[From Manx Ballads, 1896]




OOILLEY ny vraane aegey
Nagh n'aase dy bragh mooar,
Ceau gownyn ~eh sheeidey,
As quoifyn keen vooar.
Lesh ruffflyn er nyn mwann'lyn,
As mantlyn glare coo,
Dy violagh ny guillyn,
Elyrt orroo ny smog.

My horragh ny noidjyn,
Voish yn cheu heear,
Veagh dagh ven aeg bwaagh
Goit son grenadier;
Veagh ny noidjyn agglit, ~
Nagh bioune ad nyn phooar,
Veagh ad ooilloo agglit,
Lesh ny quoifyn keen vooar.



ALL the young women that
Will never grow big,
Wearing gowns made of silk,
And big caps of flax.
With ruffles on their necks,
And short black mantles,
To induce the young men,
To follow them more.

If the en'mies should come,
From the western side,
Each pretty girl would be
Ta'en for a grenadier;
The foes would be frightened,
They'd not know their power,
They would be all frightened,
By the big flax caps.



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