[From Leech's Guide, 1861]


The following are the Principal Tradesmen of the town of Douglas, where Visitors may procure every requisite they require

Post Office—Miss Eleanor Jane Macadam, Atholl Street.

[FPC - note in several places names were out of order and two pages out of sequence - these have been corrected here]


Bank of Mona (branch of City of Glasgow Bank) Prospect hill — draws on Prescott, Grote, and Co. London; and Bank of Ireland, Dublin—John S. Jackson, Manager
Douglas and Isle of man Bank — (Dumbell, Son and Howard) — Prospect Hill; draws on Glyn, Mills, and Co. London.
Savings’ Bank, St. George’s Hall, Atholl-st., open on Saturday from 1 till 2 and from 7 to 8— James Spittall. sec.


Bridson, Eliza, 72, Strand st:
Cain, Wm. 3, Gt. Nelson st.
Cain, Robt., Prospect hill.
Cain, Wm. 23, Church st.
Cain, Mrs. 21, Bigwell st.
Cain, Robert, Prospect hill.
Cain, Mrs. 6, New Bond st.
Cavendish, Wm., 18, King st.
Cleator, Wesley, Chapel row
Corkhill, Edward, 11, Buck’s rd
Corlett, James, 2, Lord st.
Cottle, Edward, 73, Strand st.
Cowin, Norris, Duke st.
Cowin, Robert, 3, James st
Craine, Joseph, 9, Church st.
Creer, John, Strand st.
Creer, Chas., New Bond st.
Cubbon, Thomas, 24, King st.
Fargher, John, 5, Queen st.
Gale, J. Lord st.
Howe, Joseph Chas., 18, Barrack street.
Kissack, Wm. Kirk Onchan
Kissack, Robert B., 27, King st.
Kneale, Joseph, 7, Gt. George st.
Moore, Wm. King st.
Morrison, Robt., 43, Strand st.
Mylechreest, Thos., Heywood pl.


Alfred, Charles, Chester st.
Heron, Geo., Castle Mona Hotel
Jones, George, Crescent


Heron, George, Castle Mona H
M’Ghie, John, Bath place.
Wallace, Henry, Castle rd.


Aspell, James, Spring Valley.
Borris, Wm. 52, Strand st.
Brew, Thomas, Strand st.
Cain, Thomas, 63, Duke st.
Craine, Mark, Ballaoates, Braddan
Curran, Henry, 81 , Strand st.
Davis, Henry, 8, Duke st.
Dickenson, John, 12, King st.
Fargher, Henry, 6, Duke st.
Fleming, Thomas, 3, Duke st.
Hampton, Richard, 54, Duke st.
Moore, Robert, Barnabas sq.
Spencer, Robert, Strand st.
Taylor, Frederick, 41, Strand st.


Backwell M. P. 74 Atholl st
Cain Margaret, 8 Great George a
Johnson H. H. Prospect hill
Johnson Samuel, Fort st
Kelly Robert, 6 Wellington st
Kneale Wm. 37 Duke st
Lewthwaite Alex. 44 North quay
Mylrea John, 17 Duke st
Quiggin Mary Ann, North quay


Atkins Geo. Castle Hill Brewery
Garforth Samuel, Cattle Market st
Hogg and Co. Lake Brewery, quay
Okell, Wm. Falcon Cliff Patent Brewery


Heron George, Castle Mona Hotel
Hiscocks Mary, Redfern’s Hotel
Roberts Charles, York Hotel
Stead Wm. Adelphi Hotel
Toplis Wm. North quay


Black Edward, 28 Bigwell st
Bridson Wm. 20 Church st
Cain Robert, 52 Duke st
Callow Chas. 58 Strand st
Callow John, Burnt Mill Hill
Clague Norris, 14 King st
Corlett John, 44 Atholl st
Corris Thomas, Duke st
Cretney Thos. King st
Crowe James, Weffington st
Cubbon Edward, 54 Duke st
Cubbon John, 71 Strand st
Finlay and Co. 44 Duke st
Hamilton Robt. Wellington st
Hampton Henry, 19, King st
Kaighan Wm. 10.King st
Keig James, 13 Wellington st
Kelly Robert, Great George st
Kennaugh Ann, 22 Strand st
King Robert, 24 Duke st
McKneal Wm. 23 King st
Payne W. H. 4 Duke st
Quiggin James, 9 Wellington st
Quilleash Philip, 27 Church st
Quine Edward, 78 Strand st
Tate Thomas, 45 Duke st
Teare Thos. 9 Great Nelson st


Armstrong, George, 17, Wellington street.
Jordan, Frances, King st.
Kewley H., (illuminated clock),
Bradshaw, George, Strand st. Duke st.
Clague, John, 12, Great Nelson st
Cubbon, Thomas, 22, King st.
Kelly Thomas, Atholl st
McCann, John, 83, Strand st. and Castle House Lodge.
Ormond and Wait, 3, Castle st.
Radcliffe, Thos. 11 Hill st
Spence Win. 14 Prospect hill
Waine, H. Prospect hill.


