[From List of Manx Antiquities, 1930]


Pre-Christian Remains.

1. Tumulus of blown sand, Cronkbreck; about 170 yds. w. of the Lhen Dam. O.S. II/11

2. Cronk y vargee, Tumulus on the Vicar’s Glebe, 130 yds. S.W. of house and ½m. W. of Ballachonley. O.S. II/11

3, 4. Tumuli (2) on Ballachrink, 270 yds. s.w. of house and the same distance N. of Ballig. Now ploughed over. O.S. II/12

5. Cairn, on the N. side of the road to Loghcrout, about 200 yds. E.N.E. of Parochial School. O.S. II/15

6. Urn found 70 yds. N.E. of Parochial School. O.S. II/15

7. Tumnulus on Sartfield, ¾ m. N.E. of Church. O.S. II/14

8. Cronk ny Arrey Laa; East Nappin, about 700 yds. N. of Church. O.S. II/14

9. Tumulus at N. end of Parish Churchyard. O.S.II/14

10. Cronk Mwyllin; Tumulus about 580 yds. w.s.W. of Ballakneale. O.S. II/15

11. In the Faaie at 26 yds. N. of the present Vicarage, two ‘tall crocks’ containing black matter were found in 1879, and reburied on the spot by Mr. Corrin. (O.S. II/16)

12. Urn and traces of Bronze Age Burial found by Mr. Roeder at the W. Nappin Chapel. Arch. Sur. 3rd Rep. O.S. IV/2

13. Flint flakes and implements found at Ballahasney. (O.S. IV/4)

14. Cronk Mooar. Tumulus about ¼ m. s.w. of the Church. O.S. IV/2

15. Mound, possibly tumulus, slightly over 1 m. N.W. of Ballawoirrey. (O.S. IV/2)

16. Tumulus, Ballasalla, about ½ m. S. of last. O.S. IV/2

17. Urns found on Ballacain, 100 yds. N. of the house. O.S. 1v/2

18. Crook Keeilleig ; tumulus, Ballateare. This is ott the N. bank of Killane stream, and Mr. Kneen (p. 483) thinks the name may be a corruption of Killane. O.S. I V/2

Keeills or Chapels.

These are described, with Plan’, and illustrations, in the Third Report of the Arch. Survey, 1911.

I. Keeill Coonlagh. Particles. Site of Ch. overlooking the Lhen Trench, about ~¼ m. E of Ballachonley house. From this came the fine Sigurd Cross-slab, 119, now at the Parish Church. O.S. II/12

2. Site of Ch. and BG. on Ballachurry, Treen of Lez Soulby, about 600 vds sw. of Ballakneale. Two snmall Cross-slabs, 13, 16, found here. O.S. II/15

3. Ruins of Ch. with BG., A.M., on W. Nappin, Treen of Knock Shewell, i.e. ‘Shapel’; 500 yds. S.S.W. of the Parish Church. With respect to this, Mr. Kneen has found a MS. reference, 1749, as ‘S. Keyl’s Chappell,’ and points out that Keyl or Kickle was Cecilia, (from Kikil in Latin and Irish). The 22 November, i.e. 9 Nov. (N.S.), is in the Isle of Man, Laa’l Kickle; there was a Fair that day in Jurby, probably near this Chapel. About 1749, Thos. Clark converted the Chapel into a school and so saved what remmmains from destruction. The Cross-slabs, 18 and 103, are set up within its walls. J.J.K., Proc. iii, n.s.. O.S. IV/2

Fair Grounds.

1. Cronk y vargee, Hill of the Fair. Keeill Coonlagh, a Fair, perhaps 5 April, the anniversary of S. Patrick’s first Baptism in ireland. J.J.K. p. 484.

2. The Lhen. Fairs recorded 1814 to 1834, Whitmonday. The original may have been a Columban festival, aim adjoining farm being that of Ballacolum. J.J.K., Proc. iii, n.s.

3. West Nappin, probably on Laa’l Kickle, i.e. 9 Nov. J.J.K.

Sacred or Healing Wells.

S. Patrick’s Well, West Nappin, 250 yards w. of the Chapel. Good for sore eyes. (O.S. IV/2)

Chibbyr Woirrey, 170 yds. S. of the Parish Church. O.S. IV/2

Watch and Ward Stations.

Hill of the Day Watch and Port for the Night Watch, Knockrnore, that is the large Tumulus just S. of Jurby Church. C.R.P. O.S. IV/2

Loose Relics.

Flint implements, Ballahasney, M. Implements, Chips and Flakes, Sartfield, Sandy gate and East Nappin.

Cumnming refers ‘to a polished stone axe from under the peat, East Nappin.’ Proc. n.s., p. 148. Others from the Parish are, 585, 599, 598, 1396, 596, 612, 583, 610, 779, M.

Bronze Leaf-shaped Sword from Berrag. M. 806.

Querns. Upper Stones (5) M.

Sandstone Capital, 11 century, Nappin Chapel. M.

Cross-slabs. In the shelter by the Porch at the N.W. end of the Church, 16, 13, 104, 105, 119, 125, 127, 134 and

143. Also, in the ruins of West Nappin Chapel, 18 and 103.

From Jurby Church comes the rare Silver Chalice, 1523. Mx. Soc. xv, p. 110. Reliquary 1894.

Sundials. At the Church gates, set in an old Font, is a dial of slate, horizontal, dated 1757.

Fragments of an Iron Sword and Spear-head were found at Ballachrink. Now lost,

Rush-light holders (2), S. Judes. M.


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