[From Lex Scripta, 1819]

At a Tinwald Court holden at St. John's Chappel, in the Parish of Kirk German, the 7th Day of December, in the Year of our Lord 1696, before the Honourable Nicholas Sankey Esquire, Governor of the said Isle, the Officers, Deemsters, and 24 Keyes of the same, whose Names are subscribed, it is enacted as follows

An ACT, against Non-Residence.

WHEREAS it is observed, that severall great Inconveniences have attended this Isle by reason of the Bishop, Archdeacon, Clergy, Ternporall Officers, Soldiers, and others, often withdrawing themselves from their respective Dutys within the same; for Prevention whereof for the future, be it enacted by the Governor, Officers, Deemsters, and 24 Keyes afforesaid, That every Bishop, Archdeacon, Parson, Vicear, Curate, or others, who now hold and enjoy the Bishoprick, Archdeacon~,, or any Parsonage, Vicarage, Curacy, or such like Ecclesiastical Promotion within this Isle, to the Value of tenn Pounds @ Ann. or upwards; as also every Temporall Officer, Soldier, or other Person or Persons having and enjoying any Office, Place, or other Imployment from and under the Right Honourable Lord of this Isle, to the Value of three Pounds @ Ann. or upwards, shall, from and after the first day of May next ensuing the Date hereof, inhabit and personally reside within this Isle in and upon their respective Livings, Promotions, Benefices, Offices, Places, or other Imployments; and if they or any of them shall at any time after the said Ist Day of May be non-resident, or not inhabit within this Isle, in and upon their said respective Livings, Promotions, Benefices, Offices, Places, or other Imployments, but still be found willfully to absent him or themselves from his their Dutys in the same (Wind, Weather, Health, and convenient Shipping permitting) above the Space of four Months (to be accounted at several Times) in any one Year, commencing always upon the said 1st Day of May in every Year, such Person or Persons so offendinig shall (for the first Offence) forfeit and loose the full Value of one Half Year's and Advantage of his Offices, Places, .or, other Imployments, to be levyed, collected, and. disposed of in Manner and Form as in any by this Act is hereafter mentioned and expressed:

And if any Person or Persons before mentioned be found to offend in the like Nature as above declared and expressed at at any Time afterwards, he or they so offending shall for every such second Offence, and for, every other Offence of that Nature which he or they shall committ afterwards, forfeit and loose the full Value of one whole Year's Profit, Benefitt, and Advaintage of his or their said Livings, Promotions, Benefices, Offices, Places, and other Imployments afforesaid, and be declared and made incapable of receiving any further Benefitt or Advantage thereof, until such Time as he or they so offending shall return to his or their said respective Dutys as aforesaid.

And be it further enacted and declared by the Authority aforesaid, That all such Forfeitures are from Time to Time as they shall accrew or happen to be levved, taken, collected, and received by Order of the Governor, Deputy, Governor, and the Lord's Councell for the time being, directed to the Coroner or Coroners of the Sheadling or Sheadings where such Forfeitures shall happen to acerew, and the same when so levied, collected, and received as afforesaid, to be imployed and disposed of for such pious, charitatble, and public Uses within this. Isle, as the said Governor, Deputy Governor, and Councell, shall have Directions from the Lord of this Isle, for or concerning, the same.



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