[King William's College Register]



Hartwell, Ambrose Hele Rhodes, born Nov. 14th, 1833. Left Christmas, 1847.

Son of Rev. F. H. H. Hartwell, Vicar-General, Incumbent of St. George’s, Douglas, I.O.M.

Cumming, George John Henry, born Feb. 25th, 1837. Left June, 1854.

Son of Rev. J. G. Cumming, Vice-Principal of K.W.C., I.O.M.
Queen’s Coll. , Birmingham. Schoolmaster. 1 Cedars Road, Barnes Common, London, S.W.

Cumming, Stuart M’Donald, born June 26th, 1838. Left March, 1853.

Son of Rev. J. G. Cumming, Vice-Principal of K.W.C., ‘ I.O.M
Queen’s Coll., Birmingham. Medical School, 1859-61. Scholarship, 1859. House Surgeon N. Dispensary, Liverpool. Chief Medical Officer on Staff of General Goldsmidt in Settlement of Beloochistan Boundary, 1867-71. Died in 1884, in New Zealand.

Kewley, Hugh Stowell, born March 10th, 1831. Left May, 1847.

Son of T. Kewley, Castletown, I.O.M.
Mersey Harbour Board, Liverpool Birkenhead.

Pickering, Charles, born April 10th, 1829. Left May, 1847.

Pickering, Augustus Clarke, born Oct. 2nd, 1830. Left March, 1846.

Bemrose, William, born Dec. 30th, 1831. Left May, 1847.

Son of W. Bemrose, Publisher, Derby. Cumming’s.
Fellow Society of Antiquaries. J.P. 1886. Inventor and Patentee of Printing and Perforating Machinery. Author of Manual of Wood Carving, Fret Cutting and Perforated Carving, Life and Works of Joseph Wright, etc. , etc. Elmhurst, Derby

Watt, John Alexander, born July 1st, 1827. Left Midsummer, 1846.

Childers, Eardley William, born April 6th, 1833. Left May, 1847.


Welsh, George Downes, born Jan. 11th, 1829. Left May, 1847.

Welsh, Charles Hibbert, born Feb. 13th, 1830. Left May, 1847.

Henderson, John Black, born June 6th, 1828. Left Midsummer, 1846.

Hanwell, Joseph, born Nov. 14th, 1832. Left May, 1847.

Son of Major-General Hanwell, R.A.
2nd Lieut. , R.A. , 1852. Lieut. 1854. Capt. 186o. Major 1872. Lieut.. Col. 1877. Colonel ~ Major-General 1882. Served in Crimea (Medal with Clasp and Turkish Medals).

Murray, George Loxdale, born May 11th, 1833. Left Christmas, 1846.

Son of Henry Murray. Harvey’s.
Stockbroker, Madras. Murray & Co. , Madras, India.

Williams, Evan Edwards, born Feb. 27th, 1834. Left Mid.. summer, 1848.

Clarke, Robert, born May 26th, 1831. Left May, 1847.

Winstanley, Calvin Beaumont, born Jan. 11, 1833. Left Christmas, 1847.


Kershaw, George Senior Wilkinson, born August 30th, 1830. Left Midsummer, 1848.

Scholar, Queens’ College, Cambridge, 1849. Queen’s College, Oxford. 2nd Class Classic Mods. , Oxford, 1853. 2nd Class Math. Mods., Oxford, 1853.

Humfrey, Charles, born July 3rd, 1834. Left May, 1847.


Skinner, Robert Francis Henry Macgregor, born Dec. 20th, 1834. Left Oct., 1851. Harvey’s.

Ensign 79th Foot, 1852. 82nd Foot, 1853. Lieut. 1854. Capt. Military train, 1865. 5.0. of Pensioners, Stirling, 1869. Major 1874. Lieut -Col. 1881. Served in Indian Mutiny, 1857-58. 2nd Relief of Lucknow—Defeat of Gwalior Contingent at Cawnpore (medal with clasp). China War, 1860, as adjutant ~~th Sikhs (medal). Died in 1899.


Young, Ralph, born June 25th, 1836. Left Midsummer, 1852.


Brown, Thomas Edward, born May 5th, 1830. Left March, 1849.

Son of Rev. T. Brown, Douglas, I.O.M. Day boy.
Exhib. , Christ Church, Oxford, ~ First Class Classic Finals, Ox. , 1853 First Class Law and Hist. , Oxford, 1853. Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford. Vice-Principal of K.W.C. , 1855-1861. Head Master, Crypt Grammar School, Gloucester, 1861-1863. 2nd Master, Clifton College,1863. Author of "Betsy Lee " and several other poems, chiefly relating to the Isle of Man. Died October 29th, 1897, at Clifton.

Beesly, Edward Spencer, born Jan. 23rd, 1831. Left May, 1847.

Son of Rev. J. Beesly, Feckenham Rectory, Worcestershire. Principal s
Wadham College, Oxford. 2nd Class Lit. Hum. , 1853. MA. Assist. Master Marlborough College, 1854-59. Professor of History, University College London 186o 93 21 West Hill St Leonards on Sea

Gelling, William Edward, born Jan 31st, 1831 Left Christmas, 1847.

Son of F. L. Gelling, Castletown, I.O.M. Day boy.
St. Augustine’s Coil. , Canterbury. D. 1856. P. 1859. C. at Beaver Harbour, Halifax Coy. Rector of Louisburg, Cape Breton. Rector of Guysborough N S 1865 -7’ Rector of Bridgewater N S 1871 1900 Rural Dean of Lunenburg, 1900. Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.

Jameson, Charles, born Nov 23rd, 1832 Left Midsummer, 1848

Low, Henry John Revell, born Oct. 6th, 1833. Left Midsummer, 1849

De Montmoreney, Reymond, born Sept. 19th, 1835. Left Christmas, 1849.