Bell James, Castle road
Cleator Chas. 36 North quay
Curphey and Cubbon, Atholl st


Bregazzi Sebastian, 68 Atholl st
Burke John, Strand st
Clague Richard, Fort Ann rd
Prebble Henry, Thomas st


Cain Hugh, Post Office place
Crellin Thos. 32 Strand st
King John, 14 James st
Stephen Robert, North quay


Horsley Hudson, King st
Johnson Joseph, Prospect hill


Ferry .John, Atholl St
Nixon Edw. Castle rd
Wood John, Lord St


Barber Wm. 16 Strand st
Bowman Joseph B. 10 Gt. Nelson st
Brearey Wm. A. Prospect hill
Greensill Thomas S. 69 Strand st
Howard W. 1R. (Homeopathic) Prospect hill
Halton Richard, 5 Duke st
Kinley Philip, 2 Strand st
Mylechreest, Evan, 1 Duke st


Garrett Philip L. 56 Atholl st
Higman Henley R. 11 Finch rd
Karran James, 1 Edward terrace,Finch road


Cowen John, 5 Gt. Nelson st
Dalrymple Wm. Union Mills
Whipp Wm. Drumgold st


Brew Thos. 47, Strand st
Cox and Matthews, 14 Strand st
Darke Edw. 49, North quay
Falkner Fred. (bazaar) 49 Duke st
Harrison B. M. M. 43 Duke st street
Healey John, Castle st
Johnson Samuel, Fort st Duke st
Kneale and Teare, Duke st
Mackenzie Kenneth, Atholl st
Mundey Edw. 38 Duke st
Phelan James, Wellington st
Quine and Archer, 26 & 28 Dukest
Spencer and Mnndell, 40 and 42 Duke st
Sparrow Joseph, 73 Atholl st


Cregeen, Thomas, Duke lane
Cottle, Miary Ann, 24, King st.
Ewbank, Charlotte, Drumgold st
Kerns, Ann, Pier
Law, Mary, Duke lane
Roden, Susan, Duke lane
Sutherland, Henry, King st


Cain and Nicklin, South quay
Jackson Fredk 8 Parade st
Milburn and Dickson, South quay


Cannell, Thomas, 48, Strand st
Cowin, Jane, New Bond st
Cowin, Wm., Great Nelson st
Lockhart, Robert, 15½ , Finch rd
Moore, Peter, Post office place
Nuttal, James, Castle st
O’Hara, Edward, 60, Strand st
Pigott, Elizabeth, Castle st
Williams, Thomas, 30, Strand st
Winder, Frances, 55, Duke st


Allen Wm. 1 Strand st
Barry Wm. 11 Church st
Bowden Thos. 54 North quay
Caley Chas. 1 Lord st
Clarke and Son, 17 King st
Cliscas John, 56 Strand st
Coupe Thomas, 41 Duke st
Callister Thos. Wellington sq
Coole James, I 2 Gt. George st
Corkill Edw. 11 Buck’s rd
Corlett Robert, Market place
Corran Thos. 13 James st
Craine John, 65 Strand st
Craine Joseph, 9 Church st
Crellia John, 1 Gt. Nelson st
Cretney Robert, 6 New Bond
Creer John, 81 Strand st
Curphey John, Castle st
Gelling Edw. and Co. 31 Duke st
Hart and Dale, 27 Duke st
Hollinsworth Eli. Finch rd
Johnson Henry, Market place
Kelly John, Castle st
Kinley Matilda, 10 Lord st
Kissack James, Market place and Castle Mona lodge
Kneale John, 39 Duke st
Kneale W. A. 29 Duke st
Laurence Henry, 11 Duke at
Moore Nicholas S. 21 King st
Moore Wm. 8 King st
Noble H. B. (wholesale) 30 North quay
Quirk Mary, 59 Duke st
Richards Thos. (tea dealer) 5 Duke st
Roney Richard, 13 Duke st
Roskell Robert, 83 Strand st
Thompson Wm. H. 4 Duke st
Torrance G and J. North q
Williams and Kelly, 35 Duke st


Archibald Mary, Bigwell st
Boyd Edward, Castle st
Boyd James, 8 John st
Bridson Ann, Great Nelson st
Bridson Jane, 26 Bigwell st
Cain Catherine, 1 Hanover st
Cain Thomas, Duke Jane
Cain Wm. Kirk Onchan
Callan Margaret, 23 Lord st
Callow John, Burnt Mill hill
Carmeen Mary Ann, 16 Wellington sq
Christian Isabella, 29 Lord st
Cleator John, 11 Drumgold st
Clegg Mary. 2lStrand st
Clucas Wm. Great Nelson st
Cooper Alex. 6 South quay
Corkill Robert, 18 Atholl st
Corlett Wm. 40 Strand st
Cowin Rbbert, Kirk Onchan
Cowley Elizabeth, 75 Strand st
Craine Mary Ann, Market st
Creetch Ann 10 North quay
Crow John, 15 Hope st
Cubbon Robert, 3/4 Duke st
Dennison Margt. Castle st
Dickinson Joseph, Hanover st
Eastman Ann, 16 Great Nelson st
Gelling Ellen, Kirk Onchan
Harrison Wm. 7 Hanover st
Joughin James, 1 Drumgold st
Keig Thomas, 20 Buck’s road
Kelly Annie, 19 Atholl st
Kelly Charlotte, 17 Drumgold st
Kelly Jane, Back Strand st
Killip Eleanor, 23 Barrack
Kneale Eizabeth, Back Strand st
Lewin John, Kirk Onchan
McGowan James, 7 Barrack st
Moore John, Heywood place
Nicholson Cath. 55 Strand st
Noy John, 16 New Bond st
Quayle John, 26 Strand st
Quilleash Wm. 13 Bigwell st
Quirk Isabella, Kirk Onchan
Radcliffe Thomas, North st
Reeves Ann, Kirk Onchan
Reid George, 61 Fort st
Sayle John, 3 Atholl st
Skelly George, 27 Barrack st
Saqui John, Prospect hill
Teare Ann, St. George st
Teare Charles, Back Strand st
Ternin Mary Ann, 30 Fort st


