[From Lex Scripta, 1819]

An ACT for the Currency of Copper Pence and Halfpence.

"Whereas upon the Scarcity of Brass Money and want of Change within this Island, it was the general Request and Desire that His Grace the Lord of this Isle would be pleased to supply this Defect by procuring a Coinage of Brass or Copper Money for the Use of this Island, and to be current here; and forasmuch as His Grace hath been pleased to comply with the said Request, and hath accordingly sent over two hundred and fifty Pounds in Copper Pence, and one hundred and fifty Pounds in Copper Halfpence, be it therefore ordered, ordained, and enacted by his said Grace James Duke of Atholl, Lord Strange, Lord of Mann and the Isles, &c. the Governor, Council, Deemster, and Keys in this present Court assembled, and by the Authority of the same, That the above-mentioned Sums of two hundred and fifty Pounds in Copper Pence and one hundred and fifty Pounds in Halfpence shall at all Times after this Day be current and passable in Change within this Island (in all Receipts and Payments) for Pence and Halfpence as aforesaid according to the Currency of this Isle, and that the same shall be received at that Value into and paid out of His Lordship's Treasury at the same Value in Receipts for Rents and other Revenues, and in the paying out of Sallarys and other necessary Disbursements. And it is further ordered, ordained, and enacted by the Authority afforesaid, That if any Person or Persons whatsoever shall be guilty of counterfeiting any of the said Pence or Halfpence, or be aiding or assisting therein, or in bringing into this Isle, or uttering or paying any such false or counterfeit Pence or Halfpence, knowing the same to be sgand be lawfully convicted thereof, such Person or Persons so offending, and convicted as afforesaid shall be adjudged, deemed, and taken to be guilty of Treason, and suffer Death as a Felon; and all and singular his Lands, Tenements, Goods, and Chattels, shall excheat and be forfeited to His Grace the Lord of this Isle, and his Heirs, as in case of Treason: And the better to find out whether there be any Counterfeits either made or carried into this Island, it is hereby further ordered, enacted, and declared, That on the second Thursday in June in every Year all and every Person or Persons who shall have any of the said Copper Pence or Halfpence, or such other as is hereby declared and continued lawfull and Current Copper Coin in their Custody, shall bring in the same unto the Captain of their respective Parishes to be counted and reckoned by him, and an Account thereof to be returned by the said Captain iinto the Governor, Deputy Governors, or Receiver for the Time being, what Quantity of the said Money is within the said several and respective Parishes; and if any Person or Persons shall fail or neglect to bring in what Pence or Halfpence he hath in his Custody to be counted and reckoned as afforesaid, such Person or Persons so neglecting shall be fined in twenty Shillings, besides other Punishment such as his Obstinacy or Neglect shall dernerit: Provided always, and be it further enacted by the Authority afforesaid, That nothing herein contained shall impeach, prejudice, or invalidate the Currency of the Coinage of Pence and Halfpence made and by Law established in the Year one thousand seven hundred and thirty-three; but the same shall be and is hereby continued current as formerly.(Signed): John Taubman, Dan. Lace, Basil Cochrane, Daniel Mylrea, John Quayle, John Frissel. The Keys: Tho. Heywood, Philip Moore, George Moore, John Taubman, William Stevenson, Wm. Cubbon, John Moore, John Clucas, Edw. Christian, Wm. Qualtrough, Thos. Radcliffe, Tho. Fargher, Matth. Christian, Tho. Gawne, Dav. Harrison."


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