Underwood, John Christian Curwen, born June 7th, 1835. Left May, 1850.

Son of Dr. Underwood, Castletown, I.O.M.
D 1870. P. 1871. C. of Willingham-by-Stowe and Coates, 1870-75 ; Aswarby, Lincs. , 1875-77. Rector of Howell, Lincs., 1877. Died in 1888, at Birkenhead.

Price, William Henry, born Oct. 13th, 1830. Left Midsummer, 1848.

Christian, Nicholas Henry, born March17th, 1836. Left May, 1850.

Cannell, Claudius, born March 26th, 1828. Left May, 1847.

Son of C. Cannell, Douglas, I.O.M.
Admitted Manx Bar. Died Sept. 29th, 1895, in Liverpool.

Brooking, Henry Baynham Scott, born Feb. 28th, 1834. Left Midsummer, i 849.

Hutchinson, Francis, born Nov. 28th, 1835. Left Midsummer, 1849. Son of F. C. Hutchinson, M.D., Douglas, I.O.M. Principal’s.

Journalist. Sydney, New South Wales.

Moore, Philip Callow, born July 29th, 1831. Left Christmas, 1849. Son of J. Moore, Douglas, I.O.M.


Parsons, George, born Oct. 30th, 1831. Left Oct., 1847. Son of Rev. G. S. Parsons, Govt. Chaplain, Castletown, I.O.M. Day boy.

Royal Navy. Cadet 1847. Midshipman 1849. Sub-Lieut. 1854. Lieut. Commander 1861. Captain 1874. Retd. Captain 1886. Retd. Rear-Admiral 1890. Retd. Vice-Admiral 1896. Baltic Expedition 1854. MedaL Black Sea during Russian War. Wounded while with Naval Brigade in storming Redan. Knight of Legion of Honour. Medjidie ~th Class. Crimean and Turkish Medals. Sebastopol Clasp. Lieut. of Chesapeake, 1857-61. Specially mentioned for services at attack on Peiho Forts, 1859. China Medal (Taku Clasp). Captain’s Good Service Pension, 1886. 4 Portswood Park, Bevor’s Hill, Southampton.

Medd, William Henry, born Nov. 9th, 1831. Left Christmas, 1847. Son of J. Medd, Stockport, Cheshire.

Died in 1864, at Heaton Norris, Stockport.

Sherman, Stephen William Barrow, born Feb. 16th, 1834. Left May, 1850.

Ensign Madras Army, 1854. Lieut. 1856. Capt. 1866. Major Madras S.C. , 1874. Lieut. .Col. 1880. Colonel 1884. Major-General 1887.

Logan, Walter, born Left Christmas, 1846.

Simpson, Robert, born April 30th, i 830. Left May, 1847.

Lawrence, Humphrey Downes, born July 16th, 1831. Left Mid-summer, 1848.

Mylchreest, Henry, born Sept. 22nd, 1830. Left May, 1850.

Scholar, Christ’s College, Cambridge, 1852.

Moore, Henry O’Hara, born July 17th, 1833. Left May, 1850.

Son of — Moore, Liverpool.
BA. , Cambridge. Barrister, Inner Temple. Died Oct. 29th, 1877, at London.

Moore, Hill Charley, born Oct. 25th, 1834. Left May, 1850.

Son of — Moore, Liverpool.
2nd Lieut. Royal Lancashire Militia, 1855. Retired as Lieut. -Col. in 1862. Died March 19th, 1882, at Ranfurley Rostrum, Ireland.

Brocklehurst, Edward, born Aug. ioth, 1835. Left Midsummer, 1848.

Raven, ~Charles William Walter, born Jan. i 2th, 1833. Left May, 1847.

Kettlewell, William John, born Feb. i 7th, i 833. Left Mid-summer, 1849.

Son of J. Kettlewell, Corfu, Ionian Islands. Died in 1897, at Buckhurst Hill, Essex.

Hancock, Edward, born April ist, 1835. Left May, 1850.

Son of S. Hancock, Castletown, I.O.M.
In business. Patras, Greece.

Stowell, Hugh, born Oct. 30th, 1831. Left April, 1849.

Hughes, George William Bulkeley, born May 10th, 1835. Left Midsummer, 1849.

Hawley, William, born Jan. 15th, 1817. Left May, 1847.

D 1847. P. 1849. C. of Kirk Andreas, I.O.M. , 1847-52. St. George’s, Douglas, I.O.M,, 1852-59. P.C. 1859-77. Vicar of Kirk Patrick, I.O.M., 1877-83. Vicar of Kirk Michael, I.O.M. , 1883. Died Dec. 21st, 1893, at Douglas, I.O.M.

Jackson, Francis, born July 28th, 1833. Left May, 1850.

Medical student.

Duff, Thomas Fraser, born July 24th, 1830. Left Oct., 1847.

Reeves, Richard, born Sept., 1832. Left Christmas, 1847.


O’Reilly, Myles George Beresford, born Oct. 30th, 1829. Left Christmas, 1847.

O’Reilly, George Beresford, born March 30th, 1832. Left Mid-summer, 1848.

Calvert, Francis, born Aug. 7th, 1833. Left Midsummer, 1848.


Connor, Richard Spear, born April 12th, 1832. Left May, 1847.

Laughton, Daniel Wilson, born Sept. 10th, 1836. Left Christmas, 1847.

2nd Lieut. Madras S.C., 1854. Lieut. 1856. Capt. 1866. Major 1874. Lieut.-Col 1880. Colonel 1884. Major-General 1886.

Dumbell, Alured, born Jan.12th, 1835. Left May, 1847. Son of G. W. Dumbell, Douglas, I.O.M.

Admitted to Manx Bar, High Bailiff of Ramsey, 1873. Second Deemster, 1880-83. Clerk of the Rolls and Trustee of K.W.C., 1883-1900. Received knighthood, 1899. Acted as Deputy-Governor of I.O.M. during Lord Henniker’s illness. Died March 12th, 1900, at Ballaughton, I.O.M.

