[from Manx Ballads, 1896]




EAISHT shin rhyms, my chaarjin,
As goyms shin nish arrane,
Mychione three eeasteyryn boghtey,
Va ayns Skeeylley Stondane.
Tom Cowle, lesh Juan y Karaghey,
As-llliam y Christeen.
Hie ad voish y thie ayns y voghrey;
Va yn seihll kiune as meen.

Tra hie'ad voish nyn dieyn,
S'beg oie vo'c er y vaase.
Yn baatey beg shoh va ocsyn
Va lesh Captain Clugaash.
Cha row oc'helym dy stiurey,
Cha row oe croan ny shiaull,
Agh bleeayst dy vaatey eddrym,
As cha row ee agh yawl.

Yn.fastyr shoh va dorraghey,
Lesh sterrym as sheean,
As y gheay ren ee sheidey,
As gatt eh y cheayn.
Va ny three eeasteyryn boghtey
Gleck shirrey dy goll thie;
Cha row eh dauesyn-agh fardail,
Cha ren eh veg y vie.

Choud as ta'n seihll kiune as meen,
Yn muir mooar te rea,
Agh te cur er e,ddin elley,
Tra heidys y gheay.
Te myr lion garyeigagh,
As. niartal ta coraa
Son gatt eh seose as brishey,
As,kinja~h seiy dy braa.

Daag ad shoh mraane as cloan,
Kiarail dy heet reesht thie; Adsyn ta goll gys y cheavn, Dy-mennick ayns gaue role. Son ta ny gauey-n dangeyragh Oe combaasal.dagh cheu, As ayns bleeayst v'ad ayns aggle, V'an diunid vooar fo.

Cheayll shuish jeh Noo Paul vooar,
As ieh dagh dangeyr as gaue
Hie eh trooid ec chea3,n, myr
Ve shiaulley gys y Raue;
Lesh dtwillys ny marrey lhean,
Immanit noon as noal,
Ve hene as ooilley heshaght vie,
Laik nyn mioys y choayl.

Juan y Kissaag voish Doolish,
Myr ve shiaulley dy meen,
Haink raad yn baatey shoh va lhie,
V'aynjee Cowle as Christeen ;
' Eisht hug eh lesh ad dy
Ghoolish Hug n n chaarj*yn lesh ad thie,
Ayi Y(obberan as trimshey
Dy row ad er ve mooie.



LISTEN to me, my friends, and I
Will sing to you a song,
About three poor fishermen,
Who were in Kirk Santon.
Tom Cowle, with Juan Faragher,
And William Christian.
They left their homes one morning, when
The earth was calm and quiet.

When they went away from their homes,
Small thought had they of death.
This little boat they had belonged
Unto Captain Clucas.
No helm to steer with they possessed,
No mast, no sail had they,
But only a shell,of a boat,
And she was but a yawl.

That evening was dark and gloomy,*
With storm and with uproar,
And the wind it blew lustily,
And it swelled up the sea.
The three poor fishermen were then
Struggling to get back home;
But. their efforts were all in vain+
For no headway at all they made.

Long as the earth is calm and quiet,
The mighty sea is smooth,
But it puts on another face,
When the wind blows a gale.
It is like a lion roaring,
And powerful is its voice,
For it swells up and is breaking,
And is ever moving.

Their wives and children these men left, Meaning to return home; But those who go unto the sea, Oft run into danger. For dangerous perils compass them Around on every side, And in their shell they were afraid, The great deep was beneath.

You have heard of the great St. Paul,
And of each danger and peril
That he went through by the sea, as
He was sail'ng to Rome;
By the fierceness of the broad sea,
Driv'n hither and thither,
Himself and all his company,
Likely to lose their lives.

Juan Kissack from Douglas, as
He sailed quietly along,
Passed by the place where this boat lay,
In her Cowle and Christian;
He brought them with him to Douglas;
Their friends then took them home,
In sorrow and trouble that they
Had been parted from them.*



But to them it was but vain, it did no good."
That they had been out.
" John Faragher seems to have been lost.


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