Adelphi, Wm. Stead, 21,Church-st
Artillery Hotel, Robt. Callister Great Nelson.st.
British Hotel, Miss M. A. Barnes Market Place.
Black Lion Hotel, Mrs.Ann Cowin North Quay.
Castle Mona Hotel, George Heron
Crescent Hotel, Robert Amery Crescent.
Crown Inn, John Hodgson Muckle’s Gate, Duke-st.
Cumberland Hotel, Richard Quirk James’s-st.
Cumberland Inn, John Creer Heywood Place
Fort Ann Hotel, Robert Marshall
Imperial Hotel, Pier, Sophia Stagg, (new)
Queen’s Crescent Hotel, Felix Bregazzi.
Ramsey Inn, Mrs. Jane Skillicorn New Bond-st.
Redfern’s Hotel, Mrs. Mary Hiscocks, 8 James-st.
Royal Albert Hotel, Patrick Galagher, Chapel Row.
Royal Hotel, Wm. Hill, Pier.
Saddle Inn, Mrs. Crompton Queen-st.
Sheffield Hotel, Charles Galloway, Parade
Shore Inn, A. Brown, Castle-st.
Temperance Hotel, Misses Kelly, North Quay.
Theatre Royal, Hotel, Richard Brown, Wellington-st.
Thistle Inn, Thos. Alston, Parade.
Victoria Hotel,Wm.Chas. Johnson,Prospect hill
York, Hotel, Chas,Roberts, Parade


Connell John, 57 North quay
Cubbon Robert, 3 James st
Clarke George, Drumgold st
Fielding James, 39 North quay
Kaye Joseph, 47 Duke st
McCaskie H. 32 Atholl st
Roberta George, King st


Callow Thomas, 19 Drumgold st
Legg Brothers, 20 Duke st
Cannell Rlobert, 20 King st
Quayle John, 9 Duke st


Cawte Isaac, 12 Strand st
Callister Daniel, 17 Castle st
Dawson Joseph, Strand st
Fowler Martin, 10 Duke st
Gelling H. Market place
Hampton George, North quay
Jackson Fred. S. Parade st
Milburn and Dickson, Fort st
Sherwood Geo. 56, Duke st


Cain, Margaret, 8, Gt. George st
Kneale, Win. 37, Duke st.
Mylrea, John, 17, Duke st
Quiggin, Mary Anne, North quay


Bell, Henry W. Hanover st
Bell, James, North quay
Boyd, Edward, Senna lane
Butterworth, James, Finch road and Adelphi, stables Church St
Brannigan, John, Back Lawn
Cannell, John,. 14, Castle st
Collister, Robert, St. George st
Corlett, Robert, Fancy st
Cottier, Robert, Buck’s road
Crompton, Mrs. 20, Queen st
Cubbon, James, Victoria road
Heron, George (horse and carriage repository) Castle Mona Lawn
Jones, Kazia, Castle Mona lawn
Kelly, James, Finch road & Back Mona terrace
Kelly, Wm. (coach proprietor)Parade yard, adjoining pier
Quine, Robert, James St
Quine, Mrs., Crescent
Satersall, Jos. Parade and North q
Shimmin, Margaret, Crescent
Shimmin, Wm. Castle st
Smyth, Thomas, (also coach proprietor) Fort st
Storey, William, Senna lane
Shipley, Hannah, (Mail Cars, &c
Tetlow, Thomas, Back Mona ter
Taggart, George, Back Mona ter
Wilson, John, Castle road
Winder,W.(Horse Breaker) Fort st