Jones, William Goodall, born Feb. 8th, 1836. Left June, 1853.

M. D. St. Andrews. M. R. C. S. Eng. House Surgeon and Hon. Surgeon St. Anne’s Eye and Ear Dispensary, Liverpool.

De Lacherois, Alexander, born Dec. 4th, 1834. Left Oct., 1848.

Nixon, Thomas, born May 31st, 1830. Left Feb., 1847.

Vyvyan, Thomas Grenfell, born Jan. 13th, 1837. Left Christmas, 1850. Harvey’s.

Fellow of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, 9th Wrangler, 1859. D. 186o. P. ~ Mathematical Master, Charterhouse School.

Comber, Thomas, born Sept. 21st, 1833. Left Midsummer, 1848.

Comber, Charles William, born May ioth, 1836. Left Mid-summer, 1848.

Stephen, Alured Gibson, born Dec. 26th, 1837. Left Midsummer, 1852. Son of Wm. Stephen, advocate, Douglas, I.O.M.

Kelly, John, born Sept. 13th, 1834. Left Dec., 185o.


Ramsay, Horace, born April 27th, 1834. Left May, 1847.

Ramsay, Thomas Percival, born Dec. 2 ist, 1835. Left May, 1847.

Skinner, Cortland George Macgregor, born May 7th, 1832. Left Midsummer, 1849.

Ensign 3rd W. md. Regt., 1853. Lieut. 35th Foot, 1854. Capt. 1865. Major 1881. Died in 1892.

Hagan, Robert Hall, born July 10th, 1830. Left Midsummer, 1848. Son of Capt. Sir Robert Hagan, R.N.

T.C.D. 1st Class Science, 1849. Died in 1852.

Kincaid, James Stewart, born Nov. 24th, 1832. Left Christmas, 1849. Son of J. Kincaid, J.P., Kilcadder, Co. Donegal. Harvey’s.

Land agent. 3 Aylesbury Road, Dublin.

Jerdein, Edward, born March 4th, 1836. Left Midsummer, 1848. Son of John Jerdein, Huskisson Street, Liverpool. Harvey’s.

In business. 9 Lancaster Place, Strand, London.

Pater, Thompson, born Jan. 23rd, 1836. Left Christmas, 1848.

Moore, James, born Nov. 8th, 1835. Left Christmas, 1854. Son of H. N. Moore, Andreas, I.O.M. Harvey’s.

Worcester Col. , Oxford. 3rd Class Law and History. Died Jan. sith, 1878, at Liverpool

Moore, John, born Jan. 17th, 1837. Left Midsummer, 1852. Son of H. N. Moore, Andreas, I.O.M. Harvey’s.

Curphey, William Thomas, born Sept. 7th, 1831. Left Christmas, 1849. Son of — Curphey, Douglas, I.O.M.

Trinity College, Camb. Senior opt. 1854.

Hill, Thomas Dixon, born Dec. ist, 1831. Left Midsummer, 1849.

Hill, Wilks, born June 12th, 1834. Left Christmas, 1851.

Wilmot, Henry Archer, born July 4th, 1837. Left Midsummer, 1851. Harvey’s.

Mahony, Denis, born May 1st, 1833. Left Midsummer, 1848.

Mahony, Edward, born May, 1835. Left Midsummer, 1848.

White, George Stewart, born July 6th, 1835. Left Midsummer, 1850. Son of J. R. White, White Hall, Co. Antrim.

R.M.C. , Sandhurst. Ensign 27th Foot, 1853. Lieut. 1855. Capt. 1863. 92nd Foot, 1863. Major 1873. Lieut.-Colonel Gordon Highlanders, 1882, Colonel 1885. Major-GenL Supy. 1887. Lieut. -GenI. 1895. Geni. woo. Regimental Colonel Gordon Highlanders, 1897. Field Marshal 1903. Served in Indian Mutiny. Medal with Clasp. Afghan War 1878-80. Expedition to Maidon. March from Kabul to Kandahar (despatches frequently, C.B., Medal with 3 Clasps, Bronze Decoration). Military Secretary to Viceroy of India, 1880-81. Nile Expedition, 1884-85. Medal with Clasp, Kbedive’s Star, A.A. and Q.M.G., Egypt. Brig. -Genl., Madras, 1885. Commanded a Brigade in Burmah, 1885-86. Commanded Upper Burmah Field Force, 1886-89. Major-Genl, Bengal, 1889-93. Promoted Major-GenL for distinguished service in the field. Thanked by Government of India. Conducted Expedition into Zhob. Commander- in-Chief in India, 1893-98. Quartermaster-General to the Forces, 1898-99. General on Staff to command troops in Natal (Ladysmith), 1899-1900. Defended Ladysmith against the Boer army from Nov. 2nd, 1899, to March ~st, 1900—119 days (despatches). Governor and Commander-in. Chief~ Gibraltar, Governor of Chelsea Hospital, 1904. Decorated with Victoria Cross for conspicuous bravery during the action at Charasiab, Oct., 1879, and at Kandahar, Sept., 188o. Orders : G.C.B. , G.C.S.I., G.C.M.G., G.C.I.E., G.C.V.O. White Hall, Ballymena, Co. Antrim.


Stamer, William John Alexander, born July 29th, 1834. Left Midsummer, 1848.


Backhouse, Thomas Deering, born May 20th, 1833. Left Mid-summer, 1851. Son of Major Backhouse, The Green, Castletown, I.O.M. Day boy.

Ensign 70th Regt., 1853. Lieut. 1857. Served in Indian Mutiny (Medal). Capt. 1864. New Zealand (Medal). Major 1877. 6 Astwood Road, S. Kensington, London, SW.

