[From Manorial Roll, 1511/1515, translation of 1926]


THE following Table presents to view the revenues of the Earl of Derby, as King of Man, for one year, namely for the Southern Division in 1511, and the Northern Division in 1515.

Unfortunately the Manorial Rolls of the above dates are defective. In the parish of Maughold there is no entry of 'Fines and Amercements', and the sum total for the parish does not appear.

Under the Parish of German the entries for two Treens are absent, as are also those for 'Particles' and ' Cotages' and the ' Offices of Moar and Coroner '.

One page for the Parish of Maughold is missing, and two pages for that of German.

To present as complete a view as possible of the revenues, though not absolutely correct, in the Table below, the editor has given the same sum for 'Fines and Amercements' for Maughold as appears for that parish in the next complete year's record which has come down to us, namely, that for 1525, inserting '/6, and thus striking a sum total for the Parish.

The same principle has been adopted in filling gaps in the record of 1515 for the Parish of German. The 'Particles' would in all probability be let for precisely the same sum in 1536 as in 1515. The sum in the record for 1526, namely £4 5s. 8d., is therefore given.

The 'Cotages' of German also would remain exactly or nearly the same. The editor has, therefore, credited the year 1515 with the amount, £1 1s. 10d.

The same would be the case also as regards the sum paid for the office of 'Moar', namely 13s 4, which he has also placed in the Table.

Adding these sums to the sums which appear in the reproduction of the Manorial Rolls of 1511 and 1515, it remained only to add for the two Treens omitted such sum as would make up the total for the Parish of German which appears in the photographed reproduction, namely, £6 0s. 8d. (which is 2/- less than the sum entered for them), and 10/- for Intacks in the record for 1526.




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