Andrews, Joseph, 1, Castle terrace
Andrew, Martha, 12, Stanley ter
Atkinson, Fred. 7, Havelock mt
Backwell, M. P. 1, Prospect hill
Barry, Ellen, 3, Mirtle st
Beale, Wm. 19, Christian road
Bell, Martha, Castle road
Berks, Charles, 2, Nutsford place
Bewley, Elizabeth, 13, Mona ter
Blair, John, 15, Parade st
Black, Mary Anne, 7, Clarence ter
Blair, James, 29, Finch road
Boardman, Matthew, 8, Albert st
Bolton, Fossey, 7, Auckland ter
Bowen, Catherine, Castle lawn
Boyne, Edward, Union Mills
Boyd, Wm . Finch hill, Buck’s rd
Boyne, Wm. 4, Atholl st
Brown James, Prospect terrace
Bridson, Robert, South quay
Brown, Thomas, Prospect hill
Bromley, John A., 9, Havelock mt
Broadfoot, Isabella, 11, Fort st
Bridson, Elizabeth, 4, Edward ter
Butterworth, James, 6 & 7, Prospect hill
Bullock, Charles, 4, Bucks road
Burton, Wm. 69, Derby road
Burness, Thomas, Castle st
Caine, Miss, 5, Osborne terrace
Cain, John, Castle st
Cain John, 5, Mona terrace
Cain, John, Forrest cottage,Onchan
Cain, Jonathan, Mona st
Cain, Margret, 11, North quay
Cain, Jane, Stanley mount cottage
Cain, Margt. 8, Great George st
Cain, Robert, Circular road
Cain, Thomas, 14, Atholl st
Callister, Wm., 19, Hope st
Callon, Grace, 10, Victoria ter
Callow, John, Burnt Mill hill
Callow, Sylvester, Atholl st
Cannell, John, Hill st
Cannell, Margt. 4, Callow place
Cannell, Wm. Goldie st
Cannell,Wm., 4, Christian road
Carr, James, Queen’s place
Castell, Daniel, 8, Parade st
Christian, Wm., Mrs.1 Clarence ter
Christian, Wm., St. Georges place
Champ, Wm. 18, Mona st
Christian, Stephen, 9, Albert st
Christian, Wm. 5, Hope st
Cinnamon, James, Albert st
Clackett, George, St. Barnabas sq
Clague, James, Fort William ter
Clague, Mrs. Thos., 15, Atholl st
Clague, Thomas, 11, Gt. Nelson st
Clague, John, 10, St. George st
Cleator, Mrs. Jane, 34, Finch rd
Clegg, Abraham, South quay ;
Clegg, Jane. 18, Hope st &~
Clague, Richard, Fort William
Clucas, Wan. 4, Atholl st
Cochrane, Eliza, Bath place
Collins, George. 32, Fort st
Collister, Christopher, 7 Esplanade
Collister, Daniel, 16, Castle st
Collister, Robert, St. Georges st
Collister, Robt. 12. Wellington sq
Collins, George, 10, Buck’s road
Collister, Edward, 30, Fort st
Colyishoun, Eleanor, 31, Finch rd
Corkhill, Robert, Atholl st
Corkill, Wm. 6, Buck’s road
Corteen, Thomas, 18, Buck’s rd
Corris, John, Hope st
Corkill, John E. 4, Christian rd
Corkill, Wm. Stanley mt
Corteen, Elizabeth, 3, Albion ter
Cornin, Thomas, South quay
Costain, Elizabeth, 14, Buck’s rd
Cottier, Eliza, 94, Derby sq.
Cottle, Mrs. James, King st
Cottier, Thos. ] 2, Great George st
Cockayne, John, 5, Havelock mt
Congreive, Henry, Mona st
Cottier, Thomas, 2, Derby terrace
Cooper, Alexander, 6, South quay
Cooper, Ann, 6, Mona terrace
Cowell, Henry, 5, Atholl terrace
Cowin, Elizabeth, 3, Hope st
Cowin, Robert, 2, Circular road
Cowel, Thomas, 7, Hope st
Cowley, Thomas, 3, Havelock mt
Craine, John, 3, Cambridge ter
Craine, Wm. 1, Christian rd
Craine, Ann, 7, Thomas st
Craine, Robert, 1, Drinkwater st
Crellin, Elizabeth, Bath place
Cretney, Wm. 6, Myrtle st
Cubbin, John, St. George’s place
Cubbin, Robert, Hill st
Cubbon, Thomas, 12, Albert st
Cubbon, Sarah, 2, Havelock mt
Cubbon, Mrs.Thomas, K. Onchan
Cubbon, Wm. 19, Buck’s road
Curphey, Ann, 10, Mona terrace
Curphey, John, 6, Thomas st
Dixon, Wm. Dalton terrace
Daniels, Peter, 15, Great Nelson st
Demeza, Jane, 9, Hill st
Devine Chas. 15, Church st
Duke, John M. 3, Albert st
Dickinson, Anthony, 12, Parade st
Dickinson, Mary, 2, Atholl st
Dickson, Isabella, South quay
Doleman, Benjamin, Harris ter
Downing, David, 7, Chester st
Eades, Wm. 97, Derby sq
Edgar, Edward, 1, Circular road
Ewbank, Wm. Drnmgold st
Faragher, Thomas, 8, Mona st
Fell, Wm. 13, Parade st
Gawne, Cath. 2, Drinkwater st
Gelling, Mary, 43, Buck’s road
Gelling, W. Glencructhey, Onchan
Gracey, Jane, 57, Derby sq
Graham, Richard, 9, Drinkwater st
Griffiths, Elizabeth, Spring valley
Grosvenor, Samuel, Crescent
Goldsmith, Chas. Great Nelson st
Gelling, Margaret, South quay
Gelling, Margaret, 8, Hill st
Gelling. Paul, Albert st
Gick, Thomas, 6, North quay
Gick, Thomas, 5, Myrtle st
Gill, George, Esplanade
Goldsmith, John, 4, Albert terrace
Goldsmith, Martha, 38, Atholl st
Groves, Mary, Burnt Mill hill
Haining, Ann, 3, Clarence terrace
Hampton Wm. 14, Strand st
