[From Leech's Guide, 1861]

THE ACCOMPANYING LISTS Of Ministers of aeligion and Places of Worship, Tradesmen and other persons usually required by Visitors, Lodging Houses, &c., of the four principal towns,— Douglas, Ramsey, Castletown, and Peel,—will be found an aquisition to strangers.


Bishop—Hon. Horatio Powys, D.D. 1854.
Archdeacon—Venerable Joseph Christian Moor, M.A., (Rector of Andreas), 1844.
Proctor of Clergy at York Convocation—Rev. Wm. Gill, (Vicar of Malew,) 1859.
Examining Chaplain to the Bishop—Rev. Robert Dixon, D.D., (Principal of King William’s College), 1854.
Domestic Chaplain to the Bishop—Rev. James Butler Knill Kelly, M.A. (Vicar of Michael), 1856.
Episcopal Registrar and Secretary to the Bishop—Rev. J. B. K. Kelly, MA. (Vicar of Michael), 1860.
Surrogates for Granting Marriage Licenses—Rev. Wm. Gill, Malew, 1847.
Rev. John Cannel, Douglas, 1847.
Rev. William Kermode, Ramsey, 1847.
Rev. J. B. K. Kelly, Michael, 1860.
H.M. Inspectors of Schools for the Isle of Man—Rev. W. J. Kennedy, M.A., Manchester.
Rev. W. Birley, Manchester, (assistant), 1852.
Rev. N. Gream, M.A., Liverpool, (assistant.), 1859.
Patrick :—Vicar—Rev. A. Holmes, 1842.
Chaplain of St. James’s, Dalby—Rev. C. Hill, M.A., 1859.~ P.C. of Piddington, Oxfordshire.
Curate of Foxdale—Rev. J. Leach, M.A., 1858.
German :—Vicar—Rev. John Lamothe Stowell, BA., 1839.
H.M. Chaplain, St. John’s—Rev. John Fry Garde, M.A., 1845.
Chaplain, St. John’s, Cronk.y-Voddy—Rev. J. Corlett, 1859.
Master Grammar School, Peel—(Vacant.)
Marown :—Vicar—Rev. W. Duggan, 1827.
Michael :—Vicar—Rev. Jas. B. K. Kelly, MA., 1860.
Ballaugh :—Rector—Rev. T. Howard, 1836. Curate—Rev. Henry Gee, White, M.A., 1858.
Jurby :—Vicar—Rev. Henry Hardy, 1859.
Andreas :—Itector—Ven. Joseph C. Moore, M.A., (Archdeacon) 1844k
Curate—Rev. Samuel Walker, BA., 1858.
Chaplain, St. Jude’s—Rev. G. Bishop, 1859. Bride :—Rector—Rev. Daniel Nelson, 1847.
Lezayre :—Vicar—Rev. Edward Snepp, M.A., 1861; Domestic Chaplain to the Lieutenant-Governor, 1861.
Curate—Rev. J. J. S. Moore, B.A., 1859.
Chaplain of St. Stephen’s, Sulby—Rev. R. W. Aitken, 1860. Maughold:—Vicar—Rev. B. Harrison, 1818.
Chaplain of St. Paul’s, Ramsey—Rev. William Kermode, 1843;.Hon. Chaplain Manx Rifle Volunteers.
Master of Ramsey Grammar School and Curate of St. Paul’s—.
Rev. Win. C. Sparrow, B.A., 1858.
Chaplain of Christ Church, Dhoon—Rev. Hugh Ashworth Stowell M.A, 1858.
Lonan :—Vicar—Rev. Thomas Caine, 1853.
Chaplain of Christ Church, Laxey—Rev. Joseph Bellamy, 1861.
Conchan :—Vicar—Rev. J. Howard, 1847.
Braddan :—Vicar—Rev. Win, Drury, 1847; Hon. Chaplaia Manx Rifle Volunteers.
Chaplain of St. Matthew’s, Douglas, and Master of the Grammar School—Rev. John Cannell, 1835.
Chaplain of St. George’s, Douglas—Rev. Wm. Hawley, 1859.
Curate—Vacant. -
Chaplain of St. Barnabas’s, Douglas—Rev. Joseph Henry Gray,. MA., 1852; Hon. Chaplain of Manx Artillery Volunteers, 1861.
Chaplain of St. Thomas’, Douglas—Rev. Samuel Simpson, M.A.
Curate—Rev. R. A. Carden, 1861.
Chaplain of St. Luke’s, Baldwin, and Curate at Tromode—Reic R. Airey, 1859.
St. Ann :-—Vicar-—Rev. Sam. Gelling, 1835.
Malew :—Vicar—Rev. William Gill, 1828.
Curate—Rev. Thomas Hill, B.A., 1859.
H.M. Chaplain of St. Mary’s, and Chaplain of Castle Rushen Gaol, Castletown—Rev. Edward Ferrier, MA. 1855; Hon. Chaplain Manx Rifle Volunteers, 1860.
Chaplain of St. Mark’s—Rev. John Thomas Clarke, 1827.