Jones, Henry Albert, born June 3rd, 1835. Left Midsummer, 1849.

Currie, Henry, born June 18th, 1833. Left Midsummer, 1850.

Ensign 79th Highlanders, ~ Lieut. 1854. Capt. 1868. Major 1877. Lieut.-Col. 1882 Colonel 1st Dumbarton Volunteers. Died in 1888.

Currie, Richard, born Sept. 30th, 1834. Left Midsummer, 1850.

Lieut. 13th Light Field Battery, Bengal Artillery. Killed in 1857 at Delhi.

Bacon, John Joseph, born Dec. 16th, 1837. Left Midsummer, 1853. Son of Major Bacon, Seafield, I.O.M. Harvey’s.

Clarke, Thomas, born Oct. 25th, 1834. Left Midsummer, 1851.

Sherman, George James, born Sept. 20th, 1837. Left Mid-summer, 1848.

Adams, Samuel, born Nov, 27th, 1828. Left Midsummer, 1848. Son of S. Adams.

Leaving Exhibitioner. St. John’s College, Cambridge. BA. 1853. MA. 1872. D. 1853. P. 1854. Incumbent of Holy Trinity, Runcorn, 1854-58. Consular Chaplain, Monte Video, 1858-72. V. of St. George’s, Leeds, 1873-80. V. of Taunton, 1880-87. Rural Dean of Taunton, 1884-87. Prebendary, Wells Cathedral, 1884. V. of Yatton, 1887-91. Rural Dean of Portishead, 1890. Delgany, Eastbourne.

Awdry, John Rowlandson, born Jan. ist, 1834. Left Oct., 1848.

Llewellyn, James, born May 5th, 1838. Left June, 1855. Son of J. Liewellyn, H.B. Peel, I.O.M.

Parsons, John, born Jan. 13th, 1833. Left Midsummer, 1850.

Tenison, William Barton, born Oct. 10th, 1833. Left Oct., 1848.

Harrison, David, born Oct. 9th, 1834. Left April, 1851. Son of the Rev. B. Harrison, Maughold Vicarage, I.O.M. Principal’s.

Union Mills, I. O. M.

Harrison, Stephen Nathaniel, born Sept. 28th, 1836. Left Christmas, 1852. Son of Rev. B. Harrison, Maughold Vicarage, I.O.M. Principal’s.

University Coll. , Durham. BA. 1862. D. 1862. P. 1863. C. of Netherton, Worcester, 1862-67. Redditch, 1867-70. Christ Church, Maughold, I.O.M. , 1873-89. J.P. 1904. May Hill, Ramsey, I.O.M.

Harrison, George Bowyer, born Dec. 26th, 1837. Left April, 1852. Son of Rev. B. Harrison, Maughold Vicarage, I.O.M. Principal’s.

Died July, 1868, in England.

Warburton, Samuel, born Jan. 14th, 1836. Left Midsummer,1851. Son of J. Warburton, Sierra Leone, Africa. Principal’s.

In business. Trenton, 152 Bedford Hill, Balham, Surrey.

Wattleworth, Cæsar John, born 1832. Left Midsummer, 1848. Son of C. Wattleworth, Ballawattleworth, German, I.O.M. Day boy.

Farmer. Ballawattleworth, German, I.O.M.

Harrison, Edward, born Oct. 2nd, 1833. Left Midsummer, 1849.

Sandys, Joseph Samuel, born Nov. i 2th, 1836, Left Midsummer, 1854 Son of T. Sandys, Trinity Lodge, Leicester. Principal’s.

Head of School, 1854. Præpositor 1854. Cricket XI. 1854. Scholar CCC., Camb. ~. 1862. ~3. 1862. C. of St. Mary’s, Peterborough ; Horsford and Horsham St ]~ aith s Norwich Tydd St Giles nr Wisbeach ; Chobham, Surrey. Indian Chaplain, ~868-88. C. of Winsley, nr. Bath ; East Coulston, Wilts. V. of Beoley, Redditch, 1894-1901. V. of Twickenham, Bristol, z~oi. Twickenham Rectory, Nausea, Bristol.

Harrison, John Cæsar Tobin, born Aug. 30th, 1832. Left Mid-summer, 1849. Son of J. B. Harrison, Athol Street, Douglas, I.O.M.

Called to Manx Bar, 1854. Member of the House of Keys. Died October 29th, 1870, at Spring Valley, I.O.M.

Bernau, Edward Rudolph, born Dec. 24th, 1838. Left Mid-summer, 1850. Son of J. H. Bernau, British Guiana. Cumming’s.

Died in 1889, at Lewisham, Kent.

Mühlhäuser, George Alfred, born April ist, 1839. Left Mid-summer, 1850. Son of J. G. Mühlhäuser. Cumming’s.

In business. Hillcrest, Braintree, Essex.

Brown, Alfred, born Nov. 19th, 1839. Left Nov., 1847. Son of Rev. R. Brown, Braddan Vicarage, I.O.M.

Fisher, Thomas, born March, 1836. Left Christmas, 1847. Son of J. Fisher, Balladoole, Castletown, I.O.M. Day boy.

Member of the House of Keys, 1886-93. Justice of the Peace, 1890. Died Jan. 30th, 1902, at Castletown, I.O.M.

Wilders, William Abraham, born Nov. 27th, 1834. Left March, 1850.

Kelly, Henry, born April 20th, 1834. Left Christmas, 1847. Son of W. Kelly, Port St. Mary, I.O.M. Day boy.

Farmer. Ballaqueeney, Port St. Mary, I.O.M.

Ward, Thomas Lawrence Frederick, born Sept. 2nd, 1837. Left Christmas, 1854. Harvey’s.

Ward, William Somerset, born March 20th, 1839. Left Mid-summer, 1853. Harvey’s.

Clarke, Clement Henry, born Feb. 25th, 1838. Left Christmas, 1853. Harvey’s.