Hannah, Isabella, 9, Mirtle st
Hickman, Ann, 2, Castle terrace
Hoseason, Rachel, 4 and 5, Lawn terrace
Halsall, Edward, 3, Mona ter
Hamilton, James, 33, Buck’s rd
Harrison, Wm. 11, Albert st
Harrison, John, 6, Havelock mt
Harwood, John, 78, Derby sq
Healiss, Jane, 6, West View ter
Henry, Rowland, 20, Mona st
Heron, George, 4, Castle terrace
Hilditch, Mary and Jane, 6, Clarence terrace
Higginbuttom, J. 1, Mona st
Hodgson, John, 8, Esplanade
Hodgson, Mary, 4, St. George st
Howland, John, 2. Christian road
Hudson, Joseph, Cheater st
Hughes, John, 10, Fort st
Hughes, Margaret, Finch road
Isedale Wm. Finch road
Jackson, James, 2, Clarence terr
Johnson, Joseph, 5, Great George street
Joughin, Cath. 2, Mona street
Joughin Thomas, 28, Fort st
Johnson, Henry, Atholl terrace
Jones, George, Summer Hill ter
Joughin, Thomas F., Derby ter
Kelly, Ann, Castle st
Kelly, Ann, South quay
Kelly, James, Stanley terrace
Kelly, John, Castle street
Kermode, James, 12, Hill st
Kerruish, Cath. 2, Esplanade
Killey, James, 14. Hill st
Kneale, Esther, 6, Gt. George st
Kneen, Ruth, 6, Victoria terrace
Kay, Robert, 4, Thomas st
Kinrade, Jane, Victoria place
Kay, John, 23, North quay
Kay, Thomas, Albion terrace
Kelly, Ann, 19, Atholl st
Kelly, Caesar, 21, hope st
Kelly, Elizabeth, 1, Peel road
Kelly, James, 28 and 29, Mona st
Kelly, John, Goldie ter
Kelly, Robert, 5, South quay
Kelly, Wm. Woodhouse ter
Kennaugh, James, Circular road
Kennish, Matilda, 55, North quay
Kewley, John, 8, Mount pleasant
Kewley, Robert, 9, Drumgold st
Killip, Caesar, 27, Hope st
Kirk, Sarah, 7, Summer Hill ter
Kirkbride, Deborah, 25, Finch rd
Kneale, Henry, 6, Osborne ter
Kneale, John, 6, Hope st
Kneen, Jane, Circular road
Lace, John, 6, St. George st
Lee, Margaret, 4, Esplanade
Lewin, Edward, 31, Hope st
Lewin, Elizabeth, 31, Wesley ter
Lewin, John, 1, Dalton ter
Lowey, Jane, 27, Finch road
McArdle, James, 11, James st
McArthur, Jane, Castle st
McCaskie, Sarah, 32, Atholl st
McCombe, John, 22, Lord st
McGhie, John, Baths, Parade
McKenna, James, 7, Albert st
McLeod, Ann, 1, St. George’s walk
McNeill, Jane, Gt. George st
McNeill, Wm. 15, Stanley ter
McTaggart, Mary, 16, Albert st
Mason, Richard, 5, Dalton tar
Mates, Thomas, Perry’s tower
Matthews, George, 10, Clarence terrace
Maxwell, Cath. 1, Atholl ter
May, Edmund, 6, Mona st
Mayle, Henry, 1, Mona cottage
Mercer, Alex. 26, New Bond st
Miller, Peter, Summer Hill ter
Miller Mrs. South quay
Moore, Thomas, Crescent
Moore, Thomas, 3, Callow place
Maxwell, —, Clarence ter
Morrison, Jane and Ann, 26, Finch road
Moughton, Thomas, 5, Goldie ter
Noy, John G. 16, New Bond st
Ormerod and Wait, 3, Castle st
Pearson, Edmund, 38, Buck’s rd
Place, Isaac, Woodhouse ter
Place, William, Atholl st
Quayle, Catherine, 1 Stephen ter
Quayle, John, 34, Hope st
Quine, John, 81, Derby road
Quine Robert, 9, Atholl st
Quine, Robert, 3, Buck’s road
Quine, Thomas, 10, Dninkwater st
Quine, Wm. 25, New Bond st
Quirk, Ann Maria, 17, South quay
Quirk, Isabella, 36, Atholl st
Quilleash, John, 11, Hope st
Reid, George, 61, Fort st
Richardson, Eliza, 3 Christian mt
Roach, Edmund, Albion cottage
Robertson, Alex. 4, Havelock mt
Sayle, Elizabeth, Atholl st
Sayle, Ann, 3, Atholl st
Seddons, James, 1, Nutford
Sharp, Robert, Buck’s road
Shimmin, Margaret, Crescent
Simpson Philip, 6, Hill st
Skillicorn, John, 12, Hope st
Skinner, Thomas, 25, Hope st
Smith, William, New Bond st
Southward, Margaret, Castle st
Starkey, Patrick, Sauna house
Steele, John, 22, Buck’s rd
Strains, Eliza, 18, Castle st
Stubbs, Jane, Summer Hill ter
Taggart, John, 8, Auckland ter
Taggart, Thomas, 1, St. George st
Taggart, Wm. 20, Hope st
Taggart, Isabella, 3,Windsor place
Taylor, Jane, 5, Windsor place
Taylor, Peter, Broadway
Tellison, Wm, Atholl st
Thomas, Edward, Albert st
Thompson, William, 19, Hope st
Thornborrow, Wm. 4, Summer Hill terrace
Unsworth, T. A. 16, Buck’s road
Ward, Richard, 19, Great Nelson street
Wallace, Elizab. 17, Buck’s road
Wallace Henry, Castle rd
Watterson Robert, 17, Atholl st
Wande, Wm. 5, Cambridge ter
Wheeler, Cath. 13, North quay
White, Walter, 25, Mona st
Williamson Mary Ann, Spring gardens
Winterbottom, Mary Ann, Lawn ter
Wood G. H., Mount pleasant
Wood Wan. 14, Hope st
Wright George, Crescent
Wright Wm. 9, Hope street
Young Henry, Broadway
Young Wm. Esplanade
Young Mrs. C. Broadway


