[From List of Manx Antiquities, 1930]


Pre-Christian Remains.

1. Site of a Tynwald Hill near Keeill Abban, which may have been a yet earlier Place of Assembly. This is at the S. end of the ridge between the Baldwin Glens, 300 yds. N.E. of the present Chapel of S. Luke, and about 80 yds. N.N.W. of the site as marked on the OS. X/7.* Mr. Kneen, p. 175, tells us that the name of the Estate on which it stands, Algare, means Ridge of Justice.

* The site is located by the fact that until 1864 the Parish Club walked round it in their annual procession.

A mound called Cronk Keeill Abban, about ¼ m. N. of this, appears to be natural.

2. Tumulus on the S.E. slope of Creg y Whallian, Baldwin. About 800 yds. N.w. of Ballaquine house. Stone cists found. Mr. Kneen, p. 185, states on the authority of Canon Quine ‘that this place (Crosh voalley) w. of Baldwin contains the remains of an immense Stone Circle.’ O.S. X/6

3. Renscault. ‘Stone cists’ found 300 yds. E.N.E. of house, overlooking E. Baldwin Glen. O.S. X/11

4. Port y Chee or Purt ny Shee. Urn found 1884, 200 yds. N.N.W. of house. M. 567. (O.S. XIII/7)

5. ‘Remains of Carnane,’ close to the boundary w. of Braddan Camp, 100 yds. E. of the Church. Comprising some erect stones; one, recumbent, 7 ft. 6in. long by 4 in., with trough on one face, 2ft. by 18 in. Mx. Soc. V, p. 96. Some stones with Cup-marks, Y.L.M. III, p. 434. O.S. XIII/7

6. Tumulus, Ballalig, between Oakhill and Ballamona, 150 yds. E. of house. Urn found. O.S. XIII/15

7, Ballamona. Stone cists found about 250 yds. s.w. of last and 183 yds. N.E. of house. O.S. XIII/15

8. Ballashamrock. Stone Cist found about 230 yds. S.E. of house. O.S.XIII/14

9. Another Cist found about 300 yds. w. of house. O.S. XIII/14

10. Cronk y Catt mentioned in Moore’s Manx Names, p. 195, as in this parish.


1. Castleward, old name Knoc y troddan, i.e. Hill of Contest. 630 yds. N. of Tromode village, and the same S.E. of house. O.S. XIII/3

2. Ballafletcher Camp. About 100 yds. w. of Braddan old Church. Stone alignments, Mx. Soc, iv, App. v, pp. 95, 96, 189. O.S. XIII/3

3. Small Fort at w. end of Purt ny shee Claddagh, 230 yds. s.s.w. of Braddan bridge. O.S. XIII/7

Keeills or Chapels.

1. Site of Keeill Abban, Treen of Baldall Cristen. On the ridge between the two Baldwins. Lintel graves. The modern Ch. of S. Luke is built upon the old site; in the E. gable is a Cross-slab, 22, taken from the old building. Measurements of the old Chapel are recorded as 18 ft. by 12ft. See Kelly, Manx Dictionary, s.v. BALLTINN. O. S. X/11

2. Ruins of Ch. with B.G. about 230 yds. N.N.W. of Mount Rule (15 ft. by 7 to 9 ft., with walls 4ft. high) Treen of Camlorge. O.S. X/15

3. Site of Ch. about 200 yds. s.w. of Oatlands, Treen of Camlorge. O.S. X/15

4. Site of Ch. and B.G., Castleward, Knoc y troddan; Treen of Castell Newade. 150 yds. E.N.E. of house. O.S. XII 1/3

5. Ruins of Ch. in ‘Chapel Field’ at the N.E. side of the highroad, about 300 yds. E. of Camlork’ house, Treen of Camlorge. Traces of Urn burial with Flint Scraper at s.w. corner. O.S. XIII/3

6. Keeill Pharick. Site of Ch. and B.G., Ballaquark, Bishop’s Barony. About 200 yds. N.W. of Farmhill Cottage. O.S. XIII/6

