[From Manx Recollections, 1894]




THERE was scarcely a religious meeting of any kind, or special Church service, but what was attended by Mrs. Elliott and Karine in company. The former may truly be said to have kept missionary interest alive in Douglas by the intense interest she herself displayed in its operations at home and abroad, and giving her countenance, as before stated, in every possible way to the work and the workers. Agents, lay and clerical, from England and elsewhere, when ever they visited the island, were often her guests for the time.

Her interest was, however, very specially manifested on behalf of the South American Missionary Society (Patagonian Mission) that her dear Willie, when only fourteen, established by his youthful efforts in the island, and as honorary local secretary for which he had devoted the re mainder of his short life. The Society's deputation invariably stayed at 31 Athol Street when they paid their yearly visits. And in 1875, on the occasion of one of these visits, Mrs. Elliott made a strenuous effort to renew the claims of the Society, and wrote an admirable appeal in one of the newspapers which had its due effect in reviving the zeal of those that had become lukewarm and careless, and in stirring many hearts that would otherwise have remained callous and dead to the need of supporting a god-like and humane enterprise.

It was about this time when the Rev. Alfred Millard William Christopher visited Douglas, possibly for the first



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