Bridson John, lila House, Circular road
Butler Thomas, 5, Albert ter
Cosgrave John, Briabrane st
Cookson George, 10, Finch road
Elliot Philip, 25, Atholl st
Eves, A. W. 5, Prospect terrace
Fleming Maxwell, Victoria rd
Jones John T. (Homeopathic) 4 Prospect hill
Laird, Samuel, 31, Bucks road
Montford Henry, 60, Atholl st
Nelson Samuel, 1, Finch road
Oswald Robert Henry, 2 Finch rd
O’Reilly John M. 8 Prospect ter
Oliver John, 24, Atholl st
Ring Cornelius P. 54 Atholl st
Sale Thomas, 3 Prospect hill
Scarf Henry N. 50 Atholl st
Underwood Thomas, 3, Finch rd


Bell Mary Ann, Gt. Nelson st
Braid Margaret, 5, Edward ter
Brew Thomas, 47 Strand st
Bridson Elizabeth, 4 Edward ter
Cain Jane, 14 Atholl st
Callister and Cain, 43 Hope st
Campbell Margaret, 9 Atholl st
Cannon Louisa, 34 Atholl st
Clucas Ann, 30 Atholl st
Cannell Sarah, 63 Duke st
Christian Eleanor, 24 Barrack st
Christian Charlotte, 6 Albion st
Colquhoun Eleanor, 31 Finch rd
Corkill and Leece, 25 Buck’s rd
Cox and Matthews, 8 Strand st
Craine Ann, 12 Thomas st
Creer Jane, 15 Fort st
Curphey and Cockrane, 1 Mount pleasant
Davidson Esther, 5 Atholl st
Dodd Mrs. 12 Duke st
Falkner Fred. 49 Duke st
Fell Sarah, Great Nelson st
Gick Margaret Ann, 29 King st
Goldsmith Martha, 2 Circular rd
Higgins Margaret, Church st
Hughes Milicent, 62 Atholl st
Kaighan Cath 24 Barrack st
Kelly and Cowin, 48 Atholl st
Kelly Ann, Castle st
Kelly Margaret, 6 Wellington st
Kermode M. A. 15 North quay
Kermode M. A. 28 Strand st
Killip Margaret, Church st
Kneale Ann, 38 Atholl st
Kneale and Teare, 14 Duke st
Lewthwaite M. 29 North quay
Mayhew M. and S. 46 Duke st
Morrison Ann, 53 Duke st
Mundey E. 38 Duke st
Pearson E. 68 Strand st
Quayle Margaret, Wellington st
Quayle Margaret, 19 Church st
Quayle T. 20 Strand st
Quine Jane, 15 Wellington st
Quine Maria, Duke st.
Quirk J. 52 Finch road
Quirk Margaret, 2 King st
Sharples Alice, 12 King st
Sparrow Joseph, 72 Athol st
Taggart Isabella, 44 Atholl st
Tate Thomas, 45 Duke st
Wood John, Lord st
Wattera. Mrs. 2. Finch road


Cowin, Jas. Steam Mills, Strand
Creer John, Queen st
Cubbon Thomas, 25 North quay
Dalrymple Wm. Union Mills
Goldsmith George, Ballaugh Mills, and 7 Strand st
Moughin Jane, 2 Castle st
Sowden Joshua, Post office place E
Stowe Richard, Laxey Glen Mills, and 24 North quay
Whiteside Henry and Co. North q
Windsor John, Pulrose Mills


