[from Manx Ballads, 1896]




VA couple beaghey ayns skeeyll Andrase,
V'ad cheau nyn draa ayns corree,
Va yn ennym echeysyn "Tayrn. dy Rea.,"
As vee ish "Mary Willy."

Cha row ec y "Tayrn " braag ny carrane,
Dy cur er baare y coshey ;
Tra ve cheet thie dys Mary vie;
Va eh yeealley ee myr moddey.

Va "Tayrn " ny ]hie 'sy lhiabbee dhunt, As Mary ayns y cuillee; Robin y Christeen shooyl mygeayrt, Booishal dy geddyn maree.

Hie hen y "Tayrn " dys y vargey-beg,
Er y chied laa jeh'n toure~y;
Raad chionnee shenn laair, as v'ee geddyn daill,
Dys Laa Andrase 'sy geurey

V'ee tayrn dy rea as bliass-y-vea, Derrey v'ee er ny villey ; V'eefit dy violaght ben erbee, Tra heeagh ee yn chied shilley.

V'ee cretoor boght, v'ee cretoor annoon, V'ee cretoor meen as imlee;
Gow Mary ee dys vargey Calmane,*
Aghfail ee ec Cronk Sharree.

V'ee gleck dy piantagh noi dagh broogh,
Cheet niar er slyst ny marrey ;
Dy ch6oilley peiagh v'ad meeiteil
Gra, nagh yinnagh ad phurt ny valley,

Moghrey Laa Andrase va
"Tayrn troiddey Mysh argid y shenn laair-a,
Gra, "row nearey ort dy chionnagh lheid Y trustyr breinn as donney."


A COUPLE lived in Andreas parish,
They spent their time in anger,
The nickname he had was ,"Draw Smoothly,"
And she was "Mary Willy."

"Draw " had not either shoe or carrane*
His foot's top to put upon ;
When he came home to good Mary,
Like a dog he her chastised.

In the folded bed+ "Draw " was lying,
And Mary in the bedroom;
Robin Christian was walking about,
Desiring to get with her.

"Draw's" wife unto the fair did go
On.the first day of the summer;++
Where she bought an old mare, getting credit,
Till Andrew's day§ in winter.

She drew as smoothly as could be,
Until ' she had been spoiled;
She was fit to tempt any woman,
When she saw her the first time.

She was a poor and feeble creature,
A creature meek and humble;
Mary took her to Columb's fair,
But she failed at Cronk Sharree.

Painfully she struggled 'gainst each hill,
Coming east on the sea coast;
Every person they encountered said
That they'd not make port or home.

Andrew's day morn, "Draw " was scolding
'Bout the price of the old mare,
Saying "art not ashamed to buy
Such a foul, foolish creature."


1 Sandals made of raw hide.
+ This could be folded up and put away, and was, doubtless, in the kitchen.
St. Calmane's or St. Columba's day was on the.9th of June
The 12th of May. 1 December i i th.


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