Ralfe, Pilcher Frederick, born May 8th, 1836. Left Midsummer, 1850. Son of Lieut. P. Ralfe. Day boy.

Farming in New Zealand. Stratford, Taranaki, New Zealand.

Ralfe, Frederick Whitfeld, born June 25th, 1838. Left Mid-summer, 1852. Son of Lieut. P. Ralfe. Day boy.

Died April 5th, 1888, at Llancaiach, Glamorganshire.

Halliday, Benjamin, born April 3rd, 1833. Left Christmas, 1847.

Howell, George Arthur Vicars, born Sept. 30th, 1839. Left Mid-summer, 1849.

Carran, John, born May 16th, 1832. Left Midsummer, 1848.


Pollock, Henry Alsager, born Sept. ~8th, 1831. Left March, 1847.

Robertson, James William, born April 20th, 1834. Left Mid-summer, 1849.

Crawford, George Ferguson, born Dec. 8th, 1833. Left Mid-summer, ~ Harvey’s.

Crawford, Henry, born Jan. 6th, 1835. Left Christmas, 1850. Harvey’s.

Porter, John Leech, born April x ~th, 1833. Left Midsummer, 1850. Son of Rev. C. Porter, Kilcommon Glebe, Ireland.

Trinity Coll. , Dublin. BA. 1857. MA. z868. Junior Moderator, Silver Medallist, Ethics and Logic. ~. 1857. ~. 1859. C. of S. Paul’s, Shipley, Yorks., 1857-59 ; Trowbridge, Wilts. , 1859-60. V. of S. John’s, Studley, Wilts., 1860-68. V. of St. John’s, Ladywood, Birmingham, 1868-88. Died Feb. ~ 1888, at St. John’s Vicarage, Ladywood.

Peet, Alfred Henry, born Jan. 3rd, 1839. Left Christmas, ~ 8~ i.


Chapman, George, born Sept. ~8th, 1831. Left Midsummer, 1848.

Brown, Charles Messenger, born May 5th, 1832. Left Mid-summer, 1849.

Mitchell, George, born July 23rd, 1832. Left Midsummer, 1848.

Stowell, Frederick, born March 9th, 1835. Left Christmas, 1850. ,

White, Edward Forbes, born Feb. 12th, 1831. Left March, 1847.

Edwards, Richard Downes, born July 23rd, 1833. Left Mid-summer, 1848.

Tattersall, John Henry, born Aug. 29th, 1833. Left March, 1849.


Fowler, Thomas, born Sept. 1st, 1832. Left Oct., 1849. Son of W. H. Fowler, The Green, Castletown, I.O.M. Day boy.

Postmaster of Merton Coll. , Oxford, 1850. BA. 1854. D. 1855. P. 1857. MA. 1856. B.D. and D.D. 1886. Hon. LL.D. , Edinburgh, 1882. 2nd Class Classical Mods. ist Math. Mods., 1852. 1st Final Classical SchooL 1St Final Mathematical, 1854. Fellow of Lincoln, 1855. Denyer Theo.logical Prize, 1858. Proctor 1862. Examiner in Final Classical Schools, 1864-5-6-9-1870-3-8-9. Professor of Logic, 1873. Select Preacher, 1893. President of Corpus Christi College, 188~. Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University, 1899-1901. Author of several works on Logic, Moral Philosophy, and College History. Bequeathed ~~oœ to K.W.C. Died Nov. 20th, 1904, at Corpus Christi College, Oxford.

Backhouse, Charles James, born June 29th, 1839. Left Mid-summer, 1852. Son of Major Backhouse, The Green, Castletown, I.O.M. Day boy.

Died Jan. 18th, 1870, at Twickenham.

Stowell, Hugh, born July ~ 7th, 1836. Left May, 1856.

Gonville and Caius College, Camb. BA. 1860. D. & P. 1862. C. of Poulton le Fylde, 1861-64. Norbury, 1870-96. Chaplain of Phillip’s Park Cemetery, Stockport, 1875-1900.

Thornbury, William Henry, born March 4th, 1836. Left Mid-summer, 1850.

Geils, Thomas, born Sept. 24th, 1834. Left Midsummer, 1851. Harvey’s.

Quayle, Mylrea Tellet, born April 2nd, 1839. Left Midsummer, 1855. Son of J. Quayle, Castletown, I.O.M. Day boy.

Lieut. 41st (the Welsh Regiment), 1856. Died July soth, 188o.

Badcock, Robert William, born Oct. 25th, 1834. Left Mid-summer, 1849.

Qualtrough, James, born Jan. 16th, 1832. Left Aug., 1848.

M’Nicol, John, born May, 1835. Left Midsummer, 1849.


Partridge, Thomas Burrough, born May 26th, 1832. Left Christ-mas, 1849.


Cregeen, Jonathan Nelson, born Jan. ~9th, 1837. Left Mid-summer, 1853. Son of J. Cregeen, Castletown, I.O.M. Day boy.

M.R.C.S.E. L.R.C.P. L.F.P.G.S. L.M. 21 Princes Avenue, Liverpool

Ponsonby, Richard Thomas, born May 2nd, 1840. Left Christmas, 1855.

Dinwoody, William Thomas, born March 24th, 1837. Left Midsummer, 1855.

T.C.D. MA. C. of Andreas, I.O.M. V. of Arbory, I.O.M., 1875-76. Died Oct. 14th, 1876, at Arbory, I.O.M.

Garrett, George William, born Dec. 22nd, 1831. Left March, 1849.

Garrett, Charles Henry, born April 3rd, 1834. Left March, 1849.

Hughes, John William, born Nov. 12th, 1833. Left March, 1849.

Christie, William, born May 19th, 1835. Left Christmas, 1848.

Christie, Alexander Smith, born April 9th, 1836. Left March, 1849.