Bell Hugh, Castle ward
Bell John, .5 Gt. Nelson st
Cain Thomas, 14 Atholl st
Dalrymple Wm. Union Mills
Forster George, Bank hill
Kelly Philip, East Baldwin
Moore W. R. Tromode, North q


Mona’s Herald, Wednesday, by Fargher, Wellington buildings
Manx Sun, Saturday, by Harrie Curphey, King st
Isle of Man Times, Saturday, by James Brown, Parade
Isle of Man Advertising Circular, Tuesday, by R. H Johnson, Prospect Hill


Brown Richard, Wellington buildings
J Jackson Wm. in Atholl st
Quayle Chas. 43 Atholl st


Butterworth James, Prospect hill
Callister Robert, 7 Gt. Nelson st
Clague Richard, Fort Anne road
Clarke George, Wellington st
Cottier and Gelling, Hanover st
Curran Edward, 32 Wellington st
Douglas Wm. 43 North quay
Kaye John, 23 North quay
Kaye Robert, 4 Thomas st
Mason Richard, Dalton terrace
Morrison Chas. 53 Duke st
Nicholson Wni and Son, Well rd
Quine John, 80 Strand st
Quirk John, Well road


Bamber S. J. I Stephen terrace
Du Ruvignes H. 91 Derby sq
Earwaker Mrs. Mirtle st
Hughes Mrs. George, 4 Cambridge terrace
Hubert Mona. 21 Mona st
Hemmings Dr. H.V., LL.D.M. 8, Havelock Mount
Liston Mary E. Edward ter
Lowe A. B. 57 Love lane
Marshall F. C., BA. Crescent
McBurney Dr. F. S. A. Atholl Academy
McMullen James A. BA. Collegiate School, Castle road
Reeves H. Mona st
Steel Alex. A. M.Ph. D. Crescent Academy
Sutherland Patrick, M.A. 11 and 12 Mona terrace
Wood Miss, 81 Derby sq
Wilson Madame, 3 Derby ter


Gelling H. Market place
Kneale James, Finch road
Morrison C. Castle st
Parkinson John, 29 Strand at
Thompson Chas. 24 Strand st


Clague Eliz. 2 Wellington st
Davis Henry, 9 Duke st
Hamilton James . 61 Duke s
Keg Thomas, Prospect hill
Roddy Cath. 14 Strand st
Sutherland H. King st


St. George’s Hall, Atholl st
St. James’s Hall, Atholl st
St. Mary’s Hall, Fort st
Temperance Hall, Wellington buildings
Victoria Hall, Prospect hill
Wellington hall, Wellington st

Theatre Royal, Wellington st
Wellington Market House, Duke street


Agricultural Society’s Office, Market place
Cattle Market, Heywood place
Cemetery, Ballafletcher
Coast Guard Station, South q
Court House, Atholl st
Custom House, North q
ElectricTelegraph Office, 64 Atholl st
Gas Works, South q
Harbour Master’s office, Pier
High Bailiff’s office, Atholl st
Hospital and General Dispensary, Fort st
House of Industry, Back Harris terrace
Police Station,Court House,Atholl st
Powder Magazine, Douglas head
Protestant Institute, Prospect hill
Post Office, Atholl st
Record Office, Atholl st
Sailors’ Home and Reading Room, Pier
Tithe Office, Atholl st
Tide Surveyor’s Office, Pier
Tide Waiter’s Watch House, do.
United Service Club Room, do.
Water Works Company’s Office, Atholl st


Quiggin Robert and Co. Douglas bridge
Quiggin Wm. 62, strand St
Winram John, Bath row, Parade


Dixon Margaret, 8 John st
Mayhew M. and S. 46 Duke st
Meredith Joseph, 67 Strand st
Roberts E. Fort st


Callister Daniel, Castle st
Faichney John, North quay
Gale Edw. Cattle Market st
Gelling H., Market place
Gelling Richard, South quay
Hampton George, North quay
Hughes John, Society lane
Jackson Fred. Parade
Kewley, Thos. King st
Lewin Edw. Douglas bridge
Lewthwaite John, North quay
Quayle Daniel, Cattle Market st
Smagg F. Fort st
Wilson John, Fort st
Wright David, 37 Strand st


Douglas—Edward Moore, quay
Liverpool—Thos. Orford, 22 Water st
Manchester—John Walker, 77 Market st
Ramsey—Wm. Crennell, Quay
Whitehaven—Frost and Nelson Strand st


Corlett Thomas, 15 Mona st
Kermode John, 1 Victoria terrace
M’Queen John, Mount pleasant
Skillicorn Joseph, Market place
Quayle Edward (Commodore), 3 Finch Hill


Cubbon Joseph, Market place
Curphey John, 10 Strand st
Kennaugh Ann, 22 Strand st
Molyneux Samuel, 20 North quay
Quayle Richard, 29 North quay