Principal and Dean—Rev. Robert Dixon, D.D., 1840.
Third Master—Rev. Gilmour Harvey, 1840.
Bursar and Chaplain—Rev. Gilmour Harvey, 1855.
Master of Modern Department—Rev. Hugh Colman Davidson, 1846.

Arbory :—Vicar—Rev. John Qualtrough, 1859.
Rushen :—Vicar— Rev. Hugh Stowell Gill, BA., 1859. Curate, Port St. Mary—Rev. Benjamin Clarke, B.A,, 1855.


Rev. William Kelly, B.A., Castletown, (late Chaplain of St. Stephen’s Sulby, 1855-57.)
Rev. George Caesar Stephen, Douglas, (late Chaplain of St. James’, Dalby. 1840-56).
Rev. William Cromie, Douglas.
Rev. William Manley, Lezayre.
Rev. Richard Battersby, Ballaugh.


Douglas—Revs. James Carr, Thomas Brydges, Robert Gillow,


Douglas—Revs. P. Talbot, T. P. Dilks, T. Wood.
Ramsey—Revs. J. I. Muff, A. H. M’Tier, and F. Hewitt.
Castletown— Rev. J. C. Cleminson.
Peel—Rev. J. CannelL


Douglas:—Revs. G. Kidd, T. Willshaw.
Castletown—Rev. S. Stafford. Port Erin—Rev. John Buckley.
Ramsey—Rev. — Wilkinson.
Peel—Rev. W. Harris.


Douglas—Rev. James Cleland. Ramsey—Rev. William Macowan.


Douglas—Rev. John Chater.


Douglas—Henry Bolton, William Smith. Ramsey—J. T. Christian.

SEAMAN’S BETHEL, North Quay, Douglas.


Major Commanding the Volunteer Forces in the Island—Francis Paynton Pigott, 17th July, 1861.
Adjutant—John S. Chippendall.

Captain—Joseph Jefferson, 15th February, 1861.
First Lieutenant—Joseph Alexander Torrance, 13th March, 1861.
Second Lieutenant—John Caesar Tobin Harrison, 13th March, 1861.
Hon. Assistant Surgeon—Thos. Sale, M.D., 13th March, 1861.
Hon Chaplain—Rev. Joseph Henry Gray, M.A., Chaplain of St. Barnabas’, Douglas, 13th March, 1861.

Lieutenant — Patrick Taubman Cuninghame, M.H.K., J.P., Sept. 29, 1860.
Ensign—Robert Bruce Willis, October 10, 1860.
Hon. Assistant Surgeon—Thomas Underwood, M.D., Surgeon to the Household, Oct. 10, 1860.
Hon. Chaplain—Rev. Edward Ferrier, M.A., H.M.’s Chaplain of St. Mary’s, Castletown, October 10, 1860.

RIFLES—2nd COMPANY, Douglas—
Lieutenant—Ridgway Harrison, M.H.K.
Hon. Assistant Surgeon—Samuel Christian Nelson, March 13, 1861.
Hon. Chaplain—Rev. Wm. Drury, Vicar of Braddan, June 27, 1861.

Captain—George Hall, Sept. 29, 1860.
Lieutenant—John Crellin Goldsmith, July 17, 1861.
Erisign—Alured Dumbell, advocate, July 17, 1861.
Hon. Assistant Surgeon—Robt. E. Craine, Oct. 20, 1860.
Hon. Chaplain—Rev. William Kermode, Chaplain of St. Paul’s, Ramsey, July 17, 1861.


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