Wilson, Edward Pears, born Nov. 6th, 1836. Left Midsummer 1853. Son of Rev. Ed. Wilson, Nocton Vicarage, Lincoln. Principal’s.

CCC. , Oxford. Died before going into residence. Twin brother to the Venerable The Archdeacon of Manchester. Died Dec. , 1856, at Nocton Vicarage.

Wilson, James Maurice, born Nov. 6th, 1836. Left Midsummer, 1853. Son of Rev. E. Wilson, Nocton Vicarage, Lincoln (First Principal of King William’s College). Principal’s.

Head of School. Præpositor. Cricket XI. Leaving Exhibitioner, 1847. Scholar of St. John’s College, Cambridge, 1855. Bell University Scholar, 1856. Senior Wrangler, 1859. Fellow of St. John’s, 186o. Mathematical and Science Master, Rugby School. 1859-1878. D. and P. 1879. Head. master of Clifton College, 1879-1890. Chaplain to Bishop of Exeter and to Bishop of London, 1879-1890. Vicar of Rochdale and Archdeacon of Manchester, 1890. Hulsean Lecturer, Cambridge, 1897. Lecturer in Pastoral Theology, 1902. Author of Essays and Addresses ; Clifton College Sermons (2 Series) ; Contributions to Religious Thought ; Hulsean Lectures ; The Gospel of the Atonement ; Rochdale Sermons ; Truths, New and Old; Elementary Geometry ; Solid Geometry and Conic Sections. Joint Author Handbook of Double Stars. Presented the Pulpit in the Chapel, K.W.C. The Vicarage, Rochdale.

Menteath, Charles Granville Stuart, born Oct. 29th, 1834. Left April, 1851. Son of Lieut.-Col. W. Stuart Menteath, Delhi, Punjab, India.

Ensign 70th Regt , 1854, afterwards Adjutant. Died in 1864 in New Zealand during Maori War.

Menteath, David Pringle Stuart, born March 31st, 1837. Left April, 1851 . Son of Lieut.-Col. W. Stuart Menteath, Delhi, Punjab, India.

Banker. Died in 1901 at Bournemouth.

Langtry, Henry, born March 9th, 1835. Left Midsummer, 1853. Son of G. Langtry, Park Hill Road, Liverpool. Harvey’s.

Died in 1876.

Alley, George, born May 13th, 1835. Left June, 1850.

Allen, John Brand, born June 29th, 1832. Left Nov., 1848.

Allen, Emilius, born Feb. 12th, 1835. Left April, 1849.

Straffen, George Martin, born Nov. 23rd, ‘832. Left Oct., 18~ ~.

Scholar Christ’s College, Camb. Senior Opt. BA. ~ M.A. 1858. D. 1859. P. 186o. C. of St. Michael-le-Belfry, York. Escrick. Hulsean Lecturer, Camb., 1874. V. of S. Philip and S. James, Clifton, York, 1867. V. of Tillington, Petworth, Sussex, 1876.

Kettlewell Edward, born March ~8th, 1836. Harvey’s.

Died March 25th, 1849, at K.W.C.

Mullaly, John Castle, born Dec. 12th, 1834. Left Christmas, 1852. Son of J. Mullaly, Bombay. Harvey’s.

Cricket XI. ~ Solicitor of the Bombay High Court, 1858. Died in 1901 at Cawnpore.

Mullaly, William, born Aug. 12th, 1836. Left Christmas, 1852. Son of J. Mullaly, Bombay. Harvey’s.

Coffee and Tea Planter. Ibex Lodge, The Droog, Coonoor, Nilgiri Hills, Madras Presidency, S. India.

Simpson, Frederick Wright, born June 22nd, 1833. Left Christ-mas, 1849.

Beckett, George Macartney, born July 14th, 1838. Left Mid-summer, ~

Thomson, George Erminus, born Dec. 29th, ~ Left Mid-summer, 1850.

Paget, Thomas, born May 24th, 1836. Left Christmas, 1852.

Died in Australia.

Chapman, Frederic, born Aug. joth, 1836. Left Christmas, 1851.

Chapman, Thomas Arthur, born March 18th, 1838. Left Christmas, 1851.

Trevor, John Gray, born Dec. 25th, 1836. Left Midsummer, 1851.

Evans, Thomas, born April 4th, 1834. Left March, 1849.

Evans, Joseph Henry, born July 4th, 1835. Left March, 1849.

Peake, Robert William Youle, born May 4th, 1837. Left Mid-summer, 1851. Son of J. B. Peake, Castletown, I.O.M. Day boy.

At Sea. Died circa 1864.

Hoggan, John William, born March ~3th, 1833. Left Midsummer, 1849.

2nd Lieut. Bengal S.C. 1849. Lieut. 1852. Capt. 186i. Major 186ç~Lieut. -Col. 1875. Colonel ~88o. Major-General ~ Companion of the Bath. Served in Indian Mutiny, 1857-58 (severely wounded, medal). Afghan War, 1878-80 (mentioned in despatches). With Sir F. Roberts to Kandahar (mentioned in despatches, medal with 2 clasps, and bronze decoration). Died in 1900.

Hoggan, George Welland Henry, born Dec. 14th, 1834. Left Midsummer, 1849.

2nd Lieut. Bengal S.C. 1854. Lieut. 1857. Capt. 1866. Major 1874. Lieut.-Col. 1880. Colonel 1882. Served with Bhootan Expedition, 1890 (Medal). Died in 1892.

Cumming, Charles James, born March 5th, 1840. Left March, Son of J. G. Cumming, King William’s College, I.O.M.

Farming in New Zealand. Rotorna, Auckland, New Zealand.

Cumming, William Richard, born March 5th, 1840. Left March, Son of J. G. Cumming, King William’s College, I.O.M.

