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An ACT to suppress petty Ale houses and Tippling houses within this Isle, passed at a Tynwald Court Holden at St. John’s Chappell the sixteenth Day of July, Anno Domini 1734, before the Honourable Thomas Horton Esqre, Governor, the Councel, Deemster, and Keyes of the said Isle.

WHEREAS the great Number of petty Ale-houses and Tippling-houses kept in the several Towns and Parishes of this Isle are not only obnoxious to all sober discreet Persons, but likewise destructive of the publick Good, as being the common Receptacles of Felons, and other idle profligate Persons, as well as of Servants and Children, (generally at unseasonable Times) who but too often are tempted and mislead by evil Examples to purloyne their Master’s and Parent’s Goods to supply them in their extravagant and enormous Courses: And moreover it is observed, that the great Consumption in these Sort of Houses often occasions a Scarcity of Corn and other Provisions, necessitating the Island to supply itself from abroad, whilst these wastfully destroy what should not only save, but also bring in Money and other Necessarys which the Comonalty cannot possibly want, though at the same Time such Houses are so far from being in a Condition to perform the Tenor of their Lycences, that they are in no Sort fit to entertain Travellers or Stangers in any decent Manner: For Remedy of which Inconveniencies, and the Reduction of such needless and unprofitable Number of Ale-houses and Tippling-houses, be it ordained and enacted by the Right Honourable James Earle of Derby, Lord of Man and the Isles, by and with the Advise and Consent of the Governor, Councel, Deemster, and Keyes of the said Isle, in the present Court of Tynwald assembled, and by the Authority of the same, That no Person or Persons whatsoever shall hereafter retaile Beere, Ale, Wine, or other Liquors, without a Lycence from the Governor of this Isle first had and obtained for the same under the Penalty of three Pounds for every Default, Half to the Lord of the Isle, and the other Half to the Informer; and that no Person or Persons whatsoever be lyceneed to sell or retaile Beer, Ale, Wine or other Liquors, save only a certain competent Number of substantiall Ale-house-keepers in every Town and Parish, which, for the Governor’s better Information of the Abillity and Circumstances of the People, the Situation of their Houses, and other necessary Conveniencys, are to be yearly reported to him by the Minister and Captain of every Parish, the Coroner of the Sheading, and four of the Great Enquest in each Parish, who are most fitting and best qualified for that Purpose; and such Returns to be made to the Governor at the respective Sheading Courts annually holden after Michaelmas, that such as shall be sufficient and able to perform the Tenor of their Licences may be allowed, provided the Number doth not exceed two hundred in the whole Island, who, upon obtaining their Lycences respectively, shall enter into Recognitance duly to perform the Tenor of the same as formerly accustomed. And it is further enacted, That for the future there shall be two Shillings and Sixpence yearly paid for every Lycence and Recognizance, comencing from Michaelmas next, viz. Fourteenpence to the Governor's Clerk, Sevenpence to the comptroller, and the remaining ninepence to be paid to the Keys for Reparation of their House, and to find other Necessarys at the Times of their Meetings, any Law, Custome, or Practice to the contrary of this Act in any wise notwithstanding —(Signed)..- Cha. Moore.—Tho. Horton, James Horton, William Stonier, Cha. Stanley, Daniel Mylrea.—The Keyes— John Stevenson, John Murrey, The. Heywood, Thomas Stevenson, William Christian, John Lace, John Christian, Matthew Christan, John Christian, John Oates, Edw Christian, Cha. Killey, William Murrey, John Wattleworth, John Garrett, Robert Maddrell, John Taubman

I do approve of and confirm the above Act according to my Prerogative within my Isle of Mann, and do order that the said Act be published on the Tynwald Hill according to antient Forme and Custome of the said Isle. DERRY


At a Tynwald Court holden at St John's Chappel the 26th of September, 1734

The beforegoing Act was this Day publickly proclaimed upon the Tynwald Hill according to the antient forme and Custome of: this, Isle; as witness our Hands the Day and Year above written —(Signed)—Charles Moore —James Horton, William Stonier, Cha Stanley, Dan. Mylrea.—The Keyes—.John Wattleworth, Rob. Maddrell, Phi. Moore, Tho. Stevenson, John Taubman, John. Christian, Matth. Christian, Cha Killey, William Christian, John Oates, William Qualtrough, Richard Tyldesley, John Lace, John Garrett, William Murrey, Quayle Curphy, Edward Christian.


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