[From Mate's Isle of Man Illustrated, 1902]

Isle of Man Illustrated

Introduction to Third Edition.

Victoria Pier, Douglas
Victoria Pier, Douglas.
Photo by the Photochrom Co., Ltd., London. See Page 14.

IN preparing the Third Edition of the "Isle of Man Illustrated" for the press we are in the happy position of feeling it half disposed of before it is printed, as from all sides come eager demands for an early supply for the approaching season. In the Island itself not a single copy of the last edition is to be had for love or money at home our own stock was long since exhausted ; and our Agents' stocks generally all over the Kingdom were so depleted at the close of last season it was barely possible to get a dozen copies together for special purposes. This great and extending popularity was not without significance in the increased numbers of visitors to the Island last year. Over 40,000 landed on its shores in excess of the preceding year and whether our book helped to form this appreciable increase, or whether it derived a greater vogue on account of it, the remarkable popularity of the Isle of Man stands out clear and distinct above all other holiday resorts at a time when the numbers recorded elsewhere were sadly attenuated by the uncertain prolongation of a tiresome war and its accompanying depression. When we went to press with the last edition the Island had just sustained a heavy financial shock of purely local relativity but the temper of the Islanders has since abundantly proved that they were quite capable of putting their own house in order. Some notable additions have recently been made to the public buildings of Douglas, but not in time for us to include them in our series of views. Also, at the last moment (too late for us to make the necessary alterations in the letterpress), information reaches us that the Isle of Man Tramways and Electric Power Company, Limited, whose East Coast route to Ramsey via Laxey, and its branch line to the summit of Snaefel have been so deservedly popular, is to be known in the future as " The Manx Electric Railways and Power Company, Limited." Under any name the numerous facilities it offers will be as welcome as ever.

W. MATE & SONS, Ltd., Publishers.


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