7. Site of Ch. and B.G., Speke. Intack. Ballashamrock. About 700 yds. N.E. of Mount Murray house and the same distance w. of Richmond Hill; described by Cumming as ‘at the top of Bulrenny Hill.’ Lintel graves. O.S.XIII/14

8, Ruins of Priory, the Nunnery. S. Bridget’s Chapel is now the only existing remains of the 12th or 13th c. buildings. Gothic doorway in the S. wall and two side-windows. Piscina of grey sandstone. Two pilasters from the cloister. B.G adjoining. Mx.Note Book iii, pp. 92, 93. O.S. XIII/11

9. Site of Ch., possibly a Keeill Vael, that being the dedication of the Sacred Well near by. Treen of Gresby. About 700 yds. N.W, of Crogga bridge, and the same distance w. of Ballavere. O.S. XIII/14

Fair Grounds.

A Fair was held at the Strang, near the main road, just N. of the village, 1 Jan. (1816-34)—J.J.K. p, 59.

Baldwin Fair, latterly held on Ash Wednesday, must have been held formerly on a date close to S. Abban’s day, 16 March. J.J.K. p. 188.

Sacred or Healing Wells.

1. Chibbyr Keeilley, S.E, of Camlork Keeill. (O.S. XIII/3)

2. Chibbyr Niglus. At the N.N.W. end of the Braddan Camp. (O.S. XIII/7)

3. Chibbyr Vreeshey, Nunnery grounds. O.S. XIII/11

Watch and Ward Stations.

Hill of the Day Watch, the Carnane, (Douglas Head). Port of the Night watch, Duglas Towne—C.R.P.

Loose Relics.

Worked Flints from Knoc Rule and Camlork Keeills.

Fragment of Flint axe-head, W. Baldwin. M. 1656,

Hammer Stones, 1427, 1428, 1429.

Bronze weapon, 31/8in. long by 1 in. and 1/8 in. thick, found in Cinerary Urn from Purt ny Shee, M. 567. Bronze Sword found in pulling down the old Post Office, Douglas, M.

The Saddle-stone in the wall of the road w. of Kirby house may have come from the Ballafietcher Camp.

Querns. Upper and a lower stone.

Cross-slabs set up in the old Parish Church, opposite the entrance; 22, 63, 64, 65, 66, 72, 78, 112, 135, 136, 137, 138,b146. Built into gable of S. Luke’s, Baldwin, 20.

A Gable-cross of probably 12th c. is set over the w. gable of the old Parish Church.

Sundials. Slate, square, horizontal, 1845. M. 654. At the old Church, a vertical dial of white marble, 1860.

Rood-screen. Carved oak inscription from the Nunnery, now 6ft. 5in. by 4in.;—SOLI DEO HONOR ET GLORIA As thow art God reate (hym). - M. 541.

Iron Cruizie and four Rushlight holders. M.

Coins. GOLD. In 1846 there were found in Douglas along with many others, a Gold Noble, Edward III, Angels, Edward IV and Henry VI and VII. M. SILVER. In 1826, ‘on the estate of J.J. Moore, Ballaoates, in a small recess expressly prepared in a hedge, 20 pieces of silver, considered as being of the reign of Richard I.’—Manx Sun, 3 Feb., 1906. ‘Silver coins found’ about 300 yds. S.E. of Ballaslig, 2¼ m. from Douglas, in 1839; some of them pennies of Edward I, II, and III; of London, Canterbury and Durham Mints. In 1842, about 200 silver coins of ‘the Norman Edward’ in a field near the Howe, Douglas, of different Mints, London, York and Canterbury. About 1860, a full faced Groat of Henry VIII, was found at Puirose. Mx. Soc. XVII, pp. 40-43.

The Douglas, Ballaquayle Treasure-trove, 1894. Forty five coins and fragments, M. with Armiets, Rings, Brooches and other ornaments; of which Replicas may be seen in the Museum. Y.L.M. II, p. 242. Proc. n.s. I, 132.


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