St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School, London. Honours in Anatomy and Chemistry, 1869. Medical Jurisprudence, 1870. Asst. Physician Harewell Lunatic Asylum, 1873-91. Surgeon. Ruslington, nr. Worthing, Sussex.

Gelling, Robert Cunningham, born Jan. 16th, 1833. Left Christ-mas, 1850. Son of F. L. Gelling, Castletown, I.O.M.

Law Student. Died Sept. 28th, 1855.

Moore, Arthur William, born Dec. 14th, 1835. Left Midsummer, 1851. Harvey’s.

Moore, Ogle James, born March 31st, 1837. Left Midsummer, 1851 Harvey’s.

Cary, Annesley, born Oct. 4th, 1831. Left April, 1849.

Johnston, John Joseph, born Oct. 17th, 1837. Left Christmas, 1852. Son of S. Johnston, New Brighton, Cheshire. Harvey’s.


Boazman, Henry, born June 9th, 1840. Left Midsummer, 1849.

Boden, John, born April 10th, 1837. Left Midsummer, 1850.


Elder, William, born March ist, 1833. Left Sept., 1849. Son of Col. Elder, Indian Army.

Died in Australia.

Adkins, Thomas, born June 3th, 1836. Left Midsummer, 1852 Harvey’s.

Consular Service in China.

Pope, George Sutherland, born May 8th, 1833. Left Oct., 1849.

Read, John Montray, born Dec. 26th, 1838. Left Midsummer 1849.

Commanded Militia Batt. Cheshire Regiment, 1895.

Read, Charles Atkinson, born 1839. Left Midsummer, 1849.

Millett, Charles Dewen, born Jan. 25th, 1837. Left Midsummer, 1849.

Gould, William Charles, born Aug. 6th, 1837. Left Midsummer, 1852. Son of W. W. Gould, of Redditch. Principal’s.

In business. Freckenham Mills, Redditch.


Tenison, George Byne, born Jan. 28th, 1838. Left May, 1852.


Langtry, Robert, born Nov. 23rd, 1836. Left Midsummer, 1854. Son of G. Langtry, Park Hill Road, Liverpool. Harvey’s.

In business. Died in 1864.

Cubbin, John, born June 7th, 1832. Left Midsummer, 1852. Lawe, Henry, born March, 1838. Left Midsummer, 1852. Beale, Thomas Warren, born June 4th, 1833. Left Midsummer, 1849.

Qualtrough, Henry Robert, born Aug. 6th, 1836. Left Christmas, 1850. Son of Rev. J. Qualtrough, The Vicarage, Lonan, I.O.M. Principal’s.

In business. Laxey, Lonan, I.O.M.

Holland, Thomas George Dyson, born Oct. 25th, 1835. Left Christmas, 1849.

Shaw, John Agnew, born Nov. 20th, 1834. Left Midsummer, 1850.


Woodhouse, Robert, born May 7th, 1834. Son of the Rev. T. H. Woodhouse, Finningley, Notts.

Killed by a fall from a rock, near Jackdaw Harbour, Santon, March 22nd,1850 ; buried at Santon, I.O.M.

Alley, Edward, born Aug. 4th, 1833. Left Midsummer,


Greatorex, Henry, born Dec. 5th, 1834. Left Midsummer, 1849.

Packenham, Hugh Arthur, born Oct. 3rd, 1838. Left Midsummer, 1855.


Brind, James Frederic, born June 17th, 1835. Left Midsummer, 1852. Son of General Brind, Bengal Artillery.

Hancock, Charles William, born Oct. 29th, 1836. Left Christmas, 1851 Son of S. Hancock. Day boy.

In busiúess. 78 Erlanger Road, St. Catherine’s Park, London, SE.

Kelly, Thomas Cornelius, born Nov.18th, 1838.

Died March 3Ist, 1855.

Watts, James, born June 13th, 1833. Left Oct., 1849.

Peet, Thomas James, born Nov. 6th, 1838. Left Christmas, 1850.

Sherman, John Stamford Senior, born Dec. 29th, 1840. Left Midsummer, 1850.

Russell, Christopher Chambers Josiah, born Aug. ist, 1839. Left Christmas, 1853.

Webb, William Marshall, born July 6th, 1833. Left Christmas, 1849.

L.R.C.SI. Asst.-Surgeon Army Medical Dept., 1854. Surgeon 1864. Surgeon-Major 1873. Dep. -Surgeon-General 1879. Surg. -Major-General 1887. Retired 1893. Served with i9th Regiment in Crimea (medal with 3 clasps, and Turkish medal). Died 1899.

Medd, George Tate, born June 25th, 1837. Left Midsummer, 1850. Son of J. Medd, Stockport, Cheshire. Davidson’s.

Entered Royal Navy as Naval Cadet, 1850, afterwards Sub-Lieutenant and Lieutenant. Served in Crimean War, and also China War, 1857-58 ( medals with 2 clasps). Retired in 186i invalided. D 1868. P 1870. C. of Rotherfield, Sussex, 1868-70. C. of Harrietsham, Kent, 1870-76. V. of Whitchurch, 1876. Whitchurch Vicarage, nr. Aylesbury.

Budd, Richard Carruthers, born May 21st, 1834. Left March 1851 Harvey’s.

2nd Lieut. Madras S.C. , 1854. Lieut. 186. Capt. 1866. Major 1874. Lieut. -Col. 188o. Colonel 1884. Major-General 1887.

Bathe, John James Watson, born Feb. 3rd, 1836. Left Christmas, 185i.

Bell, William Riddall, born Dec. 2nd, 1836. Left Midsummer, 1852. Harvey’s.

Howard, Henry Maxwell, born Sept. 27th, 1836. Left Christmas, 1850.

Moore, John, born Aug. 2nd, 1839. Left Midsummer,1851.

Cookson, Thomas Worthington, born Dec. 28th, 1835. Left Mid-summer, 1852. Son of T. W. Cookson, Gt. George’s Square, Liverpool. Harvey’s.

