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AS the town of Ramsey was extending on the north side of the Sulby river and as it was more than two miles distant from the Parish Church, arrangements had to be made to provide church accommodation there. On February 6th, 1847, a building known as Taggart's Barn was licensed for holding Divine Service. Little seems to be remembered of the effort to build a permanent church, but it was licensed on September 12th, 1862 and consecrated on April 20th, 1881. The architect was Sir Arthur Pearson [sic ? as other guides state Michael Manning].

On July 4th, 1881, the Church Commissioners' proposal for making a Parochial District was approved by the Legislative Council. The proposal stated that a church had been erected on Ballachrink Quarterland, on a plot conveyed to Edward Curphey Farrant by William Callister of Thornhill and wife. This plot was granted and sold to the Vicar, Rev. Edward Snepp and Wardens in trust to allow the Church to be used by the Vicar and/or his Curates. The date of the trust deed was September 4th, 1862.

The boundary of St. Olave's District was fixed as below All that part of the parish of Kirk Christ Lezayre on the South from the low water mark at the outlet of Ramsey harbour, thence along the boundary of the parishes of Lezayre and Maughold in a direct line from low water mark, and thence in a westerly direction on the north side of the boundary of the said parishes, as shown by the dotted line on the plan annexed to the scheme, to the point where the said dotted line crosses to the Ramsey River near Derby Road, and thence along the north bank of the Ramsey river to a small stream, or drain dividing the estate of the Garey, the property of Mrs. Qualtrough, and thence on the north and east side of the said drain where the same runs through the lands of John Crye, John Thomas Clucas, and John Senhouse Goldie-Taubman, to a point where the said drain takes a turn in a westerly direction in Lough Mallow meadow, and thence from the said turn of the said drain along the top of the said fence in a direct line in a northerly direction through the lands of William Garrett to the boundary of the parish of Lezayre where the same adjoins the parish of Andreas, and thence in a northerly and western direction along the boundary of the parish of Lezayre where the same adjoins the parishes of Andreas and Bride in an easterly direction to low-water mark, and thence along lowviater mark in a southerly direction until it joins the boundary of the said parochial district the dotted line aforesaid below the lighthouse at the entrance of Ramsey Harbour, the whole of which said parochial district of St. Olaveis coloured green on the said plan.

Curates of Lezayre in charge of St. Olave's District

Up to 1843-William Kermode.

1847-W. D. Carter.
1848-Thos. Street Millington.
1850-Robt. Airey.
1858-Wm. French Clay.
1861-J. J. Stevenson Moore.
1863-Thos. Booth Lee. 1865-George Paton.

Chaplains of St. Olave's

1870-Theophilus Talbot, a noted antiquary.
1874-E. H. Curwen.
1877-Charles Buckley.

Vicars of St. Olave's

1879-William Morris, Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge; B.A., 1869 ; M.A., 1873 ; Deacon, 1869 ; Priest, 1870, Durham ; formerly Curate of Holy Trinity, Darlington, 1869-72; Thurlb y, Notts, 1878-9

1896-Charles Hopkins, Scholar of St. Catherine's College, Cambridge; B.A., 1857; M.A., 1860; Deacon, 1858; Priest, ,859, Peterborough ; Hon. Canon of Peterborough, 18go. Formerly Curate of Aylestone, Leicester, 1858-9 ; Broseley, Salop, 1859-6o ; Vicar of Dudington, Northants, 1860-63 ; Rector of Polebrook, Northants, 1863-71; Domestic Chaplain to Bishop Jenne, Peterborough; Vicar of Oundle, Dio. Peterborough, 1871-96.

1903-A. K. Dearden, Bishop Wilson Theological College. He was in bad health and only remained a year. He died soon after he retired.

1904-William Edward Davies, 1st Class Preliminary Theological Examination, 1887; University College of Durham, B.A., 1895; B.D., igoi; B.C.L. and M.A., 1905; D.C.L. 1906; Deacon, 1887, London for Colonies; Priest, 1889, Lahore Church Missionary Society ; Missionary at Multan, 1887-94 ; Curate of Kirk Braddan, 1895-7 ; Chaplain of Laxey, 1897-1904 ; Vicar of St. Olave's, Ramsey, 1904-17 ; Lecturer, Bishop Wilson Theological College, 1908-9 ; Rural Dean of Ramsey, 1912-17 ; Rector of Compton Valence, 1917-23, Norton Fitzwarren, 1923-31

1918-Charles Vincent Stockwood, 2nd Class Theological Honours, Oxford, Igog ; B.A., 1907 ; M,A., 1911 ; Deacon, 1gog; Priest, igio, Southwark; formerly Curate of All Saints', Camberwell, 19o9-14 ; Organising Secretary, C.P.A.S., 1914-18 ; Lecturer at Bishop Wilson Theological College from 1918; Chaplain to the Bishop, 1920-31 ; Examining Chaplain, 1932 ; Vicar of St. George's Douglas, 1927 ; Rural Dean of Douglas, 1931 ; Archdeacon of Man, 1938.

1928-Walter Stanley, Senior Exhibitioner, Balliol College, Oxford ; B.A., 1897 ; 1st Class Mods. ; 2nd Class Lit. Hum., 1899 ; 2nd Theo. Mods. Igoo ; M.A. 1902 ; Sacred Poem Prize, 1914 ; Wycliffe Hall, 1899 ; Deacon, 1903 ; Priest, 1904, Liverpool ; Curate, Christ Church, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, 1903-4 ; Chaplain and Lecturer, St. Aidan's College, Birkenhead, 1904-6 ; Vice-Principal, Trinity College, Kandy, 1906-15 ; Incumbent Galle Face, Columbo, 1915-22 ; Registrar and Lecturer, Union College Colombo, 1922-27 ; Perpetual Curate of Swanwick, 1929-33 ; Chaplain, Holy Trinity, Geneva, from 1933

1930-Halford William Young, Bishop Wilson Theological School, 1905-6; Deacon, 1906; Priest, 1908, Sodor and Man. Formerly Curate of Maughold, 1906 ; Curate of Andreas, 190716 ; Vicar of Stone and Rector of Hartwell, Bucks, 1916-22.


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