
And he found the way bravely.

*ie beg


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