In business. Seaforth, nr. Liverpool.

Cookson, Edward Hatton, born Oct. 16th, 1837. Left Midsummer, 1853. Son of T. W. Cookson, Gt. George’s Square, Liverpool. Harvey’s.

In business. Councillor, Liverpool, 1884. Mayor of Liverpool and J.P., 1888-89. Alderman of Liverpool, 1896. Kiln Hey, West Derby, Liverpool.

Cookson, William Affleck, born May 21st, 1839. Left Christmas, 1853. Son of T. W. Cookson, Gt. George’s Square, Liverpool. Harvey’s.

In business (retired). J.P. Lavrock Bank, Seaforth, Liverpool.

Whitehorne, James Charles, born Oct. 24th, 1831. Left Christmas, 1850.

Bury, Phineas Henry, born April 18th, 1836. Left April, 1852. Harvey’s.

Adcock, Alfred William, born Dec. 23rd, 1832. Left Midsummer, 1850. Son of W. R. Adcock, Shepperton.

24th Regt. 1872. Lieut. -Col. 16th Regt. 1879. Major-General 1894. Died May 6th, 1900.

Adcock, George Robert, born Feb. 2nd, 1835. Left Midsummer, 1850. Son of W. R. Adcock, Shepperton.

Surgeon. Died March 17th, 1860.

Humphrey, Charles, born July 3rd, 1834. Left April, 1850.

Warren, John, born May 11th, 1834. Left Midsummer, 1850.


Paton, Edward, born Dec. 5th, 1835. Left Midsummer, 1850.

Wemyss, Frederic, born Oct. 30th, 1831. Left Midsummer, 1850.

Tomlinson, Thwaite George, born April 11th, 1835. Left March, 1850.

Fell, William, born June 23rd, 1833. Left Midsummer, 1851

Ralfe, John Henry, born Oct. 3rd, 1839. Left Midsummer, 1851. Son of Lieut. P. Ralfe. Day boy. .

Cambridge. Schoolmaster in New Zealand, Died in 1876 at Hokitika, New Zealand.

Wilmot, Henry, born July 4th, 1837. Left Midsummer, 1851. Harvey’s.


Quayle, John, born Sept. 9th, 1840. Left Midsummer, 1854. Son of M. H. Quayle, Clerk of the Rolls, Bridge House, Castletown, I.O.M. Day boy.

King’s College, London. Admitted to Manx Bar, 1863. Sumner-General, 1884. M.H. K. J.P. C.P. Died April 24th, 1899, at Crogga, IOM.

Lamothe, Henry Thomas, born July 23rd, 1836. Left Oct., 1850. Son of F. J. D. Lamothe, Ramsey, I.O.M.

Admitted to Manx Bar, 1861. Died in 1868 at Ramsey, I.O.M.

Gelling, Henry Evans, born April 19th, 1835. Left Midsummer,

1852. Son of F. L. Gelling, Castletown, I.O.M. Day boy.

Advocate. Arbory Rd., Castletown, I.O.M.

Gill, William Henry, born Oct. 24th, 1839. Left March, 1858. Son of J. Gill, Marsala, Sicily. Day boy.

Leaving Exhibitioner, 1858. Chief Secretary’s Office, G. P. O. , London. Editor of Manx National Songs, and composer of many Anthems, Hymns, etc. Author of A Manx Wedding and other Songs ; Our Soldiers and Sailors, etc. Mona, The Park, Abingdon-on-Thames.

Dickinson, Henry, born Sept. 27th, 1836. Left March, 1850.

Medd, John, born Jan.15th, 1836. Left Midsummer, 1850. Son of J. Medd, Stockport, Cheshire.

Medical Practitioner. Died in 1878 in Staffordshire.

Adcock, Herbert Burrows, born March 12th, 1837. Left Christmas, 1850. Son of W. R. Adcock, Shepperton. Cumming’s.

Joined 79th Highlanders, 185~. Captain 6th Royal Regiment, 1866. Retired Lieut. -Col. , 1881. Medal with clasp for N. -W. Frontier, 1868. Deceased.

Adcock, Edmund, born Nov. 14th, 1838. Left Christmas, 1851. Son of W. R. Adcock, Shepperton. Cumming’s.

Died Nov. x6th, 1894, at Westgate.


Willis, Robert Francis, born Sept. 18th, 1834. Left Midsummer, 1853.

Caius College, Cambridge. BA. 1858. MA. 1862. D. 1860. P. 1861. C. of Bradpole, Dorset, 1860-64. Hornchurch, Essex, 1864~95. Sen. C. of Romford 186~-66. N. Perrot, Somerset, 1866-74. C. of Crewkerne, 1874-81. P.C. of Chillington, 1875-85. C. in charge of Middle Chinnock, 1881-85. V. of Chillington with Cudworth, 188~.

Hewitt, James Charles Archibald, born March 17th, 1837. Left Christmas, 185i. Harvey’s.


Walker, John, born May 18th, 1835. Left March, 1853.

Walker, Philip, born May 7th, 1841. Left Midsummer, 1855.

Crossley, Francis William, born Nov. 29th, 1839. Left Christmas, 1850.

Cregeen, Archibald Crellin, born Dec. 16th, 1839. Left Mid-summer, 1855. Son of J. Cregeen, Castletown, I.O.M. Day boy.

Public Works Dept. , India, 1859. Retired 1891. Late Superintending Engineer State Railways, P.W.D. , India. 21 Princes Avenue, Liverpool.

Murray, Robert Wright, born May 21st, 1835. Left Christmas, 1851

Murray, John Alexander, born April 26th, 1837. Left Christmas, 1851

Murray, Charles Andrew, born April 25th, 1839. Left Christmas, 1850.

Turton, William Henry, born Aug. 26th, 1832. Left Midsummer, 1851.



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