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An ACT for the Encouragement of any Rector or Vicar to build or repair a convenient Dwelling-house and Out-houses on any Church Glebe within this Isle, passed at a Tynwald Court holden at St John’s Chappel the sixteenth Day of July Anno Domini 1734, before the Honourable Thomas Horton Esquire, Governor, the Council, Deemster, and. Keyes of the said Isle.

WHEREAs by an Act intituled, "An Act against Non-Residence," made in the Year of our Lord one thousand six hundred and ninety-six, the Clergy of this Isle are obliged to inhabit and personally reside within the Isle in and upon their respective ecclesiastical livings, Promotions, and Benefices, under certain Restrictions and Forfeitures in the said Act mentioned; and forasmuch as they have been and still are attended with many Difficultys and Inconveniencys in the due Observance of the said Statute, in respect several of the Vicarages and one of the Rectorys now and for some Ages past have not had Houses upon them for the Residence of the Incumbents, and some others being in a ruinous Condition for want of proper Means and Encouragement to keep them in Repair, be it therefore ordained and enacted by the Right Honourable James Earl of Derby, Lord of the said Isle, by and with the Advice and Consent of the said Governor, Council, Deemsters, and Keyes, in this present Court of Tynwald assembled, and by the Authority of the same, That any Rector or Vicar who shall hereafter erect or build, or make any Addition to, or Repair any Dwelling-house or Out-house upon any Church Glebe within this Isle, to be fitt, convenient, and durable for himself and Successors, such Rector or Vicar, or his Executors or Administrators, shall be intitled by this Act to have and receive from his next and immediate Successor, or his Executors or Administrators, two-third Parts of whatever Sum or Sums of Money shall really and truly be expended by him upon such Buildings and Improvements, (necessary yearly Reparations excepted,) provided he give a just and fair Account of the Money laid out and disbursed by him, upon Oath, to a Jury of four sufficient Men, to be appointed by Process from the Bishop or Archdeacon, anti sworn upon the Premises for that Purpose; and their Return upon the same, with the Bill of Disbursements so given upon Oath, to be registered for the Satisfaction of all Persons concerned. And be it further enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That such Successor or his Executors, so paying the Two-thirds of the Money disbursed and expended as afore-mentioned, shall be intitled to receive one Moiety thereof (viz. One-third of the first Disbursement) from his next Successor, or his Executors or Administrators, who shall also be obliged to pay the same within one Year, to be accounted from Easter, after the Death or Removal of such Predecessor; and the said several Sum and Sums of Money shall be recoverable by due Course of Law in the Ecclesiastical Courts of this Isle, and a Moiety of the Rents and Profits of the Benefice to be laid under Sequestration so as to be responsible for the same: And to prevent Delapidations, if any Person shall afterwards suffer such Buildings to go to Decay for want of necessary Repairs, he shall be accountable for the same to his Successor, and lyable to make Satisfaction at the Estimation of four sworn Men, to be appointed in Manner aforesaid, and the same to be laid out in the Repairs of the said Buildings according to the Intendment of this Act. And whereas several well-disposed Persons have given a Number of usefull and practicall Books to the several Parishes of this Isle, in Order to preserve the same from Embezzlement, and that all future Benefactors may be satisfyed that their pious Intent shall not be frustrate, be it further enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That every Rector, Vicar, or Curate, or their Executors or Administrators, shall be accountable for such books as are already remaining, or shall hereafter be given, or the full Value of the same; and every Rector, Vicar, or Curate, shall, immediately after his Induction or Lycence, make a new Catalogue of all the Books belonging to their respective Churches, and shall deliver the same to the Episcopal Register, to the End that the said Books may be accounted for and made good according to the Purport of this Act. And be it: further enacted by the Authority aforesaid ;the Payment of the Corbes due to the Clergy of this isle from their Predecessors shall for the future cease, and that the present Clergy who received any Corbes shall, within six Months alter the Promulgation of this Act, give a true Account of the Corbes so received by them, or the Value of the same, to be applied towards the Repair of the respective Church Houses before mentioned, any Law, Custome, or usage to the contrary notwithstanding.—(Signed)-. Tho. Sodor and Man, Cha. Moor, John Kippax.—Tho. Horton, James Horton, William Stonier, Cha. Stanley, Daniel Mylrea.—The Keyes—John Stevenson, John Murrey, John Garret, Rob. Maddrell, Tho. Stevenson, Tho. Heywood, John Christian, John Lace, Wm. Christian, Jo. Wattleworth, John Christian., John Oates, Edw. Christian, Cha. .Killey, Wm. Murrey, Jn Taubman.

I do allow of and confirm the above Act according to my Prerogative within my Isle of Man, and do order that the said Act be published on the Tynwald Hill according to ancient Forme and Custome of the said Isle. DERBY

At a Tynwald Court holden at St. John’s Chappel the 26th of September 1734.

The beforegoing Act was this Day publickly proclaimed upon the Tynwald Hill according to the antient forme and Custome of: this, Isle; as witness our Hands the Day and Year above written —(Signed)—Charles Moore —James Horton, William Stonier, Cha Stanley, Dan. Mylrea.—The Keyes—.John Wattleworth, Rob. Maddrell, Phi. Moore, Tho. Stevenson, John Taubman, John. Christian, Matth. Christian, Cha Killey, William Christian, John Oates, William Qualtrough, Richard Tyldesley, John Lace, John Garrett, William Murrey, Quayle Curphy, Edward Christian.



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