Barber, Thomas Nursery Inn Kirk Onchan
Bell, James, Commercial, North
Braid, Eleanor, Mason’s Arms, 82 Strand st
Bridson, John, Strand Inn, 63 Strand st
Burgess, Geo.Atholl Inn, Atholl st
Birtles, Joseph, Pier Inn, Pier
Cannel, Wm. Clarence, 8, Lord st
Caulfield, John Joseph, Victoria Drumgold st
Christian, Caesar, Alma, King st
Christian, Daniel, Mona Tavern Kirk Onchan
Christian, Jno. Manchester House North quay
Christian, John, Queen’s Arms 79, Strand st.
Christian, Wm. Forrester’s Arms 4, Strand st
Cleator, Daniel, Halfway House Onchan
Clucas Henry, 64, Strand st
Corlett, Thomas, Anchor, Bigwell street
Cowin, Ann,Commercial, 8, Athol street
Cubbon, Wm. Pig and Whistle 53, Strand st
Eggleston, Joseph, Leeds Arms Bigwell st
Fisher, Robert, Imperial Vault 13, Lord st
Gifford, Townsend, Liverpool and Manchester Arms, North quay
Gill, James, Cumberland House 38, North quay
Handley Thomas, Broadway Inn Castle gates
Hogg Joseph, Hare and Hounds, North quay
Jelly John, Trafalgar, South quay
Kermode John L., Greyhound, North quay
Kewley Wm. Mason’s Arms, Richmond hill
Lewin Thomas, 3 Chapel row
Lowe Abraham, Village of Waterloo, Fairy ground
McCarthy Joseph, Manx Arms, Onchan Village
McClellan Jane, George,Church st
Moffatt Wm. Prince of Wales, Braddan
Mursell John, Plough, 2 James st
Milburn Philip, Carpenter’s Arms, Queen st
M’Clure John, Ballaview, Baldwin
M'Grigor Catherine, Shaw’s brow
M’Intyre Patrick, Forester’s Arms 24 Hope st
M’Neale Jane, Shepherd, 24, Gt. Nelson st
Murray John, New Strand Inn, 51 Strand St
Palmer Charles, Oddlellows’ Arms North quay
Parkes John, Rifle Volunteers, 9 New Bond st
Quirk John, Fisherman’s Inn, North quay
Quirk Robert, Fleetwood, North q
Roberts Sarah, Ruthin Arms, Chapel row
Roney John, New Bond st
Roney James, Old Market Inn, Market place
Ramsbottom John,Quarter Bridge, Braddan
Skillicorn Jane, Ramsey Inn, New Bond street
Stephen Margaret, 7 Church st
Taggart John, Old Market Arms, Fairy ground
Topliss Wm. Lancashire House, North quay
Ward Daniel, Chester Arms, 70 Strand st
Ward Richard, Royal Oak, 19 Gt. Nelson st
Whiteley Thomas, Steam Packet Vaults, 69 North quay


Askew Wm. 13 Wellington st
Blore Wm. North quay
Kirk Sarah, 7 Summerside terrace
Warburton Richard, 3 Strand st
Warburton Samuel, 56 North q
Warburton Wm. 8 Duke st


Clucas Wm. Hanover st
Hamlyn Richard, 19 Lord st
Kay John, Prospect hill


Cain Thomas and Son, Well road
Gell Robert and Son, Market st
Kennaugh Ann, 22 Strand st
Killey Philip, Back Strand st


Bregazzi Sebastian, 68 Atholl st
Broughton Samuel, 33 Duke st
Collins George,Wellington market
Croughan Sarah, 25 Duke st
Houseman Eliza, 50 Strand st
Johnson John, 2 Duke st
Knapp Wm. Prospect hill
Lemon A. and M. 14 Duke st
Rooney Wm. 55 Strand st
Strains Eliza, 18 Castle st
Walsh Anthony, 50 Duke st
Walsh John, North quay
Webb Samuel, 27 Strand st


Cain Thomas, 18 Duke st
Cain Robert, 24 Lord st
Cain Thomas, 2 Gt. George st
Cain Jonathan, Atholl st
Cannell Joseph, 63 Duke st
Clarke George, 32 Gt. Nelson st
Clucas James, 57 Duke st
Corlett James, 25 Church st
Cannon John, Market st
Crellin John, 79, Strand st
Crowe John, 15 Hope st
Curghey John, 6 Thomas st
Gell Robert, 19 Strand st
Grebbin Edward, 76 Strand st
Hales James, jun. 70 Atholl st
Kaye Richard, Fort st
Kewley Wm. Wellington st
Kinley Wm. 77 Strand st
Kneale Henry, 7 Great George st
Kneale James, 58 Duke st
Morrison George, 48 Duke st
Quine Francis, 14 Great Nelson st


Alston Thomas, 6 Parade st
Faichney John, North quay
Taylor Peter, Broadway


Bell Robert, Strand st
Brown Thomas, Prospect hill
Clucas William, 45 North quay
Goldsmith Thomas, 8 Gt. Nelson
Goldsmith Wm. 3 Duke st
Lemon A. and M. 14 Duke st
Muncaster George, 16 Duke st
Muncaster Wm. 18½ Duke st


Christian Robt., St. George’s place
Cubbon Wm. Prospect Hill
Fell James, 15 Queen st
Qualtrough H. Douglas bridge
Teare Thomas, Queen st



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