[From List of Manx Antiquities, 1930]


Pre-Christian Remains.


1. Cairn of Gretch-veg. A.M, Remains of Long Bar. row, or Chambered Tumulus, by the w. side of the old road from Laxey to the Dhoon, at a point about 50 yds. N. from where it is crossed by the present highroad. This has a good example of a Port-hole between two chambers. Opened 1836-38. Mx. Soc. V. p.53. Y.L.M., I, ii, pp. 42, 49, 99. O.S. XI/2

2. Cloven Stones, A.M. Tumulus with chamber surrounded by a circle of stones, nearly complete less than a century ago. Glen Gawne, Garwick, near Laxey. Feltham, p1. III, p. 214, Train, I, p. 267. Lewis, Journ. Anthropi. Inst., 1871. O.S. XI/10

3. Group apparently of Cairns on the E. slope of Snaefell, at the head of streams into Laxey Glen, about 33 yds. s.w. of the Smithy. In 1867, six were to be seen; now there are ...(O.S. VIII/9)

4, Grananes, Lhergy veg (between the 500 and the 700ft. levels) about ½ m N.W. of Baljean at the s.w. side of Laxey Glen. Large stones in alignment and possibly remains of Earthworks. Many stones carried away. Proc. I, p. 357. (O.S. VIII/13)

5. A Boulder, 5ft. by 4ft. high, carved with a spiral of Bronze Age, set in S. hedge of the old Laxey to Dhoon road, opposite Ballarragh. Other boulders in the vicinity suggest that there may have been a Circle or large Tumulus here. (O.S. VIII/15)

6. Cist. Bulnallow, about ½ m. w.s.w. of Ballarragh Wesleyan Chapel. A small Urn found. (O.S. VIII/14)

7. Group of Cairns (7) on Ballaquirk, the old road from Laxey to the Dhoon, about 160 yds. W.N.W. of Ballachrink farm-house and 500 yds. s.w. of Ballarragh Wesleyan Chapel. One of these had ‘an avenue of stones about 28 ft. long.’ All but one now levelled. OS. VIII/14

8. Tumulus on Gretch vooar (44 by 23ft. diam. and 6ft. high). Urn found in Cist. M. (O.s XI/2)

9. A Cist was recorded by Dr. Bradbury of Laxey, as seen by him in the haggard at Ballaquirk, about 1875. This would be about 300 yds. S.E. of Gretchveg house and ¼ m. N.E. of the Cairn. (O.S. XI/2)

10. Cist in plantation by the farm house, Ballamilgyn, N. side of Glen Roy, about 570 yds. N.W. of the Bridge and 660 yds. w. of Christ Church, Laxey. Glass beads found were given to the children to play with and have been lost. (O.S. XI/2)

11. According to Canon Quine there were many Tumuli on the s. side of Glen Roy, below the Powder magazine, now long since destroyed. Proc. n.s. (O.S. XI/2)

12. Remains of Tumulus, Ballaleaney, about 369 yds. N.W. of Glen Roy house. ‘Stone graves.’ (O.S. xi/i)

13. Dr. Bradbury recorded a Stone Circle, two-thirds destroyed, and the stones used in fences; also a Tumulus with Cist, at Ardwoaillach, w. of Glen Roy, N. of Noble’s road. (O.S. XI/1)

14. Tumulus with Cist, about 230 yds. N.W. of S. Patrick’s Well, 40 ft. diam. Proc. II, p. 4. Levelled about 1844. ‘Menhir.’ Canon Quine. O.S. XI/1

15. Tumulus about 10 yds. E. of S. Patrick’s Well, (30 ft. diam. by 6ft. high). Proc. O.S. XI/1

16. An Urn, Food-vessel type, found on Ballacannell, by the highroad about ~ m. s.E. of the Parish Church. There was no trace of a mound. M. (O.S. XI/6)

17. Urns, found 1834 near Kilikellane. East of this, a Christian Cemetery was cut through by the Electric Tramway revealing many Lintel graves. O.S. XI/6

18. Cist, Ballagawne. Opened at the building of a Board School, 1876. Two Urns with bones. (O.S. XI/10)

19, 20, 21. Tumuli, Cronk ny Fannag, Baldrine. One, about 200 yds. S. of the Fort, Glen Gawne; a second, 80 yds. s.w. of it, and a third, in which an Urn was found, 90 yds. S.s.w. of the last. Possibly it was to one of these that Train referred in speaking of a ‘Stone Circle, two fields next above the Cloven Stones.’ O.S. XI/10

22. Graves by the side of lane about 335 yds. s.E. of Cooilroy. O.S. XI/9

23, 24. Clay Head. Cairns E. of farm house, about 24 yds. apart, now gone. O.S. XI/10

25. Cist, 20 yds. s.E. of cairn 1, Clay Head. Possibly the ‘Cist and Urns,’ Croit ny Howe and Cleigh ny Howe refer to this. O.S. XI/10

26. Urn of Food-vessel type from Ballameanagh, (3m, by 3½ to 2½ at the base) plain, now lost. W. M. Kerruish.

27. Tumulus, Ballacreggan, about 466 yds. S. of the farm house and 360 yds. N.E. of Ballakilley. O.S. XI/14

28. Tumulus, Ballakilley, 333 yds. N.E. of the old Parish Church. Opened in 1878 and showing Urns with Ashes. (O.S. XI/14)

29. Tumulus near Watch and Ward Station, Clay Head, opened 1885. Urn. (O.S. XI/10)


Caishtal, A.M. Small Peninsular Fort, Glengawne. About 15 ft. by 42 ft., walls 2ft. high and 3 to 4 ft. wide. O.S. XI/14

Keeills or Chapels.

