[From Manx Recollections, 1894]


Page 55.-VICAR OF BRADDAN, 1847-1887.

The Rev. W. Drury will long be remembered in the Isle of Man. He was a magnificent type of the Manx clergyman, of great stature, strength, and bodily presence. But his popularity, not unaffected by these qualities, was mainly due to his untiring zeal, his lovingkindness, and his willingness and desire to pray with all men and sundry, at all times, and in all places. He was the Vicar of Braddan, the parish in which Douglas is situated, and was a much loved friend of Mrs. Elliott's. Beside his labours in Braddan, he did most excellent work in the Town, and was thus brought into close association with the subject of this memoir. She greatly admired and revered his noble character. Douglas people will not soon forget his preaching in Man to the "hobblers" on the Quay, or at the open-air overflow services in the old churchyard of Kirk Braddan. At these services he preached to immense congregations of visitors in the season, and thus became widely known as well as beloved in the north of England. A stone of rough black marble, with an inscription, points out the spot where he used to stand and address the crowds of willing listeners.


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