[From Isle of Man by John Quine, 1911]


THE author desires to record his grateful acknowledgment for valuable aid given in special subjects in this volume:-to the Rev. S. A. P. Kermode of Cambridge for his admirable summary of the botanical features of the island; to Mr P. G. Ralfe of Castletown for his account of the avifauna; and to Mr E. C. Quiggin, of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, for much relating to early history and the language. Acknowledgment is also gratefully made to Messrs T. S. Keig and W. Cubbon for kind assistance with regard to the illustrations.

J. Q.

[Note by FPC]

This text was intended as school text book - no references were given though Canon Quine would appear to have done a fair amount of research. I decided to include it as it reflects the state of the Island before the great changes following WW1 - these include considerable new plantations of trees (mostly larch) so the Island is no longer so bare, the closure of the mining industry and increased importatnce of the 'visiting' industry in the interwar years.


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