These are described, with Plans and illustrations, in the Fourth Report of the Arch. Survey, 1915.

1. ‘The old Church,’ Ballacregga, at the mouth of Glen Agneash, Ballayolgane, Treen of Hegness. The ‘Kell y Cowle’ of 1703 Man. Roll refers to this, which, Mr. Kneen thinks was a Cell Comgall (of Bangor), which monastery held lands in Kirk Patrick—J.J.K. p. 263. O.S. VIII/14

2. Cronk y Chule. Keeill Laisre (MS. ) i.e. Keeillasherer = Lassair, an Ir. female Saint. Keeill Ushneagh is a local pronunciation—J.J.K., p. 51, 74.

3. Site of Keeill Woirrey, B.G. Gretchvooar, Treen of Gretch or Grettest. 533 yds. N.W. of the Cairn of Gretch veg and 370 yds. from the house. Stone graves. Proc. III, pp. 95-102. O.S. XI/2

4. Site of Keeill Vael, B.G. Ballamooar, Abbey lands of Skinscoe. About 300 yds. S,E. of Ballachrink, in N.W. corner of field by the road to Ballamooar. Levelled in 1900. O.S. XI/2

5. Ballaquine. Site of Ch. and B.G. Treen of Amogarry. About 233 yds. S.E. of house. O.S. XI/1

6. Keeill Vian, i.e. S. Matthias, (J.J.K.). Ballamilgyn, Treen of Alia Colby. About 660 yds. W.N.W. of Christ Church, Laxey. The ruined walls are in part preserved through having been converted into a Root-house, Lintel graves. O.S.X112

7. Keeill Vian, in Croit Keeill Vian, Treen of Grauff, on s. side of Glen, about 360 yds S.W. of Christ Church, Laxey. O.S XI/2

8. Site of Ch. and B.G., Ballachrink, Abbey lands of Skinscoe. At N. side of the highroad to Ramsey, about 300 yds. S.S.E. of Ballachrink house. O.S. XI/2

9. Site of S. Nicholas Ch. and B.G., Abbey lands of Skinscoe, on the shore about 67 yds. N.E. of Laxey old bridge. The field in which it stood is still known as ‘cabbal.’ There was, too, a Crot Kill Nicholas just N. of Laxey old bridge. J.J.K., p. 256. O.S. XI/2

10. Site of Ch. and B.G., about 400 yds. w.s.w. of Pool-villa and 710 yds. S.S.E. of S. Patrick’s Well. Treen of Swarthaw. O.S. XI/5

11. Kill Kellan, Ch. and B.G., Treen of Rauff, E.S.E. of highroad, cut through by the Electric Tram Lintel graves in groups of three, about 18 in. apart, with space between the groups of 9ft. to loft., and continuous longitudinally. O.S. XI /6

12. The old Parish Church at Groudle, Ballakilley; Treen of Alia Raby, about -~- m. from the coast, shows work of 12 c. and is on an early site. Lintel graves and cross-slabs. O.S. XI/14

Mr. Kneen mentions also the names Keeill Charane near Cloven Stones, and Treen Collieu Kellane, Treen of Morest, but their sites are not identified.

Fair Grounds.

A Fair was held at Chibbyr Pharick on May-day until the year 1834. A Fair, most likely an ancient one, at Laxey 5 August, ‘and Lonan mac Laisre (2 Aug.) was probably the Saint to whom the Church and parish of Kirk Lonan were dedicated’—J.J.K., pp. 51, 74. O.S. XI/l, 5

Sacred or Healing Wells.

1. Chibbyr y skooie, Balgare, about 600 yds. w. of Keeill Vian, ‘Skoij, Wells so-called in Ireland mean that the water is supposed to stop vomiting’—J.J.K. Add., p.623. (O.S. XI/l)

2. Chibbyr Niglus. Seashore, below the chapel. Desecrated and filled up. (0.S. XI/2)

3. Chibbyr y Pharick. By the road to Glen Roy. Visited for sore eyes. It was said of this Well that people who passed, leaving nothing in it, would not be able to find their way home. O.S. X1/1

4. Farrane fing, Slieau Ruy. Visited in August—W.W.G. This IS by the stream which crosses the mountain road at B.M. 1361.4. (O.S. VI1/12)

5. Chibbyr Air, the Golden Well. Croit ny Howe, Clay Head. (O.S. XI/10)

Watch and Ward Stations.

Hill of the Day Watch, Sir William’s Hill, i.e. on Clay Head, called after Sir Wm. Norris, Vicar, 1627. Night Watch, Laxey. At Gob Stoell, just S. of Garwick, Laxey. C.R.P.

Loose Relics.

Flint Implements, Cronk y Chule. M.

Polished-stone Axe-heads, 1306, 1304, 1305, 1307, and 611. M.

Hammer-stones (2) M.

Urns, Food-vessel type, 1650, 1651.

Querns from Chow beer and Thalloo carrooin.

Stone trough, 2ft. long. Amygary. (?) Kneading-trough.

Scribed Stones. Collection at Parish Church made by Canon Quine.

Cross-slabs at the old Church, Groudle, 23, 27, 71, 73, 75, 76, 77.

Gable-cross found near Laxey Bridge. M.

Sundial, Limestone. 1823. M. 694.

Coins. Treasure-trove of 237 pieces of silver from this parish, 1786—Feltham, p.215; who adds ‘on a former occasion subsequent also to 1715, a treasure-trove consisting of ancient coins was demanded from the Duke’s Seneschal by the Receiver-general.’ Mx. Soc. vi. Other pieces have been found at the same place (near Parish Church). Mx. Soc. xvii, p. 37. Dr. Bradbury recorded as ‘found on the beach,’ a Groat of Edward IV (now lost).


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