Preface from 1796 edition of Lioar dy Hymnyn

Manks Preface
English Translation

Dys dy chooilley Chreestee s'lack leth arrane. Moglee ghoaill dys JEE, 'sy ghlaareVanninnagh.


Ta'n Ostyl Jamys er ghra, Vel fer erbe gennal ? lhig da arrane Moylee' ghoaill Chanee saaray'n Ostyl ny lhomarkyn t'ain, dy ghranagh shin dys y'n obby rgherdjoil shoh ; agh cliaghtey'n Chiarn Yeesey hene. N. Mian xxvi 30. Mark xiv. 26.

Shen-y-fa te er ve yearrce lane sleih 'sy'n Ellan shoh, dy gheddinny smoo dy Hymnyn 'sy ghlare oc hene, (ayns print) ny ta hannah er' ve.

Ayns ennaghtyn jeh, feme lhied ny persoonyn as nagh vel toiggal y Vaarle, t'an lioar veg shoh currit magh ny mastey eu, dy vod shiu arrane y ghoaill lesh nyn Syrryd, as arrane y ghoailllest nyn doiggal myr-geddin. Cor xiv. 15.

Te jeaghyn dy vel Scriudeyr, ny Hymnyn shoh, er vaikin eh ymmyrchagh, dy chaghlaa paart dy ocklyn veih'n, aght s'cadyjin ta'd scrieut : lheid as shee'in son shinyn as ooilley &c.

Cha vel me smooinaghtyn dy lhas da'n Caghlaashoh veg yn, affee yannoo : er-y-fa nagh vel rule er be son y Ghalik, dy chiangleyshin dyd y derrey yeh, ny'n jeh elley.

Ta shartance dy Hymnyn ayns jerry'n Lior shoh goit vieh Hymnyn D. Cowley ; er-y-fa dy vel ny liooryn echeysyn er naase goane.

Cha vel fvs aym dy vel Insagh erbee olk, ny Folsey ayns ny Hymnyn shoh ; Myr t'ad eabil feer vie ve priwit vieh Goo YEE : as ennaghtyn Spyrrydoil sleih Crauee. Shen-y-fa jean-jee ymmyd jeu, derrey hig ny share nyn raad : as my vees yn obbyr faase shoh dyd cooney erbee diu ; dy vod shiu neyr ta'n Ostyl Paul er haarey ayns Col II.16 Eph. v. 19. Cur ooillu'n Ghloyr, as y Moylley da JEE. Amen.

To every Christian who likes to take a song of praise to GOD in the Manks language


The apostle James has said Is any one merry, let him take a song of praise. We have not only the command of the Apostle to encourage us to this joyful work, but the customs of the Lord Jesus himself St Matt xxvi 30 St Mark xiv 26.

Therefore it has been our earnest desire in this Island to receive more hymns in the own speech (in print) than there has been.

In the feeling of want such persons as do not understand English, the little book is given out among you, that you may take song with your spirit and take song with your understanding also. Cor xiv 15.

It seems that the writer of these hymns has seen it necessary to translate some words from the commonest way they are written. such as shee'in (we) for shinyn (us) and [ooillin (all) for ] ooilley &c.

I do not think that this little alteration will do much harm, because there is no rule for the Manks to bind us to the one or the other.

Several of the hymns at the end of the book have been taken from the hymns of D. Cowley, because his books have grown scarce

I do not think that there is any evil or false learning in these hymns, as they are able very well to be proved from the word of God, and the spiritual feeling of religious people. Therefore make use of them until better will come your way. And if this small work will be of any assistance to you, and that you may, as the apostle Paul has commanded in Col II Eph v. 19. Give all glory and praise to GOD. Amen

  [translation from that in pencil notes in Manx Museum copy ]




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