[From Manx Ballads, 1896]




OLLICK ghennal erriu, as blein feer vie
Seihll as slaynt da'n slane lught-thie;
Bea, gennallys as bioyr eu rv-cheilley.
Shee as graih eddyr mraane'as deiney;
Cooid as cowryn, stock as stoyr.
Palchey puddase as skeddan dy-liooar;
Arran as caashey, eeym as roauyr;
Baase myr lugh ayns ullin ny soalt;
Cadley sauchey tra vees shiu ny lhie,
Gyn feeackle y jiargan, cadley dy mie.



A MERRY Christmas to you, and a good year;
Luck and health to the whole house;
Life, joy, and sprightliness to every one2.
Peace and love between men and women;
Goods and riches, stock and store.
Lots of potatoes, herring enough ;
Bread and cheese, and butter and beef.
Death like a mouse in a barn haggart3;
Sleeping safely when you are in bed,
Undisturbed4 by the flea's tooth, sleeping well.


1 From Cregeen's Dictionary.
2 Literally " to you together."
3 The meaning of this is, probably: may death when it comes upon you find you happy and comfortable as a mouse in a well-stocked barn.